Minecraft Decorative ID List

Decorative blocks are blocks that have no unique or special function other than their aesthetics. They're great for building in creative mode.

Image Item Minecraft ID (1.13+) Numerical ID Legacy ID
Minecraft Granite item Granite minecraft:granite 1:1 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Polished Granite item Polished Granite minecraft:polished_granite 1:2 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Diorite item Diorite minecraft:diorite 1:3 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Polished Diorite item Polished Diorite minecraft:polished_diorite 1:4 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Andesite item Andesite minecraft:andesite 1:5 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Polished Andesite item Polished Andesite minecraft:polished_andesite 1:6 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Oak Planks item Oak Planks minecraft:oak_planks 5 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Spruce Planks item Spruce Planks minecraft:spruce_planks 5:1 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Birch Planks item Birch Planks minecraft:birch_planks 5:2 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Jungle Planks item Jungle Planks minecraft:jungle_planks 5:3 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Acacia Planks item Acacia Planks minecraft:acacia_planks 5:4 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Dark Oak Planks item Dark Oak Planks minecraft:dark_oak_planks 5:5 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Oak Bark item Oak Bark minecraft:oak_wood
Minecraft Spruce Bark item Spruce Bark minecraft:spruce_wood
Minecraft Birch Bark item Birch Bark minecraft:birch_wood
Minecraft Jungle Bark item Jungle Bark minecraft:jungle_wood
Minecraft Acacia Bark item Acacia Bark minecraft:acacia_wood
Minecraft Dark Oak Bark item Dark Oak Bark minecraft:dark_oak_wood
Minecraft Lapis Lazuli Block item Lapis Lazuli Block minecraft:lapis_block 22 minecraft:lapis_block
Minecraft Sandstone item Sandstone minecraft:sandstone 24 minecraft:sandstone
Minecraft Chiseled Sandstone item Chiseled Sandstone minecraft:chiseled_sandstone 24:1 minecraft:sandstone
Minecraft Cut Sandstone item Cut Sandstone minecraft:cut_sandstone 24:2 minecraft:sandstone
Minecraft Smooth Sandstone item Smooth Sandstone minecraft:smooth_sandstone
Minecraft Smooth Red Sandstone item Smooth Red Sandstone minecraft:smooth_red_sandstone
Minecraft Note Block item Note Block minecraft:note_block 25 minecraft:noteblock
Minecraft Grass item Grass minecraft:tallgrass 31 minecraft:grass
Minecraft Tall Grass item Tall Grass minecraft:tallgrass 31:1 minecraft:tallgrass
Minecraft Fern item Fern minecraft:fern 31:2 minecraft:tallgrass
Minecraft Dead Bush item Dead Bush minecraft:dead_bush 32 minecraft:deadbush
Minecraft Tube Coral item Tube Coral minecraft:tube_coral
Minecraft Brain Coral item Brain Coral minecraft:brain_coral
Minecraft Bubble Coral item Bubble Coral minecraft:bubble_coral
Minecraft Fire Coral item Fire Coral minecraft:fire_coral
Minecraft Horn Coral item Horn Coral minecraft:horn_coral
Minecraft Tube Coral Fan item Tube Coral Fan minecraft:tube_coral_fan
Minecraft Brain Coral Fan item Brain Coral Fan minecraft:brain_coral_fan
Minecraft Bubble Coral Fan item Bubble Coral Fan minecraft:bubble_coral_fan
Minecraft Fire Coral Fan item Fire Coral Fan minecraft:fire_coral_fan
Minecraft Horn Coral Fan item Horn Coral Fan minecraft:horn_coral_fan
Minecraft White Wool item White Wool minecraft:white_wool 35 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Orange Wool item Orange Wool minecraft:orange_wool 35:1 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Magenta Wool item Magenta Wool minecraft:magenta_wool 35:2 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Light Blue Wool item Light Blue Wool minecraft:light_blue_wool 35:3 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Yellow Wool item Yellow Wool minecraft:yellow_wool 35:4 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Lime Wool item Lime Wool minecraft:lime_wool 35:5 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Pink Wool item Pink Wool minecraft:pink_wool 35:6 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Gray Wool item Gray Wool minecraft:gray_wool 35:7 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Light Gray Wool item Light Gray Wool minecraft:light_gray_wool 35:8 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Cyan Wool item Cyan Wool minecraft:cyan_wool 35:9 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Purple Wool item Purple Wool minecraft:purple_wool 35:10 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Blue Wool item Blue Wool minecraft:blue_wool 35:11 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Brown Wool item Brown Wool minecraft:brown_wool 35:12 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Green Wool item Green Wool minecraft:green_wool 35:13 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Red Wool item Red Wool minecraft:red_wool 35:14 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Black Wool item Black Wool minecraft:black_wool 35:15 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Dandelion item Dandelion minecraft:dandelion 37 minecraft:yellow_flower
