Minecraft Material ID List

Materials are items that are used in crafting recipes, and can usually be harvested.

Materials aren't exclusive to Minecraft - check out these Fallout 4 material IDs.

Image Item Minecraft ID (1.13+) Numerical ID Legacy ID
Minecraft Oak Planks item Oak Planks minecraft:oak_planks 5 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Spruce Planks item Spruce Planks minecraft:spruce_planks 5:1 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Birch Planks item Birch Planks minecraft:birch_planks 5:2 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Jungle Planks item Jungle Planks minecraft:jungle_planks 5:3 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Acacia Planks item Acacia Planks minecraft:acacia_planks 5:4 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Dark Oak Planks item Dark Oak Planks minecraft:dark_oak_planks 5:5 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Oak Sapling item Oak Sapling minecraft:oak_sapling 6 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Spruce Sapling item Spruce Sapling minecraft:spruce_sapling 6:1 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Birch Sapling item Birch Sapling minecraft:birch_sapling 6:2 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Jungle Sapling item Jungle Sapling minecraft:jungle_sapling 6:3 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Acacia Sapling item Acacia Sapling minecraft:acacia_sapling 6:4 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Dark Oak Sapling item Dark Oak Sapling minecraft:dark_oak_sapling 6:5 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Kelp item Kelp minecraft:kelp
Minecraft Brown Mushroom item Brown Mushroom minecraft:brown_mushroom 39 minecraft:brown_mushroom
Minecraft Red Mushroom item Red Mushroom minecraft:red_mushroom 40 minecraft:red_mushroom
Minecraft Torch item Torch minecraft:torch 50 minecraft:torch
Minecraft Wall Torch item Wall Torch minecraft:wall_torch
Minecraft Coal item Coal minecraft:coal 263 minecraft:coal
Minecraft Charcoal item Charcoal minecraft:charcoal 263:1 minecraft:charcoal
Minecraft Diamond item Diamond minecraft:diamond 264 minecraft:diamond
Minecraft Iron Ingot item Iron Ingot minecraft:iron_ingot 265 minecraft:iron_ingot
Minecraft Gold Ingot item Gold Ingot minecraft:gold_ingot 266 minecraft:gold_ingot
Minecraft Stick item Stick minecraft:stick 280 minecraft:stick
Minecraft Bowl item Bowl minecraft:bowl 281 minecraft:bowl
Minecraft String item String minecraft:string 287 minecraft:string
Minecraft Feather item Feather minecraft:feather 288 minecraft:feather
Minecraft Gunpowder item Gunpowder minecraft:gunpowder 289 minecraft:gunpowder
Minecraft Wheat Seeds item Wheat Seeds minecraft:wheat_seeds 295 minecraft:wheat_seeds
Minecraft Wheat item Wheat minecraft:wheat 296 minecraft:wheat
Minecraft Flint item Flint minecraft:flint 318 minecraft:flint
Minecraft Bucket item Bucket minecraft:bucket 325 minecraft:bucket
Minecraft Water Bucket item Water Bucket minecraft:water_bucket 326 minecraft:water_bucket
Minecraft Lava Bucket item Lava Bucket minecraft:lava_bucket 327 minecraft:lava_bucket
Minecraft Redstone item Redstone minecraft:redstone 331 minecraft:redstone
Minecraft Snowball item Snowball minecraft:snowball 332 minecraft:snowball
Minecraft Leather item Leather minecraft:leather 334 minecraft:leather
Minecraft Milk Bucket item Milk Bucket minecraft:milk_bucket 335 minecraft:milk_bucket
Minecraft Brick item Brick minecraft:brick 336 minecraft:brick
Minecraft Clay item Clay minecraft:clay 337 minecraft:clay
Minecraft Sugar Canes item Sugar Canes minecraft:sugar_cane 338 minecraft:reeds
Minecraft Paper item Paper minecraft:paper 339 minecraft:paper
Minecraft Book item Book minecraft:book 340 minecraft:book
Minecraft Slimeball item Slimeball minecraft:slime_ball 341 minecraft:slime_ball
Minecraft Egg item Egg minecraft:egg 344 minecraft:egg
Minecraft Glowstone Dust item Glowstone Dust minecraft:glowstone_dust 348 minecraft:glowstone_dust
Minecraft Cocoa Beans item Cocoa Beans minecraft:cocoa_beans 351:3 minecraft:dye
Minecraft Lapis Lazuli item Lapis Lazuli minecraft:lapis_lazuli 351:4 minecraft:dye
