Minecraft Item ID List

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Image Item ID Minecraft ID
Minecraft Air item Air 0 minecraft:air
Minecraft Stone item Stone 1 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Granite item Granite 1:1 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Polished Granite item Polished Granite 1:2 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Diorite item Diorite 1:3 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Polished Diorite item Polished Diorite 1:4 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Andesite item Andesite 1:5 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Polished Andesite item Polished Andesite 1:6 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Grass item Grass 2 minecraft:grass
Minecraft Dirt item Dirt 3 minecraft:dirt
Minecraft Coarse Dirt item Coarse Dirt 3:1 minecraft:dirt
Minecraft Podzol item Podzol 3:2 minecraft:dirt
Minecraft Cobblestone item Cobblestone 4 minecraft:cobblestone
Minecraft Oak Wood Plank item Oak Wood Plank 5 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Spruce Wood Plank item Spruce Wood Plank 5:1 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Birch Wood Plank item Birch Wood Plank 5:2 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Jungle Wood Plank item Jungle Wood Plank 5:3 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Acacia Wood Plank item Acacia Wood Plank 5:4 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Dark Oak Wood Plank item Dark Oak Wood Plank 5:5 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Oak Sapling item Oak Sapling 6 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Spruce Sapling item Spruce Sapling 6:1 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Birch Sapling item Birch Sapling 6:2 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Jungle Sapling item Jungle Sapling 6:3 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Acacia Sapling item Acacia Sapling 6:4 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Dark Oak Sapling item Dark Oak Sapling 6:5 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Bedrock item Bedrock 7 minecraft:bedrock
Minecraft Flowing Water item Flowing Water 8 minecraft:flowing_water
Minecraft Still Water item Still Water 9 minecraft:still_water
Minecraft Flowing Water item Flowing Water 10 minecraft:flowing_lava
Minecraft Still Water item Still Water 11 minecraft:still_lava
Minecraft Sand item Sand 12 minecraft:sand
Minecraft Red Sand item Red Sand 12:1 minecraft:sand
Minecraft Gravel item Gravel 13 minecraft:gravel
Minecraft Gold Ore item Gold Ore 14 minecraft:gold_ore
Minecraft Iron Ore item Iron Ore 15 minecraft:iron_ore
Minecraft Coal Ore item Coal Ore 16 minecraft:coal_ore
Minecraft Oak Wood item Oak Wood 17 minecraft:log
Minecraft Spruce Wood item Spruce Wood 17:1 minecraft:log
Minecraft Birch Wood item Birch Wood 17:2 minecraft:log
Minecraft Jungle Wood item Jungle Wood 17:3 minecraft:log
Minecraft Leaves item Leaves 18 minecraft:leaves
Minecraft Spruce Leaves item Spruce Leaves 18:1 minecraft:leaves
Minecraft Birch Leaves item Birch Leaves 18:2 minecraft:leaves
Minecraft Jungle Leaves item Jungle Leaves 18:3 minecraft:leaves
Minecraft Sponge item Sponge 19 minecraft:sponge
Minecraft Wet Sponge item Wet Sponge 19:1 minecraft:sponge
Minecraft Glass item Glass 20 minecraft:glass
Minecraft Lapis Lazuli Ore item Lapis Lazuli Ore 21 minecraft:lapis_ore
Minecraft Lapis Lazuli Block item Lapis Lazuli Block 22 minecraft:lapis_block
Minecraft Dispenser item Dispenser 23 minecraft:dispenser
Minecraft Sandstone item Sandstone 24 minecraft:sandstone
Minecraft Chiseled Sandstone item Chiseled Sandstone 24:1 minecraft:sandstone
Minecraft Smooth Sandstone item Smooth Sandstone 24:2 minecraft:sandstone
Minecraft Note Block item Note Block 25 minecraft:noteblock
Minecraft Bed item Bed 26 minecraft:bed
Minecraft Powered Rail item Powered Rail 27 minecraft:golden_rail
Minecraft Detector Rail item Detector Rail 28 minecraft:detector_rail
Minecraft Sticky Piston item Sticky Piston 29 minecraft:sticky_piston
Minecraft Cobweb item Cobweb 30 minecraft:cobweb
Minecraft Dead Shrub item Dead Shrub 31 minecraft:tallgrass
Minecraft Tall Grass item Tall Grass 31:1 minecraft:tallgrass
Minecraft Fern item Fern 31:2 minecraft:tallgrass
Minecraft Dead Bush item Dead Bush 32 minecraft:deadbush
Minecraft Piston item Piston 33 minecraft:piston
Minecraft Piston Head item Piston Head 34 minecraft:piston_head
Minecraft White Wool item White Wool 35 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Orange Wool item Orange Wool 35:1 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Magenta Wool item Magenta Wool 35:2 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Light Blue Wool item Light Blue Wool 35:3 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Yellow Wool item Yellow Wool 35:4 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Lime Wool item Lime Wool 35:5 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Pink Wool item Pink Wool 35:6 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Gray Wool item Gray Wool 35:7 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Light Gray Wool item Light Gray Wool 35:8 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Cyan Wool item Cyan Wool 35:9 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Purple Wool item Purple Wool 35:10 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Blue Wool item Blue Wool 35:11 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Brown Wool item Brown Wool 35:12 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Green Wool item Green Wool 35:13 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Red Wool item Red Wool 35:14 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Black Wool item Black Wool 35:15 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Dandelion item Dandelion 37 minecraft:yellow_flower
Minecraft Poppy item Poppy 38 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Blue Orchid item Blue Orchid 38:1 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Allium item Allium 38:2 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Azure Bluet item Azure Bluet 38:3 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Red Tulip item Red Tulip 38:4 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Orange Tulip item Orange Tulip 38:5 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft White Tulip item White Tulip 38:6 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Pink Tulip item Pink Tulip 38:7 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Oxeye Daisy item Oxeye Daisy 38:8 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Brown Mushroom item Brown Mushroom 39 minecraft:brown_mushroom
Minecraft Red Mushroom item Red Mushroom 40 minecraft:red_mushroom
Minecraft Gold Block item Gold Block 41 minecraft:gold_block
Minecraft Iron Block item Iron Block 42 minecraft:iron_block
Minecraft Double Stone Slab item Double Stone Slab 43 minecraft:double_stone_slab
Minecraft Double Sandstone Slab item Double Sandstone Slab 43:1 minecraft:double_stone_slab
Minecraft Double Wooden Slab item Double Wooden Slab 43:2 minecraft:double_stone_slab
Minecraft Double Cobblestone Slab item Double Cobblestone Slab 43:3 minecraft:double_stone_slab
Minecraft Double Brick Slab item Double Brick Slab 43:4 minecraft:double_stone_slab
Minecraft Double Stone Brick Slab item Double Stone Brick Slab 43:5 minecraft:double_stone_slab
Minecraft Double Nether Brick Slab item Double Nether Brick Slab 43:6 minecraft:double_stone_slab
Minecraft Double Quartz Slab item Double Quartz Slab 43:7 minecraft:double_stone_slab
Minecraft Smooth Double Stone Slab item Smooth Double Stone Slab 43:8 minecraft:double_stone_slab
Minecraft Stone Slab item Stone Slab 44 minecraft:stone_slab
Minecraft Sandstone Slab item Sandstone Slab 44:1 minecraft:stone_slab
Minecraft Wooden Slab item Wooden Slab 44:2 minecraft:stone_slab
Minecraft Cobblestone Slab item Cobblestone Slab 44:3 minecraft:stone_slab
Minecraft Brick Slab item Brick Slab 44:4 minecraft:stone_slab
Minecraft Stone Brick Slab item Stone Brick Slab 44:5 minecraft:stone_slab
Minecraft Nether Brick Slab item Nether Brick Slab 44:6 minecraft:stone_slab
Minecraft Quartz Slab item Quartz Slab 44:7 minecraft:stone_slab
Minecraft Bricks item Bricks 45 minecraft:brick_block
Minecraft TNT item TNT 46 minecraft:tnt