Minecraft Poppy item Poppy minecraft:poppy 38 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Blue Orchid item Blue Orchid minecraft:blue_orchid 38:1 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Allium item Allium minecraft:allium 38:2 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Azure Bluet item Azure Bluet minecraft:azure_bluet 38:3 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Red Tulip item Red Tulip minecraft:red_tulip 38:4 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Orange Tulip item Orange Tulip minecraft:orange_tulip 38:5 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft White Tulip item White Tulip minecraft:white_tulip 38:6 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Pink Tulip item Pink Tulip minecraft:pink_tulip 38:7 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Oxeye Daisy item Oxeye Daisy minecraft:oxeye_daisy 38:8 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Gold Block item Gold Block minecraft:gold_block 41 minecraft:gold_block
Minecraft Iron Block item Iron Block minecraft:iron_block 42 minecraft:iron_block
Minecraft Double Stone Slab item Double Stone Slab minecraft:double_stone_slab 43 minecraft:double_stone_slab
Minecraft Double Sandstone Slab item Double Sandstone Slab minecraft:double_stone_slab 43:1 minecraft:double_stone_slab
Minecraft Double Wooden Slab item Double Wooden Slab minecraft:double_wooden_slab 43:2 minecraft:double_stone_slab
Minecraft Double Cobblestone Slab item Double Cobblestone Slab minecraft:double_stone_slab 43:3 minecraft:double_stone_slab
Minecraft Double Brick Slab item Double Brick Slab minecraft:double_stone_slab 43:4 minecraft:double_stone_slab
Minecraft Double Stone Brick Slab item Double Stone Brick Slab minecraft:double_stone_slab 43:5 minecraft:double_stone_slab
Minecraft Double Nether Brick Slab item Double Nether Brick Slab minecraft:double_stone_slab 43:6 minecraft:double_stone_slab
Minecraft Smooth Quartz item Smooth Quartz minecraft:smooth_quartz 43:7 minecraft:double_stone_slab
Minecraft Smooth Stone item Smooth Stone minecraft:smooth_stone 43:8 minecraft:double_stone_slab
Minecraft Stone Slab item Stone Slab minecraft:stone_slab 44 minecraft:stone_slab
Minecraft Sandstone Slab item Sandstone Slab minecraft:sandstone_slab 44:1 minecraft:stone_slab
Minecraft Wooden Slab item Wooden Slab minecraft:stone_slab 44:2 minecraft:stone_slab
Minecraft Cobblestone Slab item Cobblestone Slab minecraft:cobblestone_slab 44:3 minecraft:stone_slab
Minecraft Brick Slab item Brick Slab minecraft:brick_slab 44:4 minecraft:stone_slab
Minecraft Stone Brick Slab item Stone Brick Slab minecraft:stone_brick_slab 44:5 minecraft:stone_slab
Minecraft Nether Brick Slab item Nether Brick Slab minecraft:nether_brick_slab 44:6 minecraft:stone_slab
Minecraft Quartz Slab item Quartz Slab minecraft:quartz_slab 44:7 minecraft:stone_slab
Minecraft Bricks item Bricks minecraft:bricks 45 minecraft:brick_block
Minecraft Mossy Cobblestone item Mossy Cobblestone minecraft:mossy_cobblestone 48 minecraft:mossy_cobblestone
Minecraft Oak Wood Stairs item Oak Wood Stairs minecraft:oak_stairs 53 minecraft:oak_stairs
Minecraft Redstone Wire item Redstone Wire minecraft:redstone_wire 55 minecraft:redstone_wire
Minecraft Diamond Block item Diamond Block minecraft:diamond_block 57 minecraft:diamond_block
Minecraft Crafting Table item Crafting Table minecraft:crafting_table 58 minecraft:crafting_table
Minecraft Snow item Snow minecraft:snow 78 minecraft:snow_layer
Minecraft Ice item Ice minecraft:ice 79 minecraft:ice
Minecraft Snow Block item Snow Block minecraft:snow_block 80 minecraft:snow
Minecraft Cactus item Cactus minecraft:cactus 81 minecraft:cactus
Minecraft Nether Portal item Nether Portal minecraft:nether_portal 90 minecraft:portal
Minecraft Jack o'Lantern item Jack o'Lantern minecraft:jack_o_lantern 91 minecraft:lit_pumpkin