Minecraft Bone Meal item Bone Meal minecraft:bone_meal 351:15 minecraft:dye
Minecraft Bone item Bone minecraft:bone 352 minecraft:bone
Minecraft Sugar item Sugar minecraft:sugar 353 minecraft:sugar
Minecraft Map item Map minecraft:filled_map 358 minecraft:filled_map
Minecraft Pumpkin Seeds item Pumpkin Seeds minecraft:pumpkin_seeds 361 minecraft:pumpkin_seeds
Minecraft Melon Seeds item Melon Seeds minecraft:melon_seeds 362 minecraft:melon_seeds
Minecraft Rotten Flesh item Rotten Flesh minecraft:rotten_flesh 367 minecraft:rotten_flesh
Minecraft Ender Pearl item Ender Pearl minecraft:ender_pearl 368 minecraft:ender_pearl
Minecraft Blaze Rod item Blaze Rod minecraft:blaze_rod 369 minecraft:blaze_rod
Minecraft Ghast Tear item Ghast Tear minecraft:ghast_tear 370 minecraft:ghast_tear
Minecraft Gold Nugget item Gold Nugget minecraft:gold_nugget 371 minecraft:gold_nugget
Minecraft Nether Wart item Nether Wart minecraft:nether_wart 372 minecraft:nether_wart
Minecraft Potion item Potion minecraft:potion 373 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Awkward Potion item Awkward Potion minecraft:potion 373:16 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Thick Potion item Thick Potion minecraft:potion 373:32 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Mundane Potion item Mundane Potion minecraft:potion 373:64 minecraft:potion
Minecraft Glass Bottle item Glass Bottle minecraft:glass_bottle 374 minecraft:glass_bottle
Minecraft Spider Eye item Spider Eye minecraft:spider_eye 375 minecraft:spider_eye
Minecraft Fermented Spider Eye item Fermented Spider Eye minecraft:fermented_spider_eye 376 minecraft:fermented_spider_eye
Minecraft Blaze Powder item Blaze Powder minecraft:blaze_powder 377 minecraft:blaze_powder
Minecraft Magma Cream item Magma Cream minecraft:magma_cream 378 minecraft:magma_cream
Minecraft Brewing Stand item Brewing Stand minecraft:brewing_stand 379 minecraft:brewing_stand
Minecraft Cauldron item Cauldron minecraft:cauldron 380 minecraft:cauldron
Minecraft Eye of Ender item Eye of Ender minecraft:ender_eye 381 minecraft:eye_of_ender
Minecraft Glistering Melon item Glistering Melon minecraft:glistering_melon_slice 382 minecraft:speckled_melon
Minecraft Bottle o Enchanting item Bottle o Enchanting minecraft:experience_bottle 384 minecraft:experience_bottle
Minecraft Fire Charge item Fire Charge minecraft:fire_charge 385 minecraft:fire_charge
Minecraft Book and Quill item Book and Quill minecraft:writable_book 386 minecraft:writable_book
Minecraft Written Book item Written Book minecraft:written_book 387 minecraft:written_book
Minecraft Emerald item Emerald minecraft:emerald 388 minecraft:emerald
Minecraft Empty Map item Empty Map minecraft:map 395 minecraft:map
Minecraft Nether Star item Nether Star minecraft:nether_star 399 minecraft:nether_star
Minecraft Firework Rocket item Firework Rocket minecraft:firework_rocket 401 minecraft:fireworks
Minecraft Firework Star item Firework Star minecraft:firework_star 402 minecraft:firework_charge
Minecraft Enchanted Book item Enchanted Book minecraft:enchanted_book 403 minecraft:enchanted_book
Minecraft Nether Brick Item item Nether Brick Item minecraft:nether_brick 405 minecraft:netherbrick
Minecraft Nether Quartz item Nether Quartz minecraft:quartz 406 minecraft:quartz
Minecraft Prismarine Shard item Prismarine Shard minecraft:prismarine_shard 409 minecraft:prismarine_shard
Minecraft Prismarine Crystals item Prismarine Crystals minecraft:prismarine_crystals 410 minecraft:prismarine_crystals
Minecraft Rabbit Hide item Rabbit Hide minecraft:rabbit_hide 415 minecraft:rabbit_hide
Minecraft Name Tag item Name Tag minecraft:name_tag 421 minecraft:name_tag
Minecraft Popped Chorus Fruit item Popped Chorus Fruit minecraft:popped_chorus_fruit 433 minecraft:chorus_fruit_popped
Minecraft Beetroot Seeds item Beetroot Seeds minecraft:beetroot_seeds 435 minecraft:beetroot_seeds
Minecraft Dragon's Breath item Dragon's Breath minecraft:dragon_breath 437 minecraft:dragon_breath
Minecraft Splash Potion item Splash Potion minecraft:splash_potion 438 minecraft:splash_potion