Minecraft Bookshelf item Bookshelf 47 minecraft:bookshelf
Minecraft Mossy Cobblestone item Mossy Cobblestone 48 minecraft:mossy_cobblestone
Minecraft Obsidian item Obsidian 49 minecraft:obsidian
Minecraft Torch item Torch 50 minecraft:torch
Minecraft Fire item Fire 51 minecraft:fire
Minecraft Monster Spawner item Monster Spawner 52 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Creeper Spawner item Creeper Spawner 52:50 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Skeleton Spawner item Skeleton Spawner 52:51 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Spider Spawner item Spider Spawner 52:52 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Giant Spawner item Giant Spawner 52:53 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Zombie Spawner item Zombie Spawner 52:54 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Slime Spawner item Slime Spawner 52:55 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Ghast Spawner item Ghast Spawner 52:56 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Pig Zombie Spawner item Pig Zombie Spawner 52:57 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Enderman Spawner item Enderman Spawner 52:58 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Cave Spider Spawner item Cave Spider Spawner 52:59 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Silverfish Spawner item Silverfish Spawner 52:60 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Blaze Spawner item Blaze Spawner 52:61 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Magma Cube Spawner item Magma Cube Spawner 52:62 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Ender Dragon Spawner item Ender Dragon Spawner 52:63 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Wither Spawner item Wither Spawner 52:64 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Bat Spawner item Bat Spawner 52:65 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Witch Spawner item Witch Spawner 52:66 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Pig Spawner item Pig Spawner 52:90 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Sheep Spawner item Sheep Spawner 52:91 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Cow Spawner item Cow Spawner 52:92 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Chicken Spawner item Chicken Spawner 52:93 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Squid Spawner item Squid Spawner 52:94 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Wolf Spawner item Wolf Spawner 52:95 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Mooshroom Spawner item Mooshroom Spawner 52:96 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Snowman Spawner item Snowman Spawner 52:97 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Ocelot Spawner item Ocelot Spawner 52:98 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Iron Golem Spawner item Iron Golem Spawner 52:99 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Horse Spawner item Horse Spawner 52:100 minecraft:mob_spawner
Minecraft Oak Wood Stairs item Oak Wood Stairs 53 minecraft:oak_stairs
Minecraft Chest item Chest 54 minecraft:chest
Minecraft Redstone Wire item Redstone Wire 55 minecraft:redstone_wire
Minecraft Diamond Ore item Diamond Ore 56 minecraft:diamond_ore
Minecraft Diamond Block item Diamond Block 57 minecraft:diamond_block
Minecraft Crafting Table item Crafting Table 58 minecraft:crafting_table
Minecraft Wheat Block item Wheat Block 59 minecraft:wheat
Minecraft Hoed Dirt Block item Hoed Dirt Block 60 minecraft:wheat
Minecraft Furnace item Furnace 61 minecraft:furnace
Minecraft Burning Furnace item Burning Furnace 62 minecraft:lit_furnace
Minecraft Standing Sign Block item Standing Sign Block 63 minecraft:standing_sign
Minecraft Oak Door Block item Oak Door Block 64 minecraft:wooden_door
Minecraft Ladder item Ladder 65 minecraft:ladder
Minecraft Rail item Rail 66 minecraft:rail
Minecraft Cobblestone Stairs item Cobblestone Stairs 67 minecraft:stone_stairs
Minecraft Wall Sign Block item Wall Sign Block 68 minecraft:wall_sign
Minecraft Lever item Lever 69 minecraft:lever
Minecraft Stone Pressure Plate item Stone Pressure Plate 70 minecraft:stone_pressure_plate
Minecraft Iron Door Block item Iron Door Block 71 minecraft:iron_door
Minecraft Wooden Pressure Plate item Wooden Pressure Plate 72 minecraft:wooden_pressure_plate
Minecraft Redstone Ore item Redstone Ore 73 minecraft:redstone_ore
Minecraft Glowing Redstone Ore item Glowing Redstone Ore 74 minecraft:lit_redstone_ore
Minecraft Redstone Torch (off) item Redstone Torch (off) 75 minecraft:unlit_redstone_torch
Minecraft Redstone Torch (on) item Redstone Torch (on) 76 minecraft:lit_redstone_torch
Minecraft Stone Button item Stone Button 77 minecraft:stone_button
Minecraft Snow item Snow 78 minecraft:snow_layer
Minecraft Ice item Ice 79 minecraft:ice
Minecraft Snow Block item Snow Block 80 minecraft:snow
Minecraft Cactus item Cactus 81 minecraft:cactus
Minecraft Clay item Clay 82 minecraft:clay
Minecraft Sugar Canes item Sugar Canes 83 minecraft:reeds
Minecraft Jukebox item Jukebox 84 minecraft:jukebox
Minecraft Oak Fence item Oak Fence 85 minecraft:fence
Minecraft Pumpkin item Pumpkin 86 minecraft:pumpkin
Minecraft Netherrack item Netherrack 87 minecraft:netherrack
Minecraft Soul Sand item Soul Sand 88 minecraft:soul_sand
Minecraft Glowstone item Glowstone 89 minecraft:glowstone
Minecraft Portal Block item Portal Block 90 minecraft:portal
Minecraft Jack o'Lantern item Jack o'Lantern 91 minecraft:lit_pumpkin
Minecraft Cake Block item Cake Block 92 minecraft:cake
Minecraft Redstone Repeater Block (off) item Redstone Repeater Block (off) 93 minecraft:unpowered_repeater
Minecraft Redstone Repeater Block (on) item Redstone Repeater Block (on) 94 minecraft:powered_repeater
Minecraft White Stained Glass item White Stained Glass 95 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Orange Stained Glass item Orange Stained Glass 95:1 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Magenta Stained Glass item Magenta Stained Glass 95:2 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Light Blue Stained Glass item Light Blue Stained Glass 95:3 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Yellow Stained Glass item Yellow Stained Glass 95:4 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Lime Stained Glass item Lime Stained Glass 95:5 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Pink Stained Glass item Pink Stained Glass 95:6 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Gray Stained Glass item Gray Stained Glass 95:7 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Light Gray Stained Glass item Light Gray Stained Glass 95:8 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Cyan Stained Glass item Cyan Stained Glass 95:9 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Purple Stained Glass item Purple Stained Glass 95:10 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Blue Stained Glass item Blue Stained Glass 95:11 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Brown Stained Glass item Brown Stained Glass 95:12 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Green Stained Glass item Green Stained Glass 95:13 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Red Stained Glass item Red Stained Glass 95:14 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Black Stained Glass item Black Stained Glass 95:15 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Wooden Trapdoor item Wooden Trapdoor 96 minecraft:trapdoor
Minecraft Stone Monster Egg item Stone Monster Egg 97 minecraft:monster_egg
Minecraft Cobblestone Monster Egg item Cobblestone Monster Egg 97:1 minecraft:monster_egg
Minecraft Stone Brick Monster Egg item Stone Brick Monster Egg 97:2 minecraft:monster_egg
Minecraft Mossy Stone Brick Monster Egg item Mossy Stone Brick Monster Egg 97:3 minecraft:monster_egg
Minecraft Cracked Stone Brick Monster Egg item Cracked Stone Brick Monster Egg 97:4 minecraft:monster_egg
Minecraft Chiseled Stone Brick Monster Egg item Chiseled Stone Brick Monster Egg 97:5 minecraft:monster_egg
Minecraft Stone Bricks item Stone Bricks 98 minecraft:stonebrick
Minecraft Mossy Stone Bricks item Mossy Stone Bricks 98:1 minecraft:stonebrick
Minecraft Cracked Stone Bricks item Cracked Stone Bricks 98:2 minecraft:stonebrick
Minecraft Mossy Stone Bricks item Mossy Stone Bricks 98:3 minecraft:stonebrick