Minecraft White Stained Glass item White Stained Glass minecraft:white_stained_glass 95 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Orange Stained Glass item Orange Stained Glass minecraft:orange_stained_glass 95:1 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Magenta Stained Glass item Magenta Stained Glass minecraft:magenta_stained_glass 95:2 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Light Blue Stained Glass item Light Blue Stained Glass minecraft:light_blue_stained_glass 95:3 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Yellow Stained Glass item Yellow Stained Glass minecraft:yellow_stained_glass 95:4 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Lime Stained Glass item Lime Stained Glass minecraft:lime_stained_glass 95:5 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Pink Stained Glass item Pink Stained Glass minecraft:pink_stained_glass 95:6 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Gray Stained Glass item Gray Stained Glass minecraft:gray_stained_glass 95:7 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Light Gray Stained Glass item Light Gray Stained Glass minecraft:light_gray_stained_glass 95:8 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Cyan Stained Glass item Cyan Stained Glass minecraft:cyan_stained_glass 95:9 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Purple Stained Glass item Purple Stained Glass minecraft:purple_stained_glass 95:10 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Blue Stained Glass item Blue Stained Glass minecraft:blue_stained_glass 95:11 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Brown Stained Glass item Brown Stained Glass minecraft:brown_stained_glass 95:12 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Green Stained Glass item Green Stained Glass minecraft:green_stained_glass 95:13 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Red Stained Glass item Red Stained Glass minecraft:red_stained_glass 95:14 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Black Stained Glass item Black Stained Glass minecraft:black_stained_glass 95:15 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Stone Bricks item Stone Bricks minecraft:stone_bricks 98 minecraft:stonebrick
Minecraft Mossy Stone Bricks item Mossy Stone Bricks minecraft:mossy_stone_bricks 98:1 minecraft:stonebrick
Minecraft Cracked Stone Bricks item Cracked Stone Bricks minecraft:cracked_stone_bricks 98:2 minecraft:stonebrick
Minecraft Chiseled Stone Bricks item Chiseled Stone Bricks minecraft:chiseled_stone_bricks 98:3 minecraft:stonebrick
Minecraft Brown Mushroom Block item Brown Mushroom Block minecraft:brown_mushroom_block 99 minecraft:brown_mushroom_block
Minecraft Mushroom Stem item Mushroom Stem minecraft:mushroom_stem
Minecraft Red Mushroom Block item Red Mushroom Block minecraft:red_mushroom_block 100 minecraft:red_mushroom_block
Minecraft Iron Bars item Iron Bars minecraft:iron_bars 101 minecraft:iron_bars
Minecraft Glass Pane item Glass Pane minecraft:glass_pane 102 minecraft:glass_pane
Minecraft Vines item Vines minecraft:vine 106 minecraft:vine
Minecraft Oak Fence Gate item Oak Fence Gate minecraft:oak_fence_gate 107 minecraft:fence_gate
Minecraft Brick Stairs item Brick Stairs minecraft:brick_stairs 108 minecraft:brick_stairs
Minecraft Stone Brick Stairs item Stone Brick Stairs minecraft:stone_brick_stairs 109 minecraft:stone_brick_stairs
Minecraft Mycelium item Mycelium minecraft:mycelium 110 minecraft:mycelium
Minecraft Lily Pad item Lily Pad minecraft:lily_pad 111 minecraft:waterlily
Minecraft Dead Tube Coral Block item Dead Tube Coral Block minecraft:dead_tube_coral_block
Minecraft Dead Brain Coral Block item Dead Brain Coral Block minecraft:dead_brain_coral_block
Minecraft Dead Bubble Coral Block item Dead Bubble Coral Block minecraft:dead_bubble_coral_block
Minecraft Dead Fire Coral Block item Dead Fire Coral Block minecraft:dead_fire_coral_block
Minecraft Dead Horn Coral Block item Dead Horn Coral Block minecraft:dead_horn_coral_block
Minecraft Tube Coral Block item Tube Coral Block minecraft:tube_coral_block
Minecraft Brain Coral Block item Brain Coral Block minecraft:brain_coral_block
Minecraft Bubble Coral Block item Bubble Coral Block minecraft:bubble_coral_block
Minecraft Fire Coral Block item Fire Coral Block minecraft:fire_coral_block
Minecraft Horn Coral Block item Horn Coral Block minecraft:horn_coral_block
Minecraft Nether Bricks item Nether Bricks minecraft:nether_bricks 112 minecraft:nether_brick
Minecraft Nether Brick Fence item Nether Brick Fence minecraft:nether_brick_fence 113 minecraft:nether_brick_fence
Minecraft Nether Brick Stairs item Nether Brick Stairs minecraft:nether_brick_stairs 114 minecraft:nether_brick_stairs
Minecraft Nether Wart Block item Nether Wart Block minecraft:nether_brick_stairs 115 minecraft:nether_brick_stairs
Minecraft Enchantment Table item Enchantment Table minecraft:enchanting_table 116 minecraft:enchanting_table
Minecraft Brewing Stand item Brewing Stand minecraft:brewing_stand 117 minecraft:brewing_stand
Minecraft End Portal item End Portal minecraft:end_portal 119 minecraft:end_portal
Minecraft End Portal Frame item End Portal Frame minecraft:end_portal_frame 120 minecraft:end_portal_frame
Minecraft End Stone item End Stone minecraft:end_stone 121 minecraft:end_stone
Minecraft Emerald Block item Emerald Block minecraft:emerald_block 133 minecraft:emerald_block
Minecraft Spruce Wood Stairs item Spruce Wood Stairs minecraft:spruce_stairs 134 minecraft:spruce_stairs
Minecraft Birch Wood Stairs item Birch Wood Stairs minecraft:birch_stairs 135 minecraft:birch_stairs
