Minecraft Concrete ID List

Below is a searchable table of all Concrete IDs from Minecraft from the latest version of the game (1.14). Concrete in Minecraft is primarily used as a decorative block. It comes in 16 different colors, dyed using dyes.

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Image Name Item ID Legacy Item ID Numerical ID
White Concrete White Concrete minecraft:white_concrete minecraft:concrete 251
Orange Concrete Orange Concrete minecraft:orange_concrete minecraft:concrete 251:1
Magenta Concrete Magenta Concrete minecraft:magenta_concrete minecraft:concrete 251:2
Light Blue Concrete Light Blue Concrete minecraft:light_blue_concrete minecraft:concrete 251:3
Yellow Concrete Yellow Concrete minecraft:yellow_concrete minecraft:concrete 251:4
Lime Concrete Lime Concrete minecraft:lime_concrete minecraft:concrete 251:5
Pink Concrete Pink Concrete minecraft:pink_concrete minecraft:concrete 251:6
Gray Concrete Gray Concrete minecraft:gray_concrete minecraft:concrete 251:7
Light Gray Concrete Light Gray Concrete minecraft:light_gray_concrete minecraft:concrete 251:8
Cyan Concrete Cyan Concrete minecraft:cyan_concrete minecraft:concrete 251:9
Purple Concrete Purple Concrete minecraft:purple_concrete minecraft:concrete 251:10
Blue Concrete Blue Concrete minecraft:blue_concrete minecraft:concrete 251:11
Brown Concrete Brown Concrete minecraft:brown_concrete minecraft:concrete 251:12
Green Concrete Green Concrete minecraft:green_concrete minecraft:concrete 251:13
Red Concrete Red Concrete minecraft:red_concrete minecraft:concrete 251:14
Black Concrete Black Concrete minecraft:black_concrete minecraft:concrete 251:15
White Concrete Powder White Concrete Powder minecraft:white_concrete_powder minecraft:concrete_powder 252
Orange Concrete Powder Orange Concrete Powder minecraft:orange_concrete_powder minecraft:concrete_powder 252:1
Magenta Concrete Powder Magenta Concrete Powder minecraft:magenta_concrete_powder minecraft:concrete_powder 252:2
Light Blue Concrete Powder Light Blue Concrete Powder minecraft:light_blue_concrete_powder minecraft:concrete_powder 252:3
Yellow Concrete Powder Yellow Concrete Powder minecraft:yellow_concrete_powder minecraft:concrete_powder 252:4
Lime Concrete Powder Lime Concrete Powder minecraft:lime_concrete_powder minecraft:concrete_powder 252:5
Pink Concrete Powder Pink Concrete Powder minecraft:pink_concrete_powder minecraft:concrete_powder 252:6
Gray Concrete Powder Gray Concrete Powder minecraft:gray_concrete_powder minecraft:concrete_powder 252:7
Light Gray Concrete Powder Light Gray Concrete Powder minecraft:light_gray_concrete_powder minecraft:concrete_powder 252:8
Cyan Concrete Powder Cyan Concrete Powder minecraft:cyan_concrete_powder minecraft:concrete_powder 252:9
Purple Concrete Powder Purple Concrete Powder minecraft:purple_concrete_powder minecraft:concrete_powder 252:10
Blue Concrete Powder Blue Concrete Powder minecraft:blue_concrete_powder minecraft:concrete_powder 252:11
Brown Concrete Powder Brown Concrete Powder minecraft:brown_concrete_powder minecraft:concrete_powder 252:12
Green Concrete Powder Green Concrete Powder minecraft:green_concrete_powder minecraft:concrete_powder 252:13
Red Concrete Powder Red Concrete Powder minecraft:red_concrete_powder minecraft:concrete_powder 252:14
Black Concrete Powder Black Concrete Powder minecraft:black_concrete_powder minecraft:concrete_powder 252:15