Minecraft Brown Mushroom Block item Brown Mushroom Block 99 minecraft:brown_mushroom_block
Minecraft Red Mushroom Block item Red Mushroom Block 100 minecraft:red_mushroom_block
Minecraft Iron Bars item Iron Bars 101 minecraft:iron_bars
Minecraft Glass Pane item Glass Pane 102 minecraft:glass_pane
Minecraft Melon Block item Melon Block 103 minecraft:melon_block
Minecraft Pumpkin Stem item Pumpkin Stem 104 minecraft:pumpkin_stem
Minecraft Melon Stem item Melon Stem 105 minecraft:melon_stem
Minecraft Vines item Vines 106 minecraft:vine
Minecraft Oak Fence Gate item Oak Fence Gate 107 minecraft:fence_gate
Minecraft Brick Stairs item Brick Stairs 108 minecraft:brick_stairs
Minecraft Stone Brick Stairs item Stone Brick Stairs 109 minecraft:stone_brick_stairs
Minecraft Mycelium item Mycelium 110 minecraft:mycelium
Minecraft Lily Pad item Lily Pad 111 minecraft:waterlily
Minecraft Nether Brick Block item Nether Brick Block 112 minecraft:nether_brick
Minecraft Nether Brick Fence item Nether Brick Fence 113 minecraft:nether_brick_fence
Minecraft Nether Brick Stairs item Nether Brick Stairs 114 minecraft:nether_brick_stairs
Minecraft Nether Wart Block item Nether Wart Block 115 minecraft:nether_brick_stairs
Minecraft Enchantment Table item Enchantment Table 116 minecraft:enchanting_table
Minecraft Brewing Stand item Brewing Stand 117 minecraft:brewing_stand
Minecraft Cauldron item Cauldron 118 minecraft:cauldron
Minecraft End Portal item End Portal 119 minecraft:end_portal
Minecraft End Portal Frame item End Portal Frame 120 minecraft:end_portal_frame
Minecraft End Stone item End Stone 121 minecraft:end_stone
Minecraft Dragon Egg item Dragon Egg 122 minecraft:dragon_egg
Minecraft Redstone Lamp (off) item Redstone Lamp (off) 123 minecraft:redstone_lamp
Minecraft Redstone Lamp (on) item Redstone Lamp (on) 124 minecraft:lit_redstone_lamp
Minecraft Double Oak Wood Slab item Double Oak Wood Slab 125 minecraft:double_wooden_slab
Minecraft Double Spruce Wood Slab item Double Spruce Wood Slab 125:1 minecraft:double_wooden_slab
Minecraft Double Birch Wood Slab item Double Birch Wood Slab 125:2 minecraft:double_wooden_slab
Minecraft Double Jungle Wood Slab item Double Jungle Wood Slab 125:3 minecraft:double_wooden_slab
Minecraft Double Acacia Wood Slab item Double Acacia Wood Slab 125:4 minecraft:double_wooden_slab
Minecraft Double Dark Oak Wood Slab item Double Dark Oak Wood Slab 125:5 minecraft:double_wooden_slab
Minecraft Oak Wood Slab item Oak Wood Slab 126 minecraft:wooden_slab
Minecraft Spruce Wood Slab item Spruce Wood Slab 126:1 minecraft:wooden_slab
Minecraft Birch Wood Slab item Birch Wood Slab 126:2 minecraft:wooden_slab
Minecraft Jungle Wood Slab item Jungle Wood Slab 126:3 minecraft:wooden_slab
Minecraft Acacia Wood Slab item Acacia Wood Slab 126:4 minecraft:wooden_slab
Minecraft Dark Oak Wood Slab item Dark Oak Wood Slab 126:5 minecraft:wooden_slab
Minecraft Cocoa item Cocoa 127 minecraft:cocoa
Minecraft Sandstone Stairs item Sandstone Stairs 128 minecraft:sandstone_stairs
Minecraft Emerald Ore item Emerald Ore 129 minecraft:emerald_ore
Minecraft Ender Chest item Ender Chest 130 minecraft:ender_chest
Minecraft Tripwire Hook item Tripwire Hook 131 minecraft:tripwire_hook
Minecraft Tripwire item Tripwire 132 minecraft:tripwire_hook
Minecraft Emerald Block item Emerald Block 133 minecraft:emerald_block
Minecraft Spruce Wood Stairs item Spruce Wood Stairs 134 minecraft:spruce_stairs
Minecraft Birch Wood Stairs item Birch Wood Stairs 135 minecraft:birch_stairs
Minecraft Jungle Wood Stairs item Jungle Wood Stairs 136 minecraft:jungle_stairs
Minecraft Command Block item Command Block 137 minecraft:command_block
Minecraft Beacon item Beacon 138 minecraft:beacon
Minecraft Cobblestone Wall item Cobblestone Wall 139 minecraft:cobblestone_wall
Minecraft Mossy Cobblestone Wall item Mossy Cobblestone Wall 139:1 minecraft:cobblestone_wall
Minecraft Flower Pot item Flower Pot 140 minecraft:flower_pot
Minecraft Carrots Block item Carrots Block 141 minecraft:carrots
Minecraft Potatoes Block item Potatoes Block 142 minecraft:potatoes
Minecraft Wooden Button item Wooden Button 143 minecraft:wooden_button
Minecraft Mob Head (Skull) item Mob Head (Skull) 144 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Anvil item Anvil 145 minecraft:anvil
Minecraft Trapped Chest item Trapped Chest 146 minecraft:trapped_chest
Minecraft Weighted Pressure Plate (light) item Weighted Pressure Plate (light) 147 minecraft:light_weighted_pressure_plate
Minecraft Weighted Pressure Plate (heavy) item Weighted Pressure Plate (heavy) 148 minecraft:heavy_weighted_pressure_plate
Minecraft Redstone Comparator (off) item Redstone Comparator (off) 149 minecraft:unpowered_comparator
Minecraft Redstone Comparator (on) item Redstone Comparator (on) 150 minecraft:powered_comparator
Minecraft Daylight Sensor item Daylight Sensor 151 minecraft:daylight_detector
Minecraft Redstone Block item Redstone Block 152 minecraft:redstone_block
Minecraft Nether Quartz Ore item Nether Quartz Ore 153 minecraft:quartz_ore
Minecraft Hopper item Hopper 154 minecraft:hopper
Minecraft Quartz Block item Quartz Block 155 minecraft:quartz
Minecraft Chiseled Quartz Block item Chiseled Quartz Block 155:1 minecraft:quartz
Minecraft Pillar Quartz Block item Pillar Quartz Block 155:2 minecraft:quartz
Minecraft Quartz Stairs item Quartz Stairs 156 minecraft:quartz_stairs
Minecraft Activator Rail item Activator Rail 157 minecraft:activator_rail
Minecraft Dropper item Dropper 158 minecraft:dropper
Minecraft White Hardened Clay item White Hardened Clay 159 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Orange Hardened Clay item Orange Hardened Clay 159:1 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Magenta Hardened Clay item Magenta Hardened Clay 159:2 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Light Blue Hardened Clay item Light Blue Hardened Clay 159:3 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Yellow Hardened Clay item Yellow Hardened Clay 159:4 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Lime Hardened Clay item Lime Hardened Clay 159:5 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Pink Hardened Clay item Pink Hardened Clay 159:6 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Gray Hardened Clay item Gray Hardened Clay 159:7 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Light Gray Hardened Clay item Light Gray Hardened Clay 159:8 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Cyan Hardened Clay item Cyan Hardened Clay 159:9 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Purple Hardened Clay item Purple Hardened Clay 159:10 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Blue Hardened Clay item Blue Hardened Clay 159:11 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Brown Hardened Clay item Brown Hardened Clay 159:12 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Green Hardened Clay item Green Hardened Clay 159:13 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Red Hardened Clay item Red Hardened Clay 159:14 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Black Hardened Clay item Black Hardened Clay 159:15 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft White Stained Glass Pane item White Stained Glass Pane 160 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Orange Stained Glass Pane item Orange Stained Glass Pane 160:1 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Magenta Stained Glass Pane item Magenta Stained Glass Pane 160:2 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Light Blue Stained Glass Pane item Light Blue Stained Glass Pane 160:3 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Yellow Stained Glass Pane item Yellow Stained Glass Pane 160:4 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Lime Stained Glass Pane item Lime Stained Glass Pane 160:5 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Pink Stained Glass Pane item Pink Stained Glass Pane 160:6 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Gray Stained Glass Pane item Gray Stained Glass Pane 160:7 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Light Gray Stained Glass Pane item Light Gray Stained Glass Pane 160:8 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Cyan Stained Glass Pane item Cyan Stained Glass Pane 160:9 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Purple Stained Glass Pane item Purple Stained Glass Pane 160:10 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Blue Stained Glass Pane item Blue Stained Glass Pane 160:11 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Brown Stained Glass Pane item Brown Stained Glass Pane 160:12 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Green Stained Glass Pane item Green Stained Glass Pane 160:13 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Red Stained Glass Pane item Red Stained Glass Pane 160:14 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Black Stained Glass Pane item Black Stained Glass Pane 160:15 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Acacia Leaves item Acacia Leaves 161 minecraft:leaves2