Minecraft Jungle Wood Stairs item Jungle Wood Stairs minecraft:jungle_stairs 136 minecraft:jungle_stairs
Minecraft Cobblestone Wall item Cobblestone Wall minecraft:cobblestone_wall 139 minecraft:cobblestone_wall
Minecraft Mossy Cobblestone Wall item Mossy Cobblestone Wall minecraft:mossy_cobblestone_wall 139:1 minecraft:cobblestone_wall
Minecraft Flower Pot item Flower Pot minecraft:flower_pot 140 minecraft:flower_pot
Minecraft Potted Poppy item Potted Poppy minecraft:potted_poppy
Minecraft Potted Dandelion item Potted Dandelion minecraft:potted_dandelion
Minecraft Potted Oak Sapling item Potted Oak Sapling minecraft:potted_oak_sapling
Minecraft Potted Spruce Sapling item Potted Spruce Sapling minecraft:potted_spruce_sapling
Minecraft Potted Birch Sapling item Potted Birch Sapling minecraft:potted_birch_sapling
Minecraft Potted Jungle Sapling item Potted Jungle Sapling minecraft:potted_jungle_sapling
Minecraft Potted Acacia Sapling item Potted Acacia Sapling minecraft:potted_acacia_sapling
Minecraft Potted Dark Oak Sapling item Potted Dark Oak Sapling minecraft:potted_dark_oak_sapling
Minecraft Potted Red Mushroom item Potted Red Mushroom minecraft:potted_red_mushroom
Minecraft Potted Brown Mushroom item Potted Brown Mushroom minecraft:potted_brown_mushroom
Minecraft Potted Cactus item Potted Cactus minecraft:potted_cactus
Minecraft Potted Dead Bush item Potted Dead Bush minecraft:potted_dead_bush
Minecraft Potted Fern item Potted Fern minecraft:potted_fern
Minecraft Potted Blue Orchid item Potted Blue Orchid minecraft:potted_blue_orchid
Minecraft Potted Allium item Potted Allium minecraft:potted_allium
Minecraft Potted Azure Bluet item Potted Azure Bluet minecraft:potted_azure_bluet
Minecraft Potted Red Tulip item Potted Red Tulip minecraft:potted_red_tulip
Minecraft Potted Orange Tulip item Potted Orange Tulip minecraft:potted_orange_tulip
Minecraft Potted White Tulip item Potted White Tulip minecraft:potted_white_tulip
Minecraft Potted Pink Tulip item Potted Pink Tulip minecraft:potted_pink_tulip
Minecraft Potted Oxeye Daisy item Potted Oxeye Daisy minecraft:potted_oxeye_daisy
Minecraft Quartz Block item Quartz Block minecraft:quartz_block 155 minecraft:quartz
Minecraft Chiseled Quartz Block item Chiseled Quartz Block minecraft:chiseled_quartz_block 155:1 minecraft:quartz
Minecraft Quartz Pillar item Quartz Pillar minecraft:quartz_pillar 155:2 minecraft:quartz
Minecraft Quartz Stairs item Quartz Stairs minecraft:quartz_stairs 156 minecraft:quartz_stairs
Minecraft White Terracotta item White Terracotta minecraft:white_terracotta 159 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Orange Terracotta item Orange Terracotta minecraft:orange_terracotta 159:1 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Magenta Terracotta item Magenta Terracotta minecraft:magenta_terracotta 159:2 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Light Blue Terracotta item Light Blue Terracotta minecraft:light_blue_terracotta 159:3 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Yellow Terracotta item Yellow Terracotta minecraft:yellow_terracotta 159:4 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Lime Terracotta item Lime Terracotta minecraft:lime_terracotta 159:5 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Pink Terracotta item Pink Terracotta minecraft:pink_terracotta 159:6 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Gray Terracotta item Gray Terracotta minecraft:gray_terracotta 159:7 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Light Gray Terracotta item Light Gray Terracotta minecraft:light_gray_terracotta 159:8 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Cyan Terracotta item Cyan Terracotta minecraft:cyan_terracotta 159:9 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Purple Terracotta item Purple Terracotta minecraft:purple_terracotta 159:10 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Blue Terracotta item Blue Terracotta minecraft:blue_terracotta 159:11 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Brown Terracotta item Brown Terracotta minecraft:brown_terracotta 159:12 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Green Terracotta item Green Terracotta minecraft:green_terracotta 159:13 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Red Terracotta item Red Terracotta minecraft:red_terracotta 159:14 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Black Terracotta item Black Terracotta minecraft:black_terracotta 159:15 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft White Stained Glass Pane item White Stained Glass Pane minecraft:white_stained_glass_pane 160 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Orange Stained Glass Pane item Orange Stained Glass Pane minecraft:orange_stained_glass_pane 160:1 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Magenta Stained Glass Pane item Magenta Stained Glass Pane minecraft:magenta_stained_glass_pane 