Minecraft Item ID List

Minecraft Item IDs is an easy-to-navigate, intuitive and fast Minecraft item and block ID list. Our database for MC PC and Mac currently contains 978 unique item ids up to Minecraft version 1.13 (Update Aquatic)! Find copyable spawn commands on each item's page, an example is the command block.

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Image Item 1.13 ID Item ID Minecraft ID
Minecraft Air item Air minecraft:air 0 minecraft:air
Minecraft Void Air item Void Air minecraft:void_air
Minecraft Cave Air item Cave Air minecraft:cave_air
Minecraft Stone item Stone minecraft:stone 1 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Granite item Granite minecraft:granite 1:1 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Polished Granite item Polished Granite minecraft:polished_granite 1:2 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Diorite item Diorite minecraft:diorite 1:3 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Polished Diorite item Polished Diorite minecraft:polished_diorite 1:4 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Andesite item Andesite minecraft:andesite 1:5 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Polished Andesite item Polished Andesite minecraft:polished_andesite 1:6 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Grass Block item Grass Block minecraft:grass_block 2 minecraft:grass
Minecraft Dirt item Dirt minecraft:dirt 3 minecraft:dirt
Minecraft Coarse Dirt item Coarse Dirt minecraft:coarse_dirt 3:1 minecraft:dirt
Minecraft Podzol item Podzol minecraft:podzol 3:2 minecraft:dirt
Minecraft Cobblestone item Cobblestone minecraft:cobblestone 4 minecraft:cobblestone
Minecraft Oak Planks item Oak Planks minecraft:oak_planks 5 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Spruce Planks item Spruce Planks minecraft:spruce_planks 5:1 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Birch Planks item Birch Planks minecraft:birch_planks 5:2 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Jungle Planks item Jungle Planks minecraft:jungle_planks 5:3 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Acacia Planks item Acacia Planks minecraft:acacia_planks 5:4 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Dark Oak Planks item Dark Oak Planks minecraft:dark_oak_planks 5:5 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Oak Sapling item Oak Sapling minecraft:oak_sapling 6 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Spruce Sapling item Spruce Sapling minecraft:spruce_sapling 6:1 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Birch Sapling item Birch Sapling minecraft:birch_sapling 6:2 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Jungle Sapling item Jungle Sapling minecraft:jungle_sapling 6:3 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Acacia Sapling item Acacia Sapling minecraft:acacia_sapling 6:4 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Dark Oak Sapling item Dark Oak Sapling minecraft:dark_oak_sapling 6:5 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Bedrock item Bedrock minecraft:bedrock 7 minecraft:bedrock
Minecraft Flowing Water item Flowing Water minecraft:flowing_water 8 minecraft:flowing_water
Minecraft Still Water item Still Water minecraft:water 9 minecraft:still_water
Minecraft Flowing Water item Flowing Water minecraft:flowing_lava 10 minecraft:flowing_lava
Minecraft Still Water item Still Water minecraft:lava 11 minecraft:still_lava
Minecraft Sand item Sand minecraft:sand 12 minecraft:sand
Minecraft Red Sand item Red Sand minecraft:red_sand 12:1 minecraft:sand
Minecraft Gravel item Gravel minecraft:gravel 13 minecraft:gravel
Minecraft Gold Ore item Gold Ore minecraft:gold_ore 14 minecraft:gold_ore
Minecraft Iron Ore item Iron Ore minecraft:iron_ore 15 minecraft:iron_ore
Minecraft Coal Ore item Coal Ore minecraft:coal_ore 16 minecraft:coal_ore
Minecraft Oak Log item Oak Log minecraft:oak_log 17 minecraft:log
Minecraft Spruce Log item Spruce Log minecraft:spruce_log 17:1 minecraft:log
Minecraft Birch Log item Birch Log minecraft:birch_log 17:2 minecraft:log
Minecraft Jungle Log item Jungle Log minecraft:jungle_log 17:3 minecraft:log
Minecraft Oak Bark item Oak Bark minecraft:oak_wood
Minecraft Spruce Bark item Spruce Bark minecraft:spruce_wood
Minecraft Birch Bark item Birch Bark minecraft:birch_wood
Minecraft Jungle Bark item Jungle Bark minecraft:jungle_wood
Minecraft Acacia Bark item Acacia Bark minecraft:acacia_wood
Minecraft Dark Oak Bark item Dark Oak Bark minecraft:dark_oak_wood
Minecraft Stripped Oak Bark item Stripped Oak Bark minecraft:stripped_oak_wood
Minecraft Stripped Spruce Bark item Stripped Spruce Bark minecraft:stripped_spruce_wood