Minecraft Item ID for Cocoa (1.13)

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Legacy Cocoa Item ID

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Legacy Minecraft Name for Cocoa

This is the item ID for Cocoa for Minecraft versions lower than 1.13.

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Essentials Give Command for Cocoa

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Minecraft Give Command for Cocoa

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Note to Server Administrators
You may need to use the command /minecraft:give instead of simply /give if you are running Essentials on your server. This is because the Essentials /give command overrides Minecraft's built-in command.

Cocoa Information

The cocoa block cannot be obtained in Vanilla Minecraft - it is the block that grows on trees when cocoa beans are planted. When broken, cocoa beans are dropped (the amount is based on how much the cocoa bean block has grown). It is a useful ingredient in several crafting recipes, such as dyes.

1.13 ID minecraft:cocoa
Item ID 127
Legacy Minecraft ID minecraft:cocoa
Minecraft Cocoa Image



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