160:2 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Light Blue Stained Glass Pane item Light Blue Stained Glass Pane minecraft:light_blue_stained_glass_pane 160:3 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Yellow Stained Glass Pane item Yellow Stained Glass Pane minecraft:yellow_stained_glass_pane 160:4 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Lime Stained Glass Pane item Lime Stained Glass Pane minecraft:lime_stained_glass_pane 160:5 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Pink Stained Glass Pane item Pink Stained Glass Pane minecraft:pink_stained_glass_pane 160:6 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Gray Stained Glass Pane item Gray Stained Glass Pane minecraft:gray_stained_glass_pane 160:7 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Light Gray Stained Glass Pane item Light Gray Stained Glass Pane minecraft:light_gray_stained_glass_pane 160:8 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Cyan Stained Glass Pane item Cyan Stained Glass Pane minecraft:cyan_stained_glass_pane 160:9 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Purple Stained Glass Pane item Purple Stained Glass Pane minecraft:purple_stained_glass_pane 160:10 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Blue Stained Glass Pane item Blue Stained Glass Pane minecraft:blue_stained_glass_pane 160:11 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Brown Stained Glass Pane item Brown Stained Glass Pane minecraft:brown_stained_glass_pane 160:12 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Green Stained Glass Pane item Green Stained Glass Pane minecraft:green_stained_glass_pane 160:13 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Red Stained Glass Pane item Red Stained Glass Pane minecraft:red_stained_glass_pane 160:14 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Black Stained Glass Pane item Black Stained Glass Pane minecraft:black_stained_glass_pane 160:15 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Acacia Leaves item Acacia Leaves minecraft:acacia_leaves 161 minecraft:leaves2
Minecraft Dark Oak Leaves item Dark Oak Leaves minecraft:dark_oak_leaves 161:1 minecraft:leaves2
Minecraft Acacia Log item Acacia Log minecraft:acacia_log 162 minecraft:log2
Minecraft Dark Oak Log item Dark Oak Log minecraft:dark_oak_log 162:1 minecraft:log2
Minecraft Acacia Wood Stairs item Acacia Wood Stairs minecraft:acacia_stairs 163 minecraft:acacia_stairs
Minecraft Dark Oak Wood Stairs item Dark Oak Wood Stairs minecraft:dark_oak_stairs 164 minecraft:dark_oak_stairs
Minecraft Slime Block item Slime Block minecraft:slime_block 165 minecraft:slime
Minecraft Barrier Block item Barrier Block minecraft:barrier 166 minecraft:barrier
Minecraft Prismarine item Prismarine minecraft:prismarine 168 minecraft:prismarine
Minecraft Prismarine Bricks item Prismarine Bricks minecraft:prismarine_bricks 168:1 minecraft:prismarine
Minecraft Dark Prismarine item Dark Prismarine minecraft:dark_prismarine 168:2 minecraft:prismarine
Minecraft Sea Lantern item Sea Lantern minecraft:sea_lantern 169 minecraft:sea_lantern
Minecraft White Carpet item White Carpet minecraft:white_carpet 171 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Orange Carpet item Orange Carpet minecraft:orange_carpet 171:1 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Magenta Carpet item Magenta Carpet minecraft:magenta_carpet 171:2 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Light Blue Carpet item Light Blue Carpet minecraft:light_blue_carpet 171:3 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Yellow Carpet item Yellow Carpet minecraft:yellow_carpet 171:4 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Lime Carpet item Lime Carpet minecraft:lime_carpet 171:5 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Pink Carpet item Pink Carpet minecraft:pink_carpet 171:6 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Gray Carpet item Gray Carpet minecraft:gray_carpet 171:7 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Light Gray Carpet item Light Gray Carpet minecraft:light_gray_carpet 171:8 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Cyan Carpet item Cyan Carpet minecraft:cyan_carpet 171:9 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Purple Carpet item Purple Carpet minecraft:purple_carpet 171:10 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Blue Carpet item Blue Carpet minecraft:blue_carpet 171:11 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Brown Carpet item Brown Carpet minecraft:brown_carpet 171:12 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Green Carpet item Green Carpet minecraft:green_carpet 171:13 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Red Carpet item Red Carpet minecraft:red_carpet 171:14 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Black Carpet item Black Carpet minecraft:black_carpet 171:15 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Terracotta item Terracotta minecraft:terracotta 172 minecraft:hardened_clay
