Minecraft Redstone ID List

Redstone items are items that transmit redstone signals, or are otherwise associated with redstone in Minecraft. Redstone allows you to create circuits. It is also involved in brewing.

Image Item Minecraft ID (1.13+) Numerical ID Legacy ID
Minecraft Dispenser item Dispenser minecraft:dispenser 23 minecraft:dispenser
Minecraft Note Block item Note Block minecraft:note_block 25 minecraft:noteblock
Minecraft Powered Rail item Powered Rail minecraft:powered_rail 27 minecraft:golden_rail
Minecraft Detector Rail item Detector Rail minecraft:detector_rail 28 minecraft:detector_rail
Minecraft Sticky Piston item Sticky Piston minecraft:sticky_piston 29 minecraft:sticky_piston
Minecraft Piston Extension item Piston Extension minecraft:moving_piston
Minecraft Cobweb item Cobweb minecraft:cobweb 30 minecraft:cobweb
Minecraft Piston item Piston minecraft:piston 33 minecraft:piston
Minecraft Piston Head item Piston Head minecraft:piston_head 34 minecraft:piston_head
Minecraft TNT item TNT minecraft:tnt 46 minecraft:tnt
Minecraft Chest item Chest minecraft:chest 54 minecraft:chest
Minecraft Rail item Rail minecraft:rail 66 minecraft:rail
Minecraft Cobblestone Stairs item Cobblestone Stairs minecraft:cobblestone_stairs 67 minecraft:stone_stairs
Minecraft Lever item Lever minecraft:lever 69 minecraft:lever
Minecraft Stone Pressure Plate item Stone Pressure Plate minecraft:stone_pressure_plate 70 minecraft:stone_pressure_plate
Minecraft Iron Door Block item Iron Door Block minecraft:iron_door 71 minecraft:iron_door
Minecraft Oak Pressure Plate item Oak Pressure Plate minecraft:oak_pressure_plate 72 minecraft:wooden_pressure_plate
Minecraft Redstone Ore item Redstone Ore minecraft:redstone_ore 73 minecraft:redstone_ore
Minecraft Glowing Redstone Ore item Glowing Redstone Ore minecraft:redstone_ore 74 minecraft:lit_redstone_ore
Minecraft Redstone Torch (off) item Redstone Torch (off) minecraft:unlit_redstone_torch 75 minecraft:unlit_redstone_torch
Minecraft Redstone Torch (on) item Redstone Torch (on) minecraft:redstone_torch 76 minecraft:lit_redstone_torch
Minecraft Redstone Wall Torch item Redstone Wall Torch minecraft:redstone_wall_torch
Minecraft Stone Button item Stone Button minecraft:stone_button 77 minecraft:stone_button
Minecraft Redstone Repeater Block (off) item Redstone Repeater Block (off) minecraft:powered_repeater 93 minecraft:unpowered_repeater
Minecraft Redstone Repeater Block (on) item Redstone Repeater Block (on) minecraft:powered_repeater 94 minecraft:powered_repeater
Minecraft Oak Trapdoor item Oak Trapdoor minecraft:oak_trapdoor 96 minecraft:trapdoor
Minecraft Cauldron item Cauldron minecraft:cauldron 118 minecraft:cauldron
Minecraft End Portal Frame item End Portal Frame minecraft:end_portal_frame 120 minecraft:end_portal_frame
Minecraft Redstone Lamp (off) item Redstone Lamp (off) minecraft:redstone_lamp 123 minecraft:redstone_lamp
Minecraft Redstone Lamp (on) item Redstone Lamp (on) minecraft:redstone_lamp 124 minecraft:lit_redstone_lamp
Minecraft Tripwire Hook item Tripwire Hook minecraft:tripwire_hook 131 minecraft:tripwire_hook
Minecraft Tripwire item Tripwire minecraft:tripwire 132 minecraft:tripwire_hook
Minecraft Knowledge Book item Knowledge Book minecraft:knowledge_book
Minecraft Debug Stick item Debug Stick minecraft:debug_stick
Minecraft Command Block item Command Block minecraft:command_block 137 minecraft:command_block
Minecraft Oak Button item Oak Button minecraft:oak_button 143 minecraft:wooden_button
Minecraft Trapped Chest item Trapped Chest minecraft:trapped_chest 146 minecraft:trapped_chest
Minecraft Weighted Pressure Plate (light) item Weighted Pressure Plate (light) minecraft:light_weighted_pressure_plate 147 minecraft:light_weighted_pressure_plate
Minecraft Weighted Pressure Plate (heavy) item Weighted Pressure Plate (heavy) minecraft:heavy_weighted_pressure_plate 148 minecraft:heavy_weighted_pressure_plate
Minecraft Redstone Comparator (off) item Redstone Comparator (off) minecraft:powered_comparator 149 minecraft:unpowered_comparator
