Filter Minecraft Item IDs by Version

Items are placed in categories based on the version/release of Minecraft PC they were released in.


Minecraft 1.0 was the first Minecraft version to be released without an alpha or beta status.

Minecraft 1.0 IDs


Minecraft 1.1 was a big update. Many new items (like spawn eggs) were added, along with the superflat world generation setting.

Minecraft 1.1 IDs


Minecraft 1.2.1, like the Minecraft 1.1 update, added a lot of new items. This update also introduced the jungle biome to the game!

Minecraft 1.2.1 IDs


Wood planks and sandstone blocks arrived with the Minecraft 1.2.4 update.

Minecraft 1.2.4 IDs


More items were added in Minecraft 1.3.1, yay!

Minecraft 1.3.1 IDs


Minecraft 1.4.2 was dubbed the Pretty Scary Update.. In case it was not implied by the name, lots of spooky items were added.

Minecraft 1.4.2 IDs


Along with the Minecraft 1.4.6 update came fireworks and enchanted books.

Minecraft 1.4.6 IDs


Minecraft 1.5 was named the Redstone Update.. Lots of redstone items were added!

Minecraft 1.5 IDs


Minecraft 1.6.1 was named the Horse Update. It not only introduced horses, but items like leads and carpets!

Minecraft 1.6.1 IDs


Minecraft 1.7.2 introduced new fish and a lot of other new items. Other features added in this update include new biomes, structures and commands!

Minecraft 1.7.2 IDs


Minecraft 1.8 not only changed PVP, but lots of new items were added.

Minecraft 1.8 IDs


Minecraft 1.9 graced us with many new items including beetroot. It also introduced the controversial new combat system.

Minecraft 1.9 IDs


In Minecraft 1.10 new mobs were added.. Which means new spawn eggs were added! Unfortunately, new spawn eggs were the only items introduced in this update.

Minecraft 1.10 IDs


Minecraft 1.11 was named the Exploration Update.. It added lots of new items, including spawn eggs and the shulker shell.

Minecraft 1.11 IDs


The knowledge book was introduced in Minecraft 1.12, along with parrot spawn eggs.

Minecraft 1.12 IDs


Minecraft 1.12.2 added a new logo to the menu screen. No new items were introduced in this update.

Minecraft 1.12.2 IDs


Minecraft 1.13 featured a huge ID system overhaul: numerical IDs are no longer supported, and each block has its own unique ID (as opposed to data values).

Minecraft 1.13 IDs