Minecraft Coal Block item Coal Block minecraft:coal_block 173 minecraft:coal_block
Minecraft Packed Ice item Packed Ice minecraft:packed_ice 174 minecraft:packed_ice
Minecraft Sunflower item Sunflower minecraft:sunflower 175 minecraft:double_plant
Minecraft Lilac item Lilac minecraft:lilac 175:1 minecraft:double_plant
Minecraft Double Tall Grass item Double Tall Grass minecraft:tall_grass 175:2 minecraft:double_plant
Minecraft Double Large Fern item Double Large Fern minecraft:large_fern 175:3 minecraft:double_plant
Minecraft Rose Bush item Rose Bush minecraft:rose_bush 175:4 minecraft:double_plant
Minecraft Peony item Peony minecraft:peony 175:5 minecraft:double_plant
Minecraft Free-standing Banner item Free-standing Banner minecraft:standing_banner 176 minecraft:standing_banner
Minecraft Wall-mounted Banner item Wall-mounted Banner minecraft:wall_banner 177 minecraft:standing_banner
Minecraft Inverted Daylight Sensor item Inverted Daylight Sensor minecraft:daylight_detector 178 minecraft:daylight_detector_inverted
Minecraft Red Sandstone item Red Sandstone minecraft:red_sandstone 179 minecraft:red_sandstone
Minecraft Chiseled Red Sandstone item Chiseled Red Sandstone minecraft:chiseled_red_sandstone 179:1 minecraft:red_sandstone
Minecraft Cut Red Sandstone item Cut Red Sandstone minecraft:cut_red_sandstone 179:2 minecraft:red_sandstone
Minecraft Double Red Sandstone Slab item Double Red Sandstone Slab minecraft:double_stone_slab2 181 minecraft:double_stone_slab2
Minecraft Red Sandstone Slab item Red Sandstone Slab minecraft:red_sandstone_slab 182 minecraft:stone_slab2
Minecraft Spruce Fence Gate item Spruce Fence Gate minecraft:spruce_fence_gate 183 minecraft:spruce_fence_gate
Minecraft Birch Fence Gate item Birch Fence Gate minecraft:birch_fence_gate 184 minecraft:birch_fence_gate
Minecraft Jungle Fence Gate item Jungle Fence Gate minecraft:jungle_fence_gate 185 minecraft:jungle_fence_gate
Minecraft Dark Oak Fence Gate item Dark Oak Fence Gate minecraft:dark_oak_fence_gate 186 minecraft:dark_oak_fence_gate
Minecraft Acacia Fence Gate item Acacia Fence Gate minecraft:acacia_fence_gate 187 minecraft:acacia_fence_gate
Minecraft End Rod item End Rod minecraft:end_rod 198 minecraft:end_rod
Minecraft Chorus Plant item Chorus Plant minecraft:chorus_plant 199 minecraft:chorus_plant
Minecraft Chorus Flower item Chorus Flower minecraft:chorus_flower 200 minecraft:chorus_flower
Minecraft Purpur Block item Purpur Block minecraft:purpur_block 201 minecraft:purpur_block
Minecraft Purpur Pillar item Purpur Pillar minecraft:purpur_pillar 202 minecraft:purpur_pillar
Minecraft Purpur Stairs item Purpur Stairs minecraft:purpur_stairs 203 minecraft:purpur_stairs
Minecraft Purpur Double Slab item Purpur Double Slab minecraft:purpur_double_slab 204 minecraft:purpur_double_slab
Minecraft Purpur Slab item Purpur Slab minecraft:purpur_slab 205 minecraft:purpur_slab
Minecraft End Stone Bricks item End Stone Bricks minecraft:end_stone_bricks 206 minecraft:end_bricks
Minecraft Grass Path item Grass Path minecraft:grass_path 208 minecraft:grass_path
Minecraft End Gateway (Block) item End Gateway (Block) minecraft:end_gateway 209 minecraft:end_gateway
Minecraft Repeating Command Block item Repeating Command Block minecraft:repeating_command_block 210 minecraft:repeating_command_block
Minecraft Chain Command Block item Chain Command Block minecraft:chain_command_block 211 minecraft:chain_command_block
Minecraft Frosted Ice item Frosted Ice minecraft:frosted_ice 212 minecraft:frosted_ice
Minecraft Magma Block item Magma Block minecraft:magma_block 213 minecraft:magma
Minecraft Nether Wart Block item Nether Wart Block minecraft:nether_wart_block 214 minecraft:nether_wart_block
Minecraft Red Nether Brick item Red Nether Brick minecraft:red_nether_bricks 215 minecraft:red_nether_brick
Minecraft Bone Block item Bone Block minecraft:bone_block 216 minecraft:bone_block
Minecraft White Glazed Terracotta item White Glazed Terracotta minecraft:white_glazed_terracotta 235 minecraft:white_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Orange Glazed Terracotta item Orange Glazed Terracotta minecraft:orange_glazed_terracotta 236 minecraft:orange_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Magenta Glazed Terracotta item Magenta Glazed Terracotta minecraft:magenta_glazed_terracotta 237 minecraft:magenta_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Light Blue Glazed Terracotta item Light Blue Glazed Terracotta minecraft:light_blue_glazed_terracotta 238 minecraft:light_blue_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Yellow Glazed Terracotta item Yellow Glazed Terracotta minecraft:yellow_glazed_terracotta 239 minecraft:yellow_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Lime Glazed Terracotta item Lime Glazed Terracotta