Minecraft Armor ID List

Armor is any item that can be equipped as a helmet, chestplate, leggings or boots in Minecraft. Armor is often made with ingots.

Fallout 4 Armor IDs Ark Armor IDs

Image Item Minecraft ID (1.13+) Numerical ID Legacy ID
Minecraft Turtle Shell item Turtle Shell minecraft:turtle_helmet
Minecraft Leather Helmet item Leather Helmet minecraft:leather_helmet 298 minecraft:leather_helmet
Minecraft Leather Tunic item Leather Tunic minecraft:leather_chestplate 299 minecraft:leather_chestplate
Minecraft Leather Pants item Leather Pants minecraft:leather_leggings 300 minecraft:leather_leggings
Minecraft Leather Boots item Leather Boots minecraft:leather_boots 301 minecraft:leather_boots
Minecraft Chainmail Helmet item Chainmail Helmet minecraft:chainmail_helmet 302 minecraft:chainmail_helmet
Minecraft Chainmail Chestplate item Chainmail Chestplate minecraft:chainmail_chestplate 303 minecraft:chainmail_chestplate
Minecraft Chainmail Leggings item Chainmail Leggings minecraft:chainmail_leggings 304 minecraft:chainmail_leggings
Minecraft Chainmail Boots item Chainmail Boots minecraft:chainmail_boots 305 minecraft:chainmail_boots
Minecraft Iron Helmet item Iron Helmet minecraft:iron_helmet 306 minecraft:iron_helmet
Minecraft Iron Chestplate item Iron Chestplate minecraft:iron_chestplate 307 minecraft:iron_chestplate
Minecraft Iron Leggings item Iron Leggings minecraft:iron_leggings 308 minecraft:iron_leggings
Minecraft Iron Boots item Iron Boots minecraft:iron_boots 309 minecraft:iron_boots
Minecraft Diamond Helmet item Diamond Helmet minecraft:diamond_helmet 310 minecraft:diamond_helmet
Minecraft Diamond Chestplate item Diamond Chestplate minecraft:diamond_chestplate 311 minecraft:diamond_chestplate
Minecraft Diamond Leggings item Diamond Leggings minecraft:diamond_leggings 312 minecraft:diamond_leggings
Minecraft Diamond Boots item Diamond Boots minecraft:diamond_boots 313 minecraft:diamond_boots
Minecraft Golden Helmet item Golden Helmet minecraft:golden_helmet 314 minecraft:golden_helmet
Minecraft Golden Chestplate item Golden Chestplate minecraft:golden_chestplate 315 minecraft:golden_chestplate
Minecraft Golden Leggings item Golden Leggings minecraft:golden_leggings 316 minecraft:golden_leggings
Minecraft Golden Boots item Golden Boots minecraft:golden_boots 317 minecraft:golden_boots
Minecraft Iron Horse Armor item Iron Horse Armor minecraft:iron_horse_armor 417 minecraft:iron_horse_armor
Minecraft Golden Horse Armor item Golden Horse Armor minecraft:golden_horse_armor 418 minecraft:golden_horse_armor
Minecraft Diamond Horse Armor item Diamond Horse Armor minecraft:diamond_horse_armor 419 minecraft:diamond_horse_armor
Minecraft Shield item Shield minecraft:shield 442 minecraft:shield
Minecraft Elytra item Elytra minecraft:