Minecraft Flower ID List

Below is a searchable table of all Flower IDs from Minecraft from the latest version of the game (1.14). Flowers spawn in most Minecraft biomes. They can be used to make dyes, but are also very pretty!

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Image Name Item ID Legacy Item ID Numerical ID
Dandelion Dandelion minecraft:dandelion minecraft:yellow_flower 37
Poppy Poppy minecraft:poppy minecraft:red_flower 38
Blue Orchid Blue Orchid minecraft:blue_orchid minecraft:red_flower 38:1
Allium Allium minecraft:allium minecraft:red_flower 38:2
Azure Bluet Azure Bluet minecraft:azure_bluet minecraft:red_flower 38:3
Red Tulip Red Tulip minecraft:red_tulip minecraft:red_flower 38:4
Orange Tulip Orange Tulip minecraft:orange_tulip minecraft:red_flower 38:5
White Tulip White Tulip minecraft:white_tulip minecraft:red_flower 38:6
Pink Tulip Pink Tulip minecraft:pink_tulip minecraft:red_flower 38:7
Oxeye Daisy Oxeye Daisy minecraft:oxeye_daisy minecraft:red_flower 38:8
Brown Mushroom Brown Mushroom minecraft:brown_mushroom 39
Red Mushroom Red Mushroom minecraft:red_mushroom 40
Sunflower Sunflower minecraft:sunflower minecraft:double_plant 175
Lilac Lilac minecraft:lilac minecraft:double_plant 175:1
Rose Bush Rose Bush minecraft:rose_bush minecraft:double_plant 175:4
Peony Peony minecraft:peony minecraft:double_plant 175:5
Tall Grass Tall Grass minecraft:tall_grass minecraft:double_plant 175:2
Large Fern Large Fern minecraft:large_fern minecraft:double_plant 175:3
Cornflower Cornflower minecraft:cornflower
Lily of the Valley Lily of the Valley minecraft:lily_of_the_valley
Wither Rose Wither Rose minecraft:wither_rose