Minecraft Food ID List

Any items that can be consumed are classed as food. They usually raise your hunger level, but some do the opposite.

Image Item Minecraft ID (1.13+) Numerical ID Legacy ID
Minecraft Dried Kelp item Dried Kelp minecraft:dried_kelp
Minecraft Apple item Apple minecraft:apple 260 minecraft:apple
Minecraft Mushroom Stew item Mushroom Stew minecraft:mushroom_stew 282 minecraft:mushroom_stew
Minecraft Bread item Bread minecraft:bread 297 minecraft:bread
Minecraft Raw Porkchop item Raw Porkchop minecraft:porkchop 319 minecraft:porkchop
Minecraft Cooked Porkchop item Cooked Porkchop minecraft:cooked_porkchop 320 minecraft:cooked_porkchop
Minecraft Golden Apple item Golden Apple minecraft:golden_apple 322 minecraft:golden_apple
Minecraft Enchanted Golden Apple item Enchanted Golden Apple minecraft:enchanted_golden_apple 322:1 minecraft:golden_apple
Minecraft Raw Cod item Raw Cod minecraft:cod 349 minecraft:fish
Minecraft Raw Salmon item Raw Salmon minecraft:salmon 349:1 minecraft:fish
Minecraft Clownfish item Clownfish minecraft:tropical_fish 349:2 minecraft:fish
Minecraft Pufferfish item Pufferfish minecraft:pufferfish 349:3 minecraft:fish
Minecraft Cooked Cod item Cooked Cod minecraft:cooked_cod 350 minecraft:cooked_fish
Minecraft Cooked Salmon item Cooked Salmon minecraft:cooked_salmon 350:1 minecraft:cooked_fish
Minecraft Cake item Cake minecraft:cake 354 minecraft:cake
Minecraft Cookie item Cookie minecraft:cookie 357 minecraft:cookie
Minecraft Melon Slice item Melon Slice minecraft:melon_slice 360 minecraft:melon
Minecraft Raw Beef item Raw Beef minecraft:beef 363 minecraft:beef
Minecraft Cooked Beef item Cooked Beef minecraft:cooked_beef 364 minecraft:cooked_beef
Minecraft Raw Chicken item Raw Chicken minecraft:chicken 365 minecraft:chicken
Minecraft Cooked Chicken item Cooked Chicken minecraft:cooked_chicken 366 minecraft:cooked_chicken
Minecraft Rotten Flesh item Rotten Flesh minecraft:rotten_flesh 367 minecraft:rotten_flesh
Minecraft Carrot item Carrot minecraft:carrot 391 minecraft:carrot
Minecraft Potato item Potato minecraft:potato 392 minecraft:potato
Minecraft Baked Potato item Baked Potato minecraft:baked_potato 393 minecraft:baked_potato
Minecraft Poisonous Potato item Poisonous Potato minecraft:poisonous_potato 394 minecraft:poisonous_potato
Minecraft Golden Carrot item Golden Carrot minecraft:golden_carrot 396 minecraft:golden_carrot
Minecraft Carrot on a Stick item Carrot on a Stick minecraft:carrot_on_a_stick 398 minecraft:carrot_on_a_stick
Minecraft Pumpkin Pie item Pumpkin Pie minecraft:pumpkin_pie 400 minecraft:pumpkin_pie
Minecraft Raw Rabbit item Raw Rabbit minecraft:rabbit 411 minecraft:rabbit
Minecraft Cooked Rabbit item Cooked Rabbit minecraft:cooked_rabbit 412 minecraft:cooked_rabbit
Minecraft Rabbit Stew item Rabbit Stew minecraft:rabbit_stew 413 minecraft:rabbit_stew
Minecraft Raw Mutton item Raw Mutton minecraft:mutton 423 minecraft:mutton
Minecraft Cooked Mutton item Cooked Mutton minecraft:cooked_mutton 424 minecraft:cooked_mutton
Minecraft Chorus Fruit item Chorus Fruit minecraft:chorus_fruit 432 minecraft:chorus_fruit
Minecraft Beetroot item Beetroot minecraft:beetroot 434 minecraft:beetroot
Minecraft Beetroot Soup item Beetroot Soup minecraft:beetroot_soup 436 minecraft:beetroot_soup