Minecraft Spawn Egg ID List

Spawn eggs spawn a monster or passive mob when they are right clicked on a block. They are very useful but can only be spawned in via the Minecraft give command as they cannot be crafted.

Image Item 1.13 ID Item ID Minecraft ID
Minecraft Elder Guardian Spawn Egg item Elder Guardian Spawn Egg minecraft:elder_guardian_spawn_egg 383:4 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Wither Skeleton Spawn Egg item Wither Skeleton Spawn Egg minecraft:wither_skeleton_spawn_egg 383:5 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Stray Spawn Egg item Stray Spawn Egg minecraft:stray_spawn_egg 383:6 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Husk Spawn Egg item Husk Spawn Egg minecraft:husk_spawn_egg 383:23 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Zombie Villager Spawn Egg item Zombie Villager Spawn Egg minecraft:zombie_villager_spawn_egg 383:27 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Skeleton Horse Spawn Egg item Skeleton Horse Spawn Egg minecraft:skeleton_horse_spawn_egg 383:28 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Zombie Horse Spawn Egg item Zombie Horse Spawn Egg minecraft:zombie_horse_spawn_egg 383:29 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Donkey Spawn Egg item Donkey Spawn Egg minecraft:donkey_spawn_egg 383:31 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Mule Spawn Egg item Mule Spawn Egg minecraft:mule_spawn_egg 383:32 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Evoker Spawn Egg item Evoker Spawn Egg minecraft:evoker_spawn_egg 383:34 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Vex Spawn Egg item Vex Spawn Egg minecraft:vex_spawn_egg 383:35 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Vindicator Spawn Egg item Vindicator Spawn Egg minecraft:vindicator_spawn_egg 383:36 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Creeper Spawn Egg item Creeper Spawn Egg minecraft:creeper_spawn_egg 383:50 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Skeleton Spawn Egg item Skeleton Spawn Egg minecraft:skeleton_spawn_egg 383:51 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Spider Spawn Egg item Spider Spawn Egg minecraft:spider_spawn_egg 383:52 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Zombie Spawn Egg item Zombie Spawn Egg minecraft:zombie_spawn_egg 383:54 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Slime Spawn Egg item Slime Spawn Egg minecraft:slime_spawn_egg 383:55 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Ghast Spawn Egg item Ghast Spawn Egg minecraft:ghast_spawn_egg 383:56 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Zombie Pigman Spawn Egg item Zombie Pigman Spawn Egg minecraft:zombie_pigman_spawn_egg 383:57 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Enderman Spawn Egg item Enderman Spawn Egg minecraft:enderman_spawn_egg 383:58 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Cave Spider Spawn Egg item Cave Spider Spawn Egg minecraft:cave_spider_spawn_egg 383:59 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Cavespider Spawn Egg item Cavespider Spawn Egg minecraft:spawn_egg 383:60 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Blaze Spawn Egg item Blaze Spawn Egg minecraft:blaze_spawn_egg 383:61 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Magma Cube Spawn Egg item Magma Cube Spawn Egg minecraft:magma_cube_spawn_egg 383:62 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Bat Spawn Egg item Bat Spawn Egg minecraft:bat_spawn_egg 383:65 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Witch Spawn Egg item Witch Spawn Egg minecraft:witch_spawn_egg 383:66 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Endermite Spawn Egg item Endermite Spawn Egg minecraft:endermite_spawn_egg 383:67 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Guardian Spawn Egg item Guardian Spawn Egg minecraft:guardian_spawn_egg 383:68 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Shulker Spawn Egg item Shulker Spawn Egg minecraft:shulker_spawn_egg 383:69 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Pig Spawn Egg item Pig Spawn Egg minecraft:pig_spawn_egg 383:90 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Sheep Spawn Egg item Sheep Spawn Egg minecraft:sheep_spawn_egg 383:91 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Cow Spawn Egg item Cow Spawn Egg minecraft:cow_spawn_egg 383:92 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Chicken Spawn Egg item Chicken Spawn Egg minecraft:chicken_spawn_egg 383:93 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Squid Spawn Egg item Squid Spawn Egg minecraft:squid_spawn_egg 383:94 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Wolf Spawn Egg item Wolf Spawn Egg minecraft:wolf_spawn_egg 383:95 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Mooshroom Spawn Egg item Mooshroom Spawn Egg minecraft:mooshroom_spawn_egg 383:96 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Ocelot Spawn Egg item Ocelot Spawn Egg minecraft:ocelot_spawn_egg 383:98 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Horse Spawn Egg item Horse Spawn Egg minecraft:horse_spawn_egg 383:100 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Rabbit Spawn Egg item Rabbit Spawn Egg minecraft:rabbit_spawn_egg 383:101 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Polar Bear Spawn Egg item Polar Bear Spawn Egg minecraft:polar_bear_spawn_egg 383:102 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Llama Spawn Egg item Llama Spawn Egg minecraft:llama_spawn_egg 383:103 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Villager Spawn Egg item Villager Spawn Egg minecraft:villager_spawn_egg 383:120 minecraft:spawn_egg
Minecraft Parrot Spawn Egg item Parrot Spawn Egg minecraft:parrot_spawn_egg
Minecraft Silverfish Spawn Egg item Silverfish Spawn Egg minecraft:silverfish_spawn_egg
Minecraft Cod Spawn Egg item Cod Spawn Egg minecraft:cod_spawn_egg
Minecraft Dolphin Spawn Egg item Dolphin Spawn Egg minecraft:dolphin_spawn_egg
Minecraft Drowned Spawn Egg item Drowned Spawn Egg minecraft:drowned_spawn_egg
Minecraft Phantom Spawn Egg item Phantom Spawn Egg minecraft:phantom_spawn_egg
Minecraft Pufferfish Spawn Egg item Pufferfish Spawn Egg minecraft:pufferfish_spawn_egg
Minecraft Salmon Spawn Egg item Salmon Spawn Egg minecraft:salmon_spawn_egg
Minecraft Tropical Fish Spawn Egg item Tropical Fish Spawn Egg minecraft:tropical_fish_spawn_egg
Minecraft Turtle Spawn Egg item Turtle Spawn Egg minecraft:turtle_spawn_egg