Pink Glazed Terracotta Item ID

Each item in Minecraft has a unique ID assigned to it, known as an item ID, this can be used in commands to spawn the item into the game. The item ID for pink glazed terracotta in Minecraft is shown below:

Pink Glazed Terracotta Spawn Command

The Pink Glazed Terracotta item can be spawned in Minecraft with the below command. Cheats must be enabled before this will work.

If you are running the Essentials plugin, you will need to run /minecraft:give instead of simply /give. This is because the Essentials /give command overrides Minecraft's built-in command.

Mining Tools

Below is a table of the tools that can be used to break Pink Glazed Terracotta blocks, and the speed it will take to break at (in seconds). This is calculated with the formula (1.5 * Block Hardness) / Tool Multiplier.

Tool Speed
Golden Pickaxe Golden Pickaxe 0.17s
Diamond Pickaxe Diamond Pickaxe 0.26s
Iron Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe 0.35s
Stone Pickaxe Stone Pickaxe 0.52s
Wooden Pickaxe Wooden Pickaxe 1.05s

Pink Glazed Terracotta Information

Pink Glazed Terracotta

Pink glazed hardened clay, also known as terracotta, has the same properties as regular hardened clay. The only difference is that this item has been colored with dye.

Item ID minecraft:pink_glazed_terracotta
Numerical ID 241
Stackable Yes
Max Stack Size 64
Hardness 1.4
Material Rock
Diggable Yes
Min / Max State IDs 8338 - 8341

Pink Glazed Terracotta Block States

Block states are values assigned to a block that changes its state. For example, many blocks have a "direction" block state which can be used to change the direction a block faces.

Find a table of all blockstates for the Pink Glazed Terracotta block below.

Block State Name Type Values
facing direction ?
  • EAST
  • WEST