Minecraft Dark Oak Leaves item Dark Oak Leaves 161:1 minecraft:leaves2
Minecraft Acacia Log item Acacia Log 162 minecraft:log2
Minecraft Dark Oak Log item Dark Oak Log 162:1 minecraft:log2
Minecraft Acacia Wood Stairs item Acacia Wood Stairs 163 minecraft:acacia_stairs
Minecraft Dark Oak Wood Stairs item Dark Oak Wood Stairs 164 minecraft:dark_oak_stairs
Minecraft Slime Block item Slime Block 165 minecraft:slime
Minecraft Barrier Block item Barrier Block 166 minecraft:barrier
Minecraft Iron Trapdoor item Iron Trapdoor 167 minecraft:iron_trapdoor
Minecraft Prismarine item Prismarine 168 minecraft:prismarine
Minecraft Prismarine Bricks item Prismarine Bricks 168:1 minecraft:prismarine
Minecraft Dark Prismarine item Dark Prismarine 168:2 minecraft:prismarine
Minecraft Sea Lantern item Sea Lantern 169 minecraft:sea_lantern
Minecraft Hay Bale item Hay Bale 170 minecraft:hay_bale
Minecraft White Carpet item White Carpet 171 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Orange Carpet item Orange Carpet 171:1 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Magenta Carpet item Magenta Carpet 171:2 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Light Blue Carpet item Light Blue Carpet 171:3 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Yellow Carpet item Yellow Carpet 171:4 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Lime Carpet item Lime Carpet 171:5 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Pink Carpet item Pink Carpet 171:6 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Gray Carpet item Gray Carpet 171:7 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Light Gray Carpet item Light Gray Carpet 171:8 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Cyan Carpet item Cyan Carpet 171:9 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Purple Carpet item Purple Carpet 171:10 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Blue Carpet item Blue Carpet 171:11 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Brown Carpet item Brown Carpet 171:12 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Green Carpet item Green Carpet 171:13 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Red Carpet item Red Carpet 171:14 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Black Carpet item Black Carpet 171:15 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Hardened Clay item Hardened Clay 172 minecraft:hardened_clay
Minecraft Coal Block item Coal Block 173 minecraft:coal_block
Minecraft Packed Ice item Packed Ice 174 minecraft:packed_ice
Minecraft Sunflower item Sunflower 175 minecraft:double_plant
Minecraft Lilac item Lilac 175:1 minecraft:double_plant
Minecraft Double Tall Grass item Double Tall Grass 175:2 minecraft:double_plant
Minecraft Double Large Fern item Double Large Fern 175:3 minecraft:double_plant
Minecraft Rose Bush item Rose Bush 175:4 minecraft:double_plant
Minecraft Peony item Peony 175:5 minecraft:double_plant
Minecraft Free-standing Banner item Free-standing Banner 176 minecraft:standing_banner
Minecraft Wall-mounted Banner item Wall-mounted Banner 177 minecraft:standing_banner
Minecraft Inverted Daylight Sensor item Inverted Daylight Sensor 178 minecraft:daylight_detector_inverted
Minecraft Red Sandstone item Red Sandstone 179 minecraft:red_sandstone
Minecraft Chiseled Red Sandstone item Chiseled Red Sandstone 179:1 minecraft:red_sandstone
Minecraft Smooth Red Sandstone item Smooth Red Sandstone 179:2 minecraft:red_sandstone
Minecraft Red Sandstone Stairs item Red Sandstone Stairs 180 minecraft:red_sandstone_stairs
Minecraft Double Red Sandstone Slab item Double Red Sandstone Slab 181 minecraft:double_stone_slab2
Minecraft Red Sandstone Slab item Red Sandstone Slab 182 minecraft:stone_slab2
Minecraft Spruce Fence Gate item Spruce Fence Gate 183 minecraft:spruce_fence_gate
Minecraft Birch Fence Gate item Birch Fence Gate 184 minecraft:birch_fence_gate
Minecraft Jungle Fence Gate item Jungle Fence Gate 185 minecraft:jungle_fence_gate
Minecraft Dark Oak Fence Gate item Dark Oak Fence Gate 186 minecraft:dark_oak_fence_gate
Minecraft Acacia Fence Gate item Acacia Fence Gate 187 minecraft:acacia_fence_gate
Minecraft Spruce Fence item Spruce Fence 188 minecraft:spruce_fence
Minecraft Birch Fence item Birch Fence 189 minecraft:birch_fence
Minecraft Jungle Fence item Jungle Fence 190 minecraft:jungle_fence
Minecraft Dark Oak Fence item Dark Oak Fence 191 minecraft:dark_oak_fence
Minecraft Acacia Fence item Acacia Fence 192 minecraft:acacia_fence
Minecraft Spruce Door Block item Spruce Door Block 193 minecraft:spruce_door
Minecraft Birch Door Block item Birch Door Block 194 minecraft:birch_door
Minecraft Jungle Door Block item Jungle Door Block 195 minecraft:jungle_door
Minecraft Acacia Door Block item Acacia Door Block 196 minecraft:acacia_door
Minecraft Dark Oak Door Block item Dark Oak Door Block 197 minecraft:dark_oak_door
Minecraft End Rod item End Rod 198 minecraft:end_rod
Minecraft Chorus Plant item Chorus Plant 199 minecraft:chorus_plant
Minecraft Chorus Flower item Chorus Flower 200 minecraft:chorus_flower
Minecraft Purpur Block item Purpur Block 201 minecraft:purpur_block
Minecraft Purpur Pillar item Purpur Pillar 202 minecraft:purpur_pillar
Minecraft Purpur Stairs item Purpur Stairs 203 minecraft:purpur_stairs
Minecraft Purpur Double Slab item Purpur Double Slab 204 minecraft:purpur_double_slab
Minecraft Purpur Slab item Purpur Slab 205 minecraft:purpur_slab
Minecraft End Stone Bricks item End Stone Bricks 206 minecraft:end_bricks
Minecraft Beetroot Block item Beetroot Block 207 minecraft:beetroots
Minecraft Grass Path item Grass Path 208 minecraft:grass_path
Minecraft End Gateway (Block) item End Gateway (Block) 209 minecraft:end_gateway
Minecraft Repeating Command Block item Repeating Command Block 210 minecraft:repeating_command_block
Minecraft Chain Command Block item Chain Command Block 211 minecraft:repeating_command_block
Minecraft Frosted Ice item Frosted Ice 212 minecraft:frosted_ice
Minecraft Magma Block item Magma Block 213 minecraft:magma
Minecraft Nether Wart Block item Nether Wart Block 214 minecraft:nether_wart_block
Minecraft Red Nether Brick item Red Nether Brick 215 minecraft:red_nether_brick
Minecraft Bone Block item Bone Block 216 minecraft:bone_block
Minecraft Structure Void item Structure Void 217 minecraft:structure_void
Minecraft Observer item Observer 218 minecraft:observer
Minecraft White Shulker Box item White Shulker Box 219 minecraft:white_shulker_box
Minecraft Orange Shulker Box item Orange Shulker Box 220 minecraft:orange_shulker_box
Minecraft Magenta Shulker Box item Magenta Shulker Box 221 minecraft:magenta_shulker_box
Minecraft Light Blue Shulker Box item Light Blue Shulker Box 222 minecraft:light_blue__shulker_box
Minecraft Yellow Shulker Box item Yellow Shulker Box 223 minecraft:yellow_shulker_box
Minecraft Lime Shulker Box item Lime Shulker Box 224 minecraft:lime_shulker_box
Minecraft Pink Shulker Box item Pink Shulker Box 225 minecraft:pink_shulker_box
Minecraft Gray Shulker Box item Gray Shulker Box 226 minecraft:gray_shulker_box
Minecraft Light Gray Shulker Box item Light Gray Shulker Box 227 minecraft:light_gray_shulker_box
Minecraft Cyan Shulker Box item Cyan Shulker Box 228 minecraft:cyan_shulker_box
Minecraft Purple Shulker Box item Purple Shulker Box 229 minecraft:purple_shulker_box
Minecraft Blue Shulker Box item Blue Shulker Box 230 minecraft:blue_shulker_box
Minecraft Brown Shulker Box item Brown Shulker Box 231 minecraft:brown_shulker_box
Minecraft Green Shulker Box item Green Shulker Box 232 minecraft:green_shulker_box
Minecraft Red Shulker Box item Red Shulker Box 233 minecraft:red_shulker_box
Minecraft Black Shulker Box item Black Shulker Box 234 minecraft:black_shulker_box
