Minecraft Slab ID List

Below is a searchable table of all Slab IDs from Minecraft from the latest version of the game (1.14). Slabs are blocks that are half as tall as regular Minecraft blocks.

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Image Name Item ID Legacy Item ID Numerical ID
Oak Slab Oak Slab minecraft:oak_slab minecraft:wooden_slab 126
Spruce Slab Spruce Slab minecraft:spruce_slab minecraft:wooden_slab 126:1
Birch Slab Birch Slab minecraft:birch_slab minecraft:wooden_slab 126:2
Jungle Slab Jungle Slab minecraft:jungle_slab minecraft:wooden_slab 126:3
Acacia Slab Acacia Slab minecraft:acacia_slab minecraft:wooden_slab 126:4
Dark Oak Slab Dark Oak Slab minecraft:dark_oak_slab minecraft:wooden_slab 126:5
Stone Slab Stone Slab minecraft:stone_slab 44:2
Sandstone Slab Sandstone Slab minecraft:sandstone_slab minecraft:stone_slab 44:1
Cobblestone Slab Cobblestone Slab minecraft:cobblestone_slab minecraft:stone_slab 44:3
Brick Slab Brick Slab minecraft:brick_slab minecraft:stone_slab 44:4
Stone Brick Slab Stone Brick Slab minecraft:stone_brick_slab minecraft:stone_slab 44:5
Nether Brick Slab Nether Brick Slab minecraft:nether_brick_slab minecraft:stone_slab 44:6
Quartz Slab Quartz Slab minecraft:quartz_slab minecraft:stone_slab 44:7
Red Sandstone Slab Red Sandstone Slab minecraft:red_sandstone_slab minecraft:stone_slab2 182
Smooth Quartz Smooth Quartz minecraft:smooth_quartz minecraft:double_stone_slab 43:7
Smooth Stone Smooth Stone minecraft:smooth_stone minecraft:double_stone_slab 43:8
Smooth Stone Slab Smooth Stone Slab minecraft:smooth_stone_slab
Cut Sandstone Slab Cut Sandstone Slab minecraft:cut_sandstone_slab
Cut Red Sandstone Slab Cut Red Sandstone Slab minecraft:cut_red_sandstone_slab
Polished Granite Slab Polished Granite Slab minecraft:polished_granite_slab
Smooth Red Sandstone Slab Smooth Red Sandstone Slab minecraft:smooth_red_sandstone_slab
Mossy Stone Brick Slab Mossy Stone Brick Slab minecraft:mossy_stone_brick_slab
Polished Diorite Slab Polished Diorite Slab minecraft:polished_diorite_slab
Mossy Cobblestone Slab Mossy Cobblestone Slab minecraft:mossy_cobblestone_slab
End Stone Brick Slab End Stone Brick Slab minecraft:end_stone_brick_slab
Smooth Sandstone Slab Smooth Sandstone Slab minecraft:smooth_sandstone_slab
Smooth Quartz Slab Smooth Quartz Slab minecraft:smooth_quartz_slab
Granite Slab Granite Slab minecraft:granite_slab
Andesite Slab Andesite Slab minecraft:andesite_slab
Red Nether Brick Slab Red Nether Brick Slab minecraft:red_nether_brick_slab
Polished Andesite Slab Polished Andesite Slab minecraft:polished_andesite_slab
Diorite Slab Diorite Slab minecraft:diorite_slab