Minecraft Coral ID List

Coral items are found underwater, as of the 1.13 Update Aquatic.

Image Item Minecraft ID (1.13+) Numerical ID Legacy ID
Minecraft Tube Coral item Tube Coral minecraft:tube_coral
Minecraft Brain Coral item Brain Coral minecraft:brain_coral
Minecraft Bubble Coral item Bubble Coral minecraft:bubble_coral
Minecraft Fire Coral item Fire Coral minecraft:fire_coral
Minecraft Horn Coral item Horn Coral minecraft:horn_coral
Minecraft Tube Coral Fan item Tube Coral Fan minecraft:tube_coral_fan
Minecraft Brain Coral Fan item Brain Coral Fan minecraft:brain_coral_fan
Minecraft Bubble Coral Fan item Bubble Coral Fan minecraft:bubble_coral_fan
Minecraft Fire Coral Fan item Fire Coral Fan minecraft:fire_coral_fan
Minecraft Horn Coral Fan item Horn Coral Fan minecraft:horn_coral_fan
Minecraft Dead Tube Coral Block item Dead Tube Coral Block minecraft:dead_tube_coral_block
Minecraft Dead Brain Coral Block item Dead Brain Coral Block minecraft:dead_brain_coral_block
Minecraft Dead Bubble Coral Block item Dead Bubble Coral Block minecraft:dead_bubble_coral_block
Minecraft Dead Fire Coral Block item Dead Fire Coral Block minecraft:dead_fire_coral_block
Minecraft Dead Horn Coral Block item Dead Horn Coral Block minecraft:dead_horn_coral_block
Minecraft Tube Coral Block item Tube Coral Block minecraft:tube_coral_block
Minecraft Brain Coral Block item Brain Coral Block minecraft:brain_coral_block
Minecraft Bubble Coral Block item Bubble Coral Block minecraft:bubble_coral_block
Minecraft Fire Coral Block item Fire Coral Block minecraft:fire_coral_block
Minecraft Horn Coral Block item Horn Coral Block minecraft:horn_coral_block
Minecraft Scute item Scute minecraft:scute
Minecraft Nautilus Shell item Nautilus Shell minecraft:nautilus_shell
Minecraft Heart of the Sea item Heart of the Sea minecraft:heart_of_the_sea
Minecraft Conduit item Conduit minecraft:conduit