Minecraft White Glazed Terracotta item White Glazed Terracotta 235 minecraft:white_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Orange Glazed Terracotta item Orange Glazed Terracotta 236 minecraft:orange_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Magenta Glazed Terracotta item Magenta Glazed Terracotta 237 minecraft:magenta_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Light Blue Glazed Terracotta item Light Blue Glazed Terracotta 238 minecraft:light_blue_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Yellow Glazed Terracotta item Yellow Glazed Terracotta 239 minecraft:yellow_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Lime Glazed Terracotta item Lime Glazed Terracotta 240 minecraft:lime_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Pink Glazed Terracotta item Pink Glazed Terracotta 241 minecraft:pink_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Gray Glazed Terracotta item Gray Glazed Terracotta 242 minecraft:gray_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Light Gray Glazed Terracotta item Light Gray Glazed Terracotta 243 minecraft:light_gray_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Cyan Glazed Terracotta item Cyan Glazed Terracotta 244 minecraft:cyan_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Purple Glazed Terracotta item Purple Glazed Terracotta 245 minecraft:purple_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Blue Glazed Terracotta item Blue Glazed Terracotta 246 minecraft:blue_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Brown Glazed Terracotta item Brown Glazed Terracotta 247 minecraft:brown_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Green Glazed Terracotta item Green Glazed Terracotta 248 minecraft:green_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Red Glazed Terracotta item Red Glazed Terracotta 249 minecraft:red_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Black Glazed Terracotta item Black Glazed Terracotta 250 minecraft:black_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft White Concrete item White Concrete 251 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Orange Concrete item Orange Concrete 251:1 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Magenta Concrete item Magenta Concrete 251:2 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Light Blue Concrete item Light Blue Concrete 251:3 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Yellow Concrete item Yellow Concrete 251:4 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Lime Concrete item Lime Concrete 251:5 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Pink Concrete item Pink Concrete 251:6 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Gray Concrete item Gray Concrete 251:7 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Light Gray Concrete item Light Gray Concrete 251:8 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Cyan Concrete item Cyan Concrete 251:9 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Purple Concrete item Purple Concrete 251:10 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Blue Concrete item Blue Concrete 251:11 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Brown Concrete item Brown Concrete 251:12 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Green Concrete item Green Concrete 251:13 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Red Concrete item Red Concrete 251:14 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Black Concrete item Black Concrete 251:15 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft White Concrete Powder item White Concrete Powder 252 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Orange Concrete Powder item Orange Concrete Powder 252:1 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Magenta Concrete Powder item Magenta Concrete Powder 252:2 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Light Blue Concrete Powder item Light Blue Concrete Powder 252:3 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Yellow Concrete Powder item Yellow Concrete Powder 252:4 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Lime Concrete Powder item Lime Concrete Powder 252:5 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Pink Concrete Powder item Pink Concrete Powder 252:6 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Gray Concrete Powder item Gray Concrete Powder 252:7 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Light Gray Concrete Powder item Light Gray Concrete Powder 252:8 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Cyan Concrete Powder item Cyan Concrete Powder 252:9 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Purple Concrete Powder item Purple Concrete Powder 252:10 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Blue Concrete Powder item Blue Concrete Powder 252:11 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Brown Concrete Powder item Brown Concrete Powder 252:12 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Green Concrete Powder item Green Concrete Powder 252:13 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Red Concrete Powder item Red Concrete Powder 252:14 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Black Concrete Powder item Black Concrete Powder 252:15 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Structure Block item Structure Block 255 minecraft:structure_block
Minecraft Iron Shovel item Iron Shovel 256 minecraft:iron_shovel
Minecraft Iron Pickaxe item Iron Pickaxe 257 minecraft:iron_pickaxe
Minecraft Iron Axe item Iron Axe 258 minecraft:iron_axe
Minecraft Flint and Steel item Flint and Steel 259 minecraft:flint_and_steel
Minecraft Apple item Apple 260 minecraft:apple
Minecraft Bow item Bow 261 minecraft:bow
Minecraft Arrow item Arrow 262 minecraft:arrow
Minecraft Coal item Coal 263 minecraft:coal
Minecraft Charcoal item Charcoal 263:1 minecraft:charcoal
Minecraft Diamond item Diamond 264 minecraft:diamond
Minecraft Iron Ingot item Iron Ingot 265 minecraft:iron_ingot
Minecraft Gold Ingot item Gold Ingot 266 minecraft:gold_ingot
Minecraft Iron Sword item Iron Sword 267 minecraft:iron_sword
Minecraft Wooden Sword item Wooden Sword 268 minecraft:wooden_sword
Minecraft Wooden Shovel item Wooden Shovel 269 minecraft:wooden_shovel
Minecraft Wooden Pickaxe item Wooden Pickaxe 270 minecraft:wooden_pickaxe
Minecraft Wooden Axe item Wooden Axe 271 minecraft:wooden_axe
Minecraft Stone Sword item Stone Sword 272 minecraft:stone_sword
Minecraft Stone Shovel item Stone Shovel 273 minecraft:stone_shovel
Minecraft Stone Pickaxe item Stone Pickaxe 274 minecraft:stone_pickaxe
Minecraft Stone Axe item Stone Axe 275 minecraft:stone_axe
Minecraft Diamond Sword item Diamond Sword 276 minecraft:diamond_sword
Minecraft Diamond Shovel item Diamond Shovel 277 minecraft:diamond_shovel
Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe item Diamond Pickaxe 278 minecraft:diamond_pickaxe
Minecraft Diamond Axe item Diamond Axe 279 minecraft:diamond_axe
Minecraft Stick item Stick 280 minecraft:stick
Minecraft Bowl item Bowl 281 minecraft:bowl
Minecraft Mushroom Stew item Mushroom Stew 282 minecraft:mushroom_stew
Minecraft Golden Sword item Golden Sword 283 minecraft:golden_sword
Minecraft Golden Shovel item Golden Shovel 284 minecraft:golden_shovel
Minecraft Golden Pickaxe item Golden Pickaxe 285 minecraft:golden_pickaxe
Minecraft Golden Axe item Golden Axe 286 minecraft:golden_axe
Minecraft String item String 287 minecraft:string
Minecraft Feather item Feather 288 minecraft:feather
Minecraft Gunpowder item Gunpowder 289 minecraft:gunpowder
Minecraft Wooden Hoe item Wooden Hoe 290 minecraft:wooden_hoe
Minecraft Stone Hoe item Stone Hoe 291 minecraft:stone_hoe
Minecraft Iron Hoe item Iron Hoe 292 minecraft:iron_hoe
Minecraft Diamond Hoe item Diamond Hoe 293 minecraft:diamond_doe
Minecraft Golden Hoe item Golden Hoe 294 minecraft:diamond_doe
Minecraft Wheat Seeds item Wheat Seeds 295 minecraft:wheat_seeds
Minecraft Wheat item Wheat 296 minecraft:wheat
Minecraft Bread item Bread 297 minecraft:bread
Minecraft Leather Helmet item Leather Helmet 298 minecraft:leather_helmet
Minecraft Leather Tunic item Leather Tunic 299 minecraft:leather_chestplate
Minecraft Leather Pants item Leather Pants 300 minecraft:leather_leggings
Minecraft Leather Boots item Leather Boots 301 minecraft:leather_boots
Minecraft Chainmail Helmet item Chainmail Helmet 302 minecraft:chainmail_helmet