Minecraft Redstone Comparator (on) item Redstone Comparator (on) minecraft:powered_comparator 150 minecraft:powered_comparator
Minecraft Daylight Sensor item Daylight Sensor minecraft:daylight_detector 151 minecraft:daylight_detector
Minecraft Redstone Block item Redstone Block minecraft:redstone_block 152 minecraft:redstone_block
Minecraft Hopper item Hopper minecraft:hopper 154 minecraft:hopper
Minecraft Activator Rail item Activator Rail minecraft:activator_rail 157 minecraft:activator_rail
Minecraft Dropper item Dropper minecraft:dropper 158 minecraft:dropper
Minecraft Inverted Daylight Sensor item Inverted Daylight Sensor minecraft:daylight_detector 178 minecraft:daylight_detector_inverted
Minecraft Structure Void item Structure Void minecraft:structure_void 217 minecraft:structure_void
Minecraft Observer item Observer minecraft:observer 218 minecraft:observer
Minecraft White Shulker Box item White Shulker Box minecraft:white_shulker_box 219 minecraft:white_shulker_box
Minecraft Orange Shulker Box item Orange Shulker Box minecraft:orange_shulker_box 220 minecraft:orange_shulker_box
Minecraft Magenta Shulker Box item Magenta Shulker Box minecraft:magenta_shulker_box 221 minecraft:magenta_shulker_box
Minecraft Light Blue Shulker Box item Light Blue Shulker Box minecraft:light_blue_shulker_box 222 minecraft:light_blue_shulker_box
Minecraft Yellow Shulker Box item Yellow Shulker Box minecraft:yellow_shulker_box 223 minecraft:yellow_shulker_box
Minecraft Lime Shulker Box item Lime Shulker Box minecraft:lime_shulker_box 224 minecraft:lime_shulker_box
Minecraft Pink Shulker Box item Pink Shulker Box minecraft:pink_shulker_box 225 minecraft:pink_shulker_box
Minecraft Gray Shulker Box item Gray Shulker Box minecraft:gray_shulker_box 226 minecraft:gray_shulker_box
Minecraft Light Gray Shulker Box item Light Gray Shulker Box minecraft:light_gray_shulker_box 227 minecraft:light_gray_shulker_box
Minecraft Cyan Shulker Box item Cyan Shulker Box minecraft:cyan_shulker_box 228 minecraft:cyan_shulker_box
Minecraft Purple Shulker Box item Purple Shulker Box minecraft:purple_shulker_box 229 minecraft:purple_shulker_box
Minecraft Blue Shulker Box item Blue Shulker Box minecraft:blue_shulker_box 230 minecraft:blue_shulker_box
Minecraft Brown Shulker Box item Brown Shulker Box minecraft:brown_shulker_box 231 minecraft:brown_shulker_box
Minecraft Green Shulker Box item Green Shulker Box minecraft:green_shulker_box 232 minecraft:green_shulker_box
Minecraft Red Shulker Box item Red Shulker Box minecraft:red_shulker_box 233 minecraft:red_shulker_box
Minecraft Black Shulker Box item Black Shulker Box minecraft:black_shulker_box 234 minecraft:black_shulker_box
Minecraft Structure Block item Structure Block minecraft:structure_block 255 minecraft:structure_block
Minecraft Minecart item Minecart minecraft:minecart 328 minecraft:minecart
Minecraft Iron Door item Iron Door minecraft:iron_door 330 minecraft:iron_door
Minecraft Redstone item Redstone minecraft:redstone 331 minecraft:redstone
Minecraft Minecart with Chest item Minecart with Chest minecraft:chest_minecart 342 minecraft:chest_minecart
Minecraft Minecart with Furnace item Minecart with Furnace minecraft:furnace_minecart 343 minecraft:furnace_minecart
Minecraft Redstone Repeater item Redstone Repeater minecraft:repeater 356 minecraft:repeater
Minecraft Fire Charge item Fire Charge minecraft:fire_charge 385 minecraft:fire_charge
Minecraft Firework Rocket item Firework Rocket minecraft:firework_rocket 401 minecraft:fireworks
Minecraft Firework Star item Firework Star minecraft:firework_star 402 minecraft:firework_charge
Minecraft Redstone Comparator item Redstone Comparator minecraft:comparator 404 minecraft:redstone_comparator
Minecraft Minecart with TNT item Minecart with TNT minecraft:tnt_minecart 407 minecraft:tnt_minecart
Minecraft Minecart with Hopper item Minecart with Hopper minecraft:hopper_minecart 408 minecraft:hopper_minecart
Minecraft Minecart with Command Block item Minecart with Command Block minecraft:command_block_minecart 422 minecraft:command_block_minecart