Minecraft Armor ID List

Below is a searchable table of all Armor IDs from Minecraft from the latest version of the game (1.14). Armor is any item that can be equipped as a helmet, chestplate, leggings or boots in Minecraft. Armor is often made with ingots.

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Image Name Item ID Legacy Item ID Numerical ID
Turtle Shell Turtle Shell minecraft:turtle_helmet
Leather Cap Leather Cap minecraft:leather_helmet 298
Leather Tunic Leather Tunic minecraft:leather_chestplate 299
Leather Pants Leather Pants minecraft:leather_leggings 300
Leather Boots Leather Boots minecraft:leather_boots 301
Chainmail Helmet Chainmail Helmet minecraft:chainmail_helmet 302
Chainmail Chestplate Chainmail Chestplate minecraft:chainmail_chestplate 303
Chainmail Leggings Chainmail Leggings minecraft:chainmail_leggings 304
Chainmail Boots Chainmail Boots minecraft:chainmail_boots 305
Iron Helmet Iron Helmet minecraft:iron_helmet 306
Iron Chestplate Iron Chestplate minecraft:iron_chestplate 307
Iron Leggings Iron Leggings minecraft:iron_leggings 308
Iron Boots Iron Boots minecraft:iron_boots 309
Diamond Helmet Diamond Helmet minecraft:diamond_helmet 310
Diamond Chestplate Diamond Chestplate minecraft:diamond_chestplate 311
Diamond Leggings Diamond Leggings minecraft:diamond_leggings 312
Diamond Boots Diamond Boots minecraft:diamond_boots 313
Golden Helmet Golden Helmet minecraft:golden_helmet 314
Golden Chestplate Golden Chestplate minecraft:golden_chestplate 315
Golden Leggings Golden Leggings minecraft:golden_leggings 316
Golden Boots Golden Boots minecraft:golden_boots 317
Iron Horse Armor Iron Horse Armor minecraft:iron_horse_armor 417
Golden Horse Armor Golden Horse Armor minecraft:golden_horse_armor 418
Diamond Horse Armor Diamond Horse Armor minecraft:diamond_horse_armor 419
Shield Shield minecraft:shield 442
Elytra Elytra minecraft:elytra 443