Minecraft Chainmail Chestplate item Chainmail Chestplate 303 minecraft:chainmail_chestplate
Minecraft Chainmail Leggings item Chainmail Leggings 304 minecraft:chainmail_leggings
Minecraft Chainmail Boots item Chainmail Boots 305 minecraft:chainmail_boots
Minecraft Iron Helmet item Iron Helmet 306 minecraft:iron_helmet
Minecraft Iron Chestplate item Iron Chestplate 307 minecraft:iron_chestplate
Minecraft Iron Leggings item Iron Leggings 308 minecraft:iron_leggings
Minecraft Iron Boots item Iron Boots 309 minecraft:iron_boots
Minecraft Diamond Helmet item Diamond Helmet 310 minecraft:diamond_helmet
Minecraft Diamond Chestplate item Diamond Chestplate 311 minecraft:diamond_chestplate
Minecraft Diamond Leggings item Diamond Leggings 312 minecraft:diamond_leggings
Minecraft Diamond Boots item Diamond Boots 313 minecraft:diamond_boots
Minecraft Golden Helmet item Golden Helmet 314 minecraft:golden_helmet
Minecraft Golden Chestplate item Golden Chestplate 315 minecraft:golden_chestplate
Minecraft Golden Leggings item Golden Leggings 316 minecraft:golden_leggings
Minecraft Golden Boots item Golden Boots 317 minecraft:golden_boots
Minecraft Flint item Flint 318 minecraft:flint
Minecraft Raw Porkchop item Raw Porkchop 319 minecraft:porkchop
Minecraft Cooked Porkchop item Cooked Porkchop 320 minecraft:cooked_porkchop
Minecraft Painting item Painting 321 minecraft:painting
Minecraft Golden Apple item Golden Apple 322 minecraft:golden_apple
Minecraft Enchanted Golden Apple item Enchanted Golden Apple 322:1 minecraft:golden_apple
Minecraft Sign item Sign 323 minecraft:sign
Minecraft Oak Door item Oak Door 324 minecraft:wooden_door
Minecraft Bucket item Bucket 325 minecraft:bucket
Minecraft Water Bucket item Water Bucket 326 minecraft:water_bucket
Minecraft Lava Bucket item Lava Bucket 327 minecraft:lava_bucket
Minecraft Minecart item Minecart 328 minecraft:minecart
Minecraft Saddle item Saddle 329 minecraft:saddle
Minecraft Iron Door item Iron Door 330 minecraft:iron_door
Minecraft Redstone item Redstone 331 minecraft:redstone
Minecraft Snowball item Snowball 332 minecraft:snowball
Minecraft Boat item Boat 333 minecraft:boat
Minecraft Leather item Leather 334 minecraft:leather
Minecraft Milk Bucket item Milk Bucket 335 minecraft:milk_bucket
Minecraft Brick item Brick 336 minecraft:brick
Minecraft Clay item Clay 337 minecraft:clay
Minecraft Sugar Canes item Sugar Canes 338 minecraft:reeds
Minecraft Paper item Paper 339 minecraft:paper
Minecraft Book item Book 340 minecraft:book
Minecraft Slimeball item Slimeball 341 minecraft:slime_ball
Minecraft Minecart with Chest item Minecart with Chest 342 minecraft:chest_minecart
Minecraft Minecart with Furnace item Minecart with Furnace 343 minecraft:furnace_minecart
Minecraft Egg item Egg 344 minecraft:egg
Minecraft Compass item Compass 345 minecraft:compass
Minecraft Fishing Rod item Fishing Rod 346 minecraft:fishing_rod
Minecraft Clock item Clock 347 minecraft:clock
Minecraft Glowstone Dust item Glowstone Dust 348 minecraft:glowstone_dust
Minecraft Raw Fish item Raw Fish 349 minecraft:fish
Minecraft Raw Salmon item Raw Salmon 349:1 minecraft:fish
Minecraft Clownfish item Clownfish 349:2 minecraft:fish
Minecraft Pufferfish item Pufferfish 349:3 minecraft:fish
Minecraft Cooked Fish item Cooked Fish 350 minecraft:cooked_fish
Minecraft Cooked Salmon item Cooked Salmon 350:1 minecraft:cooked_fish
Minecraft Ink Sac item Ink Sac 351 minecraft:dye
Minecraft Rose Red Dye item Rose Red Dye 351:1 minecraft:dye
Minecraft Cactus Green Dye item Cactus Green Dye 351:2 minecraft:dye
Minecraft Cocoa Beans item Cocoa Beans 351:3 minecraft:dye
Minecraft Lapis Lazuli item Lapis Lazuli 351:4 minecraft:dye
Minecraft Purple Dye item Purple Dye 351:5 minecraft:dye
Minecraft Cyan Dye item Cyan Dye 351:6 minecraft:dye
Minecraft Light Gray Dye item Light Gray Dye 351:7 minecraft:dye
Minecraft Gray Dye item Gray Dye 351:8 minecraft:dye
Minecraft Pink Dye item Pink Dye 351:9 minecraft:dye
Minecraft Lime Dye item Lime Dye 351:10 minecraft:dye
Minecraft Dandelion Yellow Dye item Dandelion Yellow Dye 351:11 minecraft:dye
Minecraft Light Blue Dye item Light Blue Dye 351:12 minecraft:dye
Minecraft Magenta Dye item Magenta Dye 351:13 minecraft:dye
Minecraft Orange Dye item Orange Dye 351:14 minecraft:dye
Minecraft Bone Meal item Bone Meal 351:15 minecraft:dye
Minecraft Bone item Bone 352 minecraft:bone
Minecraft Sugar item Sugar 353 minecraft:sugar
Minecraft Cake item Cake 354 minecraft:cake
Minecraft Bed item Bed 355 minecraft:bed
Minecraft Redstone Repeater item Redstone Repeater 356 minecraft:repeater
Minecraft Cookie item Cookie 357 minecraft:cookie
Minecraft Map item Map 358 minecraft:filled_map
Minecraft Shears item Shears 359 minecraft:shears
Minecraft Melon item Melon 360 minecraft:melon
Minecraft Pumpkin Seeds item Pumpkin Seeds 361 minecraft:pumpkin_seeds
Minecraft Melon Seeds item Melon Seeds 362 minecraft:melon_seeds
Minecraft Raw Beef item Raw Beef 363 minecraft:beef
Minecraft Cooked Beef item Cooked Beef 364 minecraft:cooked_beef
Minecraft Raw Chicken item Raw Chicken 365 minecraft:chicken
Minecraft Cooked Chicken item Cooked Chicken 366 minecraft:cooked_chicken
Minecraft Rotten Flesh item Rotten Flesh 367 minecraft:rotten_flesh
Minecraft Ender Pearl item Ender Pearl 368 minecraft:ender_pearl
Minecraft Blaze Rod item Blaze Rod 369 minecraft:blaze_rod
Minecraft Ghast Tear item Ghast Tear 370 minecraft:ghast_tear
Minecraft Gold Nugget item Gold Nugget 371 minecraft:gold_nugget
Minecraft Nether Wart item Nether Wart 372 minecraft:nether_wart
Minecraft Potion item Potion 373 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Awkward Potion item Awkward Potion 373:16 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Thick Potion item Thick Potion 373:32 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Mundane Potion item Mundane Potion 373:64 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Regeneration Potion (0:45) item Regeneration Potion (0:45) 373:8193 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Swiftness Potion (3:00) item Swiftness Potion (3:00) 373:8194 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Fire Resistance Potion (3:00) item Fire Resistance Potion (3:00) 373:8195 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Poison Potion (0:45) item Poison Potion (0:45) 373:8196 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Healing Potion item Healing Potion 373:8197 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Night Vision Potion (3:00) item Night Vision Potion (3:00) 373:8198 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Weakness Potion (1:30) item Weakness Potion (1:30) 373:8200 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Strength Potion (3:00) item Strength Potion (3:00) 373:8201 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Slowness Potion (1:30) item Slowness Potion (1:30) 373:8202 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Harming Potion item Harming Potion 373:8204 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Water Breathing Potion (3:00) item Water Breathing Potion (3:00) 373:8205 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Invisibility Potion (3:00) item Invisibility Potion (3:00) 373:8206 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Regeneration Potion II (0:22) item Regeneration Potion II (0:22) 373:8225 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Swiftness Potion II (1:30) item Swiftness Potion II (1:30) 373:8226 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Poison Potion II (0:22) item Poison Potion II (0:22) 373:8228 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Healing Potion II item Healing Potion II 373:8229 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Strength Potion II (1:30) item Strength Potion II (1:30) 373:8233 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Leaping Potion II (1:30) item Leaping Potion II (1:30) 373:8235 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Harming Potion II item Harming Potion II 373:8236 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Regeneration Potion (2:00) item Regeneration Potion (2:00) 373:8257 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Swiftness Potion (8:00) item Swiftness Potion (8:00) 373:8258 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Fire Resistance Potion (8:00) item Fire Resistance Potion (8:00) 373:8259 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Poison