Minecraft Food ID List

Any items that can be consumed are classed as food. They usually raise your hunger level, but some do the opposite.

Image Item 1.13 ID Item ID Minecraft ID
Minecraft Dried Kelp item Dried Kelp minecraft:dried_kelp
Minecraft Apple item Apple minecraft:apple 260 minecraft:apple
Minecraft Mushroom Stew item Mushroom Stew minecraft:mushroom_stew 282 minecraft:mushroom_stew
Minecraft Bread item Bread minecraft:bread 297 minecraft:bread
Minecraft Raw Porkchop item Raw Porkchop minecraft:porkchop 319 minecraft:porkchop
Minecraft Cooked Porkchop item Cooked Porkchop minecraft:cooked_porkchop 320 minecraft:cooked_porkchop
Minecraft Golden Apple item Golden Apple minecraft:golden_apple 322 minecraft:golden_apple
Minecraft Enchanted Golden Apple item Enchanted Golden Apple minecraft:enchanted_golden_apple 322:1 minecraft:golden_apple
Minecraft Raw Cod item Raw Cod minecraft:cod 349 minecraft:fish
Minecraft Raw Salmon item Raw Salmon minecraft:salmon 349:1 minecraft:fish
Minecraft Clownfish item Clownfish minecraft:tropical_fish 349:2 minecraft:fish
Minecraft Pufferfish item Pufferfish minecraft:pufferfish 349:3 minecraft:fish
Minecraft Cooked Cod item Cooked Cod minecraft:cooked_cod 350 minecraft:cooked_fish
Minecraft Cooked Salmon item Cooked Salmon minecraft:cooked_salmon 350:1 minecraft:cooked_fish
Minecraft Cake item Cake minecraft:cake 354 minecraft:cake
Minecraft Cookie item Cookie minecraft:cookie 357 minecraft:cookie
Minecraft Melon Slice item Melon Slice minecraft:melon_slice 360 minecraft:melon
Minecraft Raw Beef item Raw Beef minecraft:beef 363 minecraft:beef
Minecraft Cooked Beef item Cooked Beef minecraft:cooked_beef 364 minecraft:cooked_beef
Minecraft Raw Chicken item Raw Chicken minecraft:chicken 365 minecraft:chicken
Minecraft Cooked Chicken item Cooked Chicken minecraft:cooked_chicken 366 minecraft:cooked_chicken
Minecraft Rotten Flesh item Rotten Flesh minecraft:rotten_flesh 367 minecraft:rotten_flesh
Minecraft Carrot item Carrot minecraft:carrot 391 minecraft:carrot
Minecraft Potato item Potato minecraft:potato 392 minecraft:potato
Minecraft Baked Potato item Baked Potato minecraft:baked_potato 393 minecraft:baked_potato
Minecraft Poisonous Potato item Poisonous Potato minecraft:poisonous_potato 394 minecraft:poisonous_potato
Minecraft Golden Carrot item Golden Carrot minecraft:golden_carrot 396 minecraft:golden_carrot
Minecraft Carrot on a Stick item Carrot on a Stick minecraft:carrot_on_a_stick 398 minecraft:carrot_on_a_stick
Minecraft Pumpkin Pie item Pumpkin Pie minecraft:pumpkin_pie 400 minecraft:pumpkin_pie
Minecraft Raw Rabbit item Raw Rabbit minecraft:rabbit 411 minecraft:rabbit
Minecraft Cooked Rabbit item Cooked Rabbit minecraft:cooked_rabbit 412 minecraft:cooked_rabbit
Minecraft Rabbit Stew item Rabbit Stew minecraft:rabbit_stew 413 minecraft:rabbit_stew
Minecraft Raw Mutton item Raw Mutton minecraft:mutton 423 minecraft:mutton
Minecraft Cooked Mutton item Cooked Mutton minecraft:cooked_mutton 424 minecraft:cooked_mutton
Minecraft Chorus Fruit item Chorus Fruit minecraft:chorus_fruit 432 minecraft:chorus_fruit
Minecraft Beetroot item Beetroot minecraft:beetroot 434 minecraft:beetroot
Minecraft Beetroot Soup item Beetroot Soup minecraft:beetroot_soup 436 minecraft:beetroot_soup