minecraft:lime_glazed_terracotta 240 minecraft:lime_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Pink Glazed Terracotta item Pink Glazed Terracotta minecraft:pink_glazed_terracotta 241 minecraft:pink_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Gray Glazed Terracotta item Gray Glazed Terracotta minecraft:gray_glazed_terracotta 242 minecraft:gray_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Light Gray Glazed Terracotta item Light Gray Glazed Terracotta minecraft:light_gray_glazed_terracotta 243 minecraft:light_gray_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Cyan Glazed Terracotta item Cyan Glazed Terracotta minecraft:cyan_glazed_terracotta 244 minecraft:cyan_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Purple Glazed Terracotta item Purple Glazed Terracotta minecraft:purple_glazed_terracotta 245 minecraft:purple_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Blue Glazed Terracotta item Blue Glazed Terracotta minecraft:blue_glazed_terracotta 246 minecraft:blue_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Brown Glazed Terracotta item Brown Glazed Terracotta minecraft:brown_glazed_terracotta 247 minecraft:brown_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Green Glazed Terracotta item Green Glazed Terracotta minecraft:green_glazed_terracotta 248 minecraft:green_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Red Glazed Terracotta item Red Glazed Terracotta minecraft:red_glazed_terracotta 249 minecraft:red_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Black Glazed Terracotta item Black Glazed Terracotta minecraft:black_glazed_terracotta 250 minecraft:black_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft White Concrete item White Concrete minecraft:white_concrete 251 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Orange Concrete item Orange Concrete minecraft:orange_concrete 251:1 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Magenta Concrete item Magenta Concrete minecraft:magenta_concrete 251:2 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Light Blue Concrete item Light Blue Concrete minecraft:light_blue_concrete 251:3 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Yellow Concrete item Yellow Concrete minecraft:yellow_concrete 251:4 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Lime Concrete item Lime Concrete minecraft:lime_concrete 251:5 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Pink Concrete item Pink Concrete minecraft:pink_concrete 251:6 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Gray Concrete item Gray Concrete minecraft:gray_concrete 251:7 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Light Gray Concrete item Light Gray Concrete minecraft:light_gray_concrete 251:8 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Cyan Concrete item Cyan Concrete minecraft:cyan_concrete 251:9 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Purple Concrete item Purple Concrete minecraft:purple_concrete 251:10 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Blue Concrete item Blue Concrete minecraft:blue_concrete 251:11 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Brown Concrete item Brown Concrete minecraft:brown_concrete 251:12 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Green Concrete item Green Concrete minecraft:green_concrete 251:13 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Red Concrete item Red Concrete minecraft:red_concrete 251:14 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Black Concrete item Black Concrete minecraft:black_concrete 251:15 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft White Concrete Powder item White Concrete Powder minecraft:white_concrete_powder 252 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Orange Concrete Powder item Orange Concrete Powder minecraft:orange_concrete_powder 252:1 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Magenta Concrete Powder item Magenta Concrete Powder minecraft:magenta_concrete_powder 252:2 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Light Blue Concrete Powder item Light Blue Concrete Powder minecraft:light_blue_concrete_powder 252:3 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Yellow Concrete Powder item Yellow Concrete Powder minecraft:yellow_concrete_powder 252:4 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Lime Concrete Powder item Lime Concrete Powder minecraft:lime_concrete_powder 252:5 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Pink Concrete Powder item Pink Concrete Powder minecraft:pink_concrete_powder 252:6 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Gray Concrete Powder item Gray Concrete Powder minecraft:gray_concrete_powder 252:7 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Light Gray Concrete Powder item Light Gray Concrete Powder minecraft:light_gray_concrete_powder 252:8 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Cyan Concrete