Minecraft Transport ID List

A transportation item is any item that facilitates transport in Minecraft.

Whilst Minecraft doesn't have cars and helicopters, Unturned sure does! If you play Unturned, you'll also want to check out these Unturned vehicle IDs and helicopter IDs.

Image Item Minecraft ID (1.13+) Numerical ID Legacy ID
Minecraft Minecart item Minecart minecraft:minecart 328 minecraft:minecart
Minecraft Saddle item Saddle minecraft:saddle 329 minecraft:saddle
Minecraft Oak Boat item Oak Boat minecraft:oak_boat 333 minecraft:boat
Minecraft Minecart with Chest item Minecart with Chest minecraft:chest_minecart 342 minecraft:chest_minecart
Minecraft Minecart with Furnace item Minecart with Furnace minecraft:furnace_minecart 343 minecraft:furnace_minecart
Minecraft Minecart with TNT item Minecart with TNT minecraft:tnt_minecart 407 minecraft:tnt_minecart
Minecraft Minecart with Hopper item Minecart with Hopper minecraft:hopper_minecart 408 minecraft:hopper_minecart
Minecraft Minecart with Command Block item Minecart with Command Block minecraft:command_block_minecart 422 minecraft:command_block_minecart
Minecraft Spruce Boat item Spruce Boat minecraft:spruce_boat 444 minecraft:spruce_boat
Minecraft Birch Boat item Birch Boat minecraft:birch_boat 445 minecraft:birch_boat
Minecraft Spruce Boat item Spruce Boat minecraft:jungle_boat 446 minecraft:jungle_boat
Minecraft Acacia Boat item Acacia Boat minecraft:acacia_boat 447 minecraft:acacia_boat
Minecraft Dark Oak Boat item Dark Oak Boat minecraft:dark_oak_boat 448 minecraft:dark_oak_boat