Potion (2:00) item Poison Potion (2:00) 373:8260 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Night Vision Potion (8:00) item Night Vision Potion (8:00) 373:8262 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Weakness Potion (4:00) item Weakness Potion (4:00) 373:8264 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Strength Potion (8:00) item Strength Potion (8:00) 373:8265 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Slowness Potion (4:00) item Slowness Potion (4:00) 373:8266 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Leaping Potion (3:00) item Leaping Potion (3:00) 373:8267 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Water Breathing Potion (8:00) item Water Breathing Potion (8:00) 373:8269 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Invisibility Potion (8:00) item Invisibility Potion (8:00) 373:8270 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Regeneration Potion II (1:00) item Regeneration Potion II (1:00) 373:8289 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Swiftness Potion II (4:00) item Swiftness Potion II (4:00) 373:8290 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Poison Potion II (1:00) item Poison Potion II (1:00) 373:8292 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Strength Potion II (4:00) item Strength Potion II (4:00) 373:8297 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Regeneration Splash (0:33) Potion item Regeneration Splash (0:33) Potion 373:16385 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Swiftness Splash (2:15) Potion item Swiftness Splash (2:15) Potion 373:16386 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Fire Resistance Splash (2:15) Potion item Fire Resistance Splash (2:15) Potion 373:16387 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Poison Splash (0:33) Potion item Poison Splash (0:33) Potion 373:16388 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Healing Splash Potion item Healing Splash Potion 373:16389 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Night Vision Splash (2:15) Potion item Night Vision Splash (2:15) Potion 373:16390 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Weakness Splash (1:07) Potion item Weakness Splash (1:07) Potion 373:16392 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Strength Splash (2:15) Potion item Strength Splash (2:15) Potion 373:16393 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Slowness Splash (1:07) Potion item Slowness Splash (1:07) Potion 373:16394 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Harming Splash Potion item Harming Splash Potion 373:16396 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Water Breathing Splash (2:15) Potion item Water Breathing Splash (2:15) Potion 373:16397 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Invisibility Splash (2:15) Potion item Invisibility Splash (2:15) Potion 373:16398 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Regeneration II Splash (0:16) Potion item Regeneration II Splash (0:16) Potion 373:16417 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Swiftness II Splash (1:07) Potion item Swiftness II Splash (1:07) Potion 373:16418 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Poison II Splash (0:16) Potion item Poison II Splash (0:16) Potion 373:16420 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Healing II Splash Potion item Healing II Splash Potion 373:16421 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Strength II Splash (1:07) Potion item Strength II Splash (1:07) Potion 373:16425 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Leaping II Splash (1:07) Potion item Leaping II Splash (1:07) Potion 373:16427 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Harming II Splash Potion item Harming II Splash Potion 373:16428 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Regeneration Splash (1:30) Potion item Regeneration Splash (1:30) Potion 373:16449 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Swiftness Splash (6:00) Potion item Swiftness Splash (6:00) Potion 373:16450 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Fire Resistance Splash (6:00) Potion item Fire Resistance Splash (6:00) Potion 373:16451 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Poison Splash (1:30) Potion item Poison Splash (1:30) Potion 373:16452 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Night Vision Splash (6:00) Potion item Night Vision Splash (6:00) Potion 373:16454 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Weakness Splash (3:00) Potion item Weakness Splash (3:00) Potion 373:16456 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Strength Splash (6:00) Potion item Strength Splash (6:00) Potion 373:16457 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Slowness Splash (3:00) Potion item Slowness Splash (3:00) Potion 373:16458 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Leaping Splash (2:15) Potion item Leaping Splash (2:15) Potion 373:16459 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Water Breathing Splash (6:00) Potion item Water Breathing Splash (6:00) Potion 373:16461 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Invisibility Splash (6:00) Potion item Invisibility Splash (6:00) Potion 373:16462 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Regeneration II Splash (0:45) Potion item Regeneration II Splash (0:45) Potion 373:16481 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Swiftness II Splash (3:00) Potion item Swiftness II Splash (3:00) Potion 373:16482 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Poison II Splash (0:45) Potion item Poison II Splash (0:45) Potion 373:16484 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Strength II Splash (3:00) Potion item Strength II Splash (3:00) Potion 373:16489 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Glass Bottle item Glass Bottle 374 minecraft:glass_bottle
Minecraft Spider Eye item Spider Eye 375 minecraft:spider_eye
Minecraft Fermented Spider Eye item Fermented Spider Eye 376 minecraft:fermented_spider_eye
Minecraft Blaze Powder item Blaze Powder 377 minecraft:blaze_powder
Minecraft Magma Cream item Magma Cream 378 minecraft:magma_cream
Minecraft Brewing Stand item Brewing Stand 379 minecraft:brewing_stand
Minecraft Cauldron item Cauldron 380 minecraft:cauldron
Minecraft Eye of Ender item Eye of Ender 381 minecraft:eye_of_ender
Minecraft Glistering Melon item Glistering Melon 382 minecraft:speckled_melon
Minecraft Elder Guardian Spawn Egg item Elder Guardian Spawn Egg 383:4 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Wither Skeleton Spawn Egg item Wither Skeleton Spawn Egg 383:5 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Stray Spawn Egg item Stray Spawn Egg 383:6 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Husk Spawn Egg item Husk Spawn Egg 383:23 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Zombie Villager Spawn Egg item Zombie Villager Spawn Egg 383:27 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Skeleton Horse Spawn Egg item Skeleton Horse Spawn Egg 383:28 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Zombie Horse Spawn Egg item Zombie Horse Spawn Egg 383:29 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Donkey Spawn Egg item Donkey Spawn Egg 383:31 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Mule Spawn Egg item Mule Spawn Egg 383:32 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Evoker Spawn Egg item Evoker Spawn Egg 383:34 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Vex Spawn Egg item Vex Spawn Egg 383:35 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Vindicator Spawn Egg item Vindicator Spawn Egg 383:36 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Creeper Spawn Egg item Creeper Spawn Egg 383:50 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Skeleton Spawn Egg item Skeleton Spawn Egg 383:51 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Spider Spawn Egg item Spider Spawn Egg 383:52 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Zombie Spawn Egg item Zombie Spawn Egg 383:54 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Slime Spawn Egg item Slime Spawn Egg 383:55 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Ghast Spawn Egg item Ghast Spawn Egg 383:56 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Zombie Pigman Spawn Egg item Zombie Pigman Spawn Egg 383:57 