Powder item Cyan Concrete Powder minecraft:cyan_concrete_powder 252:9 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Purple Concrete Powder item Purple Concrete Powder minecraft:purple_concrete_powder 252:10 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Blue Concrete Powder item Blue Concrete Powder minecraft:blue_concrete_powder 252:11 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Brown Concrete Powder item Brown Concrete Powder minecraft:brown_concrete_powder 252:12 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Green Concrete Powder item Green Concrete Powder minecraft:green_concrete_powder 252:13 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Red Concrete Powder item Red Concrete Powder minecraft:red_concrete_powder 252:14 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Black Concrete Powder item Black Concrete Powder minecraft:black_concrete_powder 252:15 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Painting item Painting minecraft:painting 321 minecraft:painting
Minecraft End Crystal item End Crystal minecraft:end_crystal
Minecraft Item Frame item Item Frame minecraft:item_frame 389 minecraft:item_frame
Minecraft Flower Pot item Flower Pot minecraft:flower_pot 390 minecraft:flower_pot
Minecraft Sea Pickle item Sea Pickle minecraft:sea_pickle
Minecraft Skeleton Mob Head item Skeleton Mob Head minecraft:skeleton_skull 397 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Skeleton Wall Skull item Skeleton Wall Skull minecraft:skeleton_wall_skull
Minecraft Wither Mob Head item Wither Mob Head minecraft:wither_skeleton_skull 397:1 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Wither Wall Skull item Wither Wall Skull minecraft:wither_skeleton_wall_skull
Minecraft Zombie Mob Head item Zombie Mob Head minecraft:zombie_head 397:2 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Zombie Wall Head item Zombie Wall Head minecraft:zombie_wall_head
Minecraft Human Head item Human Head minecraft:player_head 397:3 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Human Wall Head item Human Wall Head minecraft:player_wall_head
Minecraft Creeper Mob Head item Creeper Mob Head minecraft:creeper_head 397:4 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Creeper Wall Head item Creeper Wall Head minecraft:creeper_wall_head
Minecraft Dragon Mob Head item Dragon Mob Head minecraft:dragon_head 397:5 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Dragon Wall Head item Dragon Wall Head minecraft:dragon_wall_head
Minecraft Nether Brick Item item Nether Brick Item minecraft:nether_brick 405 minecraft:netherbrick
Minecraft Armor Stand item Armor Stand minecraft:armor_stand 416 minecraft:armor_stand
Minecraft Black Banner item Black Banner minecraft:black_banner 425 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Red Banner item Red Banner minecraft:red_banner 425:1 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Green Banner item Green Banner minecraft:green_banner 425:2 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Brown Banner item Brown Banner minecraft:brown_banner 425:3 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Blue Banner item Blue Banner minecraft:blue_banner 425:4 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Purple Banner item Purple Banner minecraft:purple_banner 425:5 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Cyan Banner item Cyan Banner minecraft:cyan_banner 425:6 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Light Gray Banner item Light Gray Banner minecraft:light_gray_banner 425:7 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Gray Banner item Gray Banner minecraft:gray_banner 425:8 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Pink Banner item Pink Banner minecraft:pink_banner 425:9 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Lime Banner item Lime Banner minecraft:lime_banner 425:10 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Yellow Banner item Yellow Banner minecraft:yellow_banner 425:11 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Light Blue Banner item Light Blue Banner minecraft:light_blue_banner 425:12 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Magenta Banner item Magenta Banner minecraft:magenta_banner 425:13 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Orange Banner item Orange Banner minecraft:orange_banner 425:14 minecraft:banner
Minecraft White Banner item White Banner minecraft:white_banner 425:15 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Spruce Door item Spruce Door minecraft:spruce_door 427 minecraft:spruce_door
Minecraft Birch Door item Birch Door minecraft:birch_door 428 minecraft:birch_door
Minecraft Jungle Door item Jungle Door minecraft:spruce_door 429 minecraft:spruce_door
Minecraft Acacia Door item Acacia Door minecraft:spruce_door 430 minecraft:spruce_door
Minecraft Dark Oak Door item Dark Oak Door minecraft:spruce_door 431 minecraft:spruce_door