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Enderman Spawn Egg item Enderman Spawn Egg 383:58 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Cave Spider Spawn Egg item Cave Spider Spawn Egg 383:59 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Cavespider Spawn Egg item Cavespider Spawn Egg 383:60 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Blaze Spawn Egg item Blaze Spawn Egg 383:61 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Magma Cube Spawn Egg item Magma Cube Spawn Egg 383:62 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Bat Spawn Egg item Bat Spawn Egg 383:65 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Witch Spawn Egg item Witch Spawn Egg 383:66 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Endermite Spawn Egg item Endermite Spawn Egg 383:67 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Guardian Spawn Egg item Guardian Spawn Egg 383:68 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Shulker Spawn Egg item Shulker Spawn Egg 383:69 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Pig Spawn Egg item Pig Spawn Egg 383:90 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Sheep Spawn Egg item Sheep Spawn Egg 383:91 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Cow Spawn Egg item Cow Spawn Egg 383:92 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Chicken Spawn Egg item Chicken Spawn Egg 383:93 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Squid Spawn Egg item Squid Spawn Egg 383:94 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Wolf Spawn Egg item Wolf Spawn Egg 383:95 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Mooshroom Spawn Egg item Mooshroom Spawn Egg 383:96 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Ocelot Spawn Egg item Ocelot Spawn Egg 383:98 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Horse Spawn Egg item Horse Spawn Egg 383:100 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Rabbit Spawn Egg item Rabbit Spawn Egg 383:101 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Polar Bear Spawn Egg item Polar Bear Spawn Egg 383:102 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Llama Spawn Egg item Llama Spawn Egg 383:103 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Villager Spawn Egg item Villager Spawn Egg 383:120 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Bottle o Enchanting item Bottle o Enchanting 384 minecraft:experience_bottle
Minecraft Fire Charge item Fire Charge 385 minecraft:fire_charge
Minecraft Book and Quill item Book and Quill 386 minecraft:writable_book
Minecraft Written Book item Written Book 387 minecraft:written_book
Minecraft Emerald item Emerald 388 minecraft:emerald
Minecraft Item Frame item Item Frame 389 minecraft:item_frame
Minecraft Flower Pot item Flower Pot 390 minecraft:flower_pot
Minecraft Carrot item Carrot 391 minecraft:carrot
Minecraft Potato item Potato 392 minecraft:potato
Minecraft Baked Potato item Baked Potato 393 minecraft:baked_potato
Minecraft Poisonous Potato item Poisonous Potato 394 minecraft:poisonous_potato
Minecraft Empty Map item Empty Map 395 minecraft:map
Minecraft Golden Carrot item Golden Carrot 396 minecraft:golden_carrot
Minecraft Skeleton Mob Head item Skeleton Mob Head 397 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Wither Mob Head item Wither Mob Head 397:1 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Zombie Mob Head item Zombie Mob Head 397:2 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Human Head item Human Head 397:3 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Creeper Mob Head item Creeper Mob Head 397:4 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Dragon Mob Head item Dragon Mob Head 397:5 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Carrot on a Stick item Carrot on a Stick 398 minecraft:carrot_on_a_stick
Minecraft Nether Star item Nether Star 399 minecraft:nether_star
Minecraft Pumpkin Pie item Pumpkin Pie 400 minecraft:pumpkin_pie
Minecraft Firework Rocket item Firework Rocket 401 minecraft:fireworks
Minecraft Firework Star item Firework Star 402 minecraft:firework_charge
Minecraft Enchanted Book item Enchanted Book 403 minecraft:enchanted_book
Minecraft Redstone Comparator item Redstone Comparator 404 minecraft:redstone_comparator
Minecraft Nether Brick Item item Nether Brick Item 405 minecraft:netherbrick
Minecraft Nether Quartz item Nether Quartz 406 minecraft:quartz
Minecraft Minecart with TNT item Minecart with TNT 407 minecraft:tnt_minecart
Minecraft Minecart with Hopper item Minecart with Hopper 408 minecraft:hopper_minecart
Minecraft Prismarine Shard item Prismarine Shard 409 minecraft:prismarine_shard
Minecraft Prismarine Crystals item Prismarine Crystals 410 minecraft:prismarine_crystals
Minecraft Raw Rabbit item Raw Rabbit 411 minecraft:rabbit
Minecraft Cooked Rabbit item Cooked Rabbit 412 minecraft:cooked_rabbit
Minecraft Rabbit Stew item Rabbit Stew 413 minecraft:rabbit_stew
Minecraft Rabbit's Foot item Rabbit's Foot 414 minecraft:rabbit_foot
Minecraft Rabbit Hide item Rabbit Hide 415 minecraft:rabbit_hide
Minecraft Armor Stand item Armor Stand 416 minecraft:armor_stand
Minecraft Iron Horse Armor item Iron Horse Armor 417 minecraft:iron_horse_armor
Minecraft Golden Horse Armor item Golden Horse Armor 418 minecraft:golden_horse_armor
Minecraft Diamond Horse Armor item Diamond Horse Armor 419 minecraft:diamond_horse_armor
Minecraft Lead item Lead 420 minecraft:lead
Minecraft Name Tag item Name Tag 421 minecraft:name_tag
Minecraft Minecart with Command Block item Minecart with Command Block 422 minecraft:command_block_minecart
Minecraft Raw Mutton item Raw Mutton 423 minecraft:mutton
Minecraft Cooked Mutton item Cooked Mutton 424 minecraft:cooked_mutton
Minecraft Banner item Banner 425 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Spruce Door item Spruce Door 427 minecraft:spruce_door
Minecraft Birch Door item Birch Door 428 minecraft:birch_door
Minecraft Jungle Door item Jungle Door 429 minecraft:spruce_door
Minecraft Acacia Door item Acacia Door 430 minecraft:spruce_door
Minecraft Dark Oak Door item Dark Oak Door 431 minecraft:spruce_door
Minecraft Chorus Fruit item Chorus Fruit 432 minecraft:chorus_fruit
Minecraft Popped Chorus Fruit item Popped Chorus Fruit 433 minecraft:popped_chorus_fruit
Minecraft Beetroot item Beetroot 434 minecraft:beetroot
Minecraft Beetroot Seeds item Beetroot Seeds 435 minecraft:beetroot_seeds
Minecraft Beetroot Soup item Beetroot Soup 436 minecraft:beetroot_soup
Minecraft Dragon's Breath item Dragon's Breath 437 minecraft:dragons_breath
Minecraft Splash Potion item Splash Potion 438 minecraft:splash_potion
Minecraft Spectral Arrow item Spectral Arrow 439 minecraft:spectral_arrow
Minecraft Tipped Arrow item Tipped Arrow 440 minecraft:tipped_arrow
Minecraft Lingering Potion item Lingering Potion 441 minecraft:lingering_potion
Minecraft Shield item Shield 442 minecraft:shield
Minecraft Elytra item Elytra 443 minecraft:elytra
Minecraft Spruce Boat item Spruce Boat 444 minecraft:spruce_boat
Minecraft Birch Boat item Birch Boat 445 minecraft:birch_boat
Minecraft Spruce Boat item Spruce Boat 446 minecraft:jungle_boat
Minecraft Acacia Boat item Acacia Boat 447 minecraft:acacia_boat
Minecraft Dark Oak Boat item Dark Oak Boat 448 minecraft:dark_oak_boat
Minecraft Totem of Undying item Totem of Undying 449 minecraft:totem_of_undying
Minecraft Shulker Shell item Shulker Shell 450 minecraft:shulker_shell
Minecraft Iron Nugget item Iron Nugget 452 minecraft:iron_nugget
Minecraft Record 13 Music Disc item Record 13 Music Disc 2256 minecraft:record_13
Minecraft Cat Music Disc item Cat Music Disc 2257 minecraft:record_cat
Minecraft Blocks Music Disc item Blocks Music Disc 2258 minecraft:record_blocks
Minecraft Chirp Music Disc item Chirp Music Disc 2259 minecraft:record_chirp
Minecraft Far Music Disc item Far Music Disc 2260 minecraft:record_far
Minecraft Mall Music Disc item Mall Music Disc 2261 minecraft:record_mall
Minecraft Mellohi Music Disc item Mellohi Music Disc 2262 minecraft:record_mellohi
Minecraft Stal Music Disc item Stal Music Disc 2263 minecraft:record_stal
Minecraft Strad Music Disc item Strad Music Disc 2264 minecraft:record_strad
Minecraft Ward Music Disc item Ward Music Disc 2265 minecraft:record_ward
Minecraft Record 11 Music Disc item Record 11 Music Disc 2266 minecraft:record_ward
Minecraft Wait Music Disc item Wait Music Disc 2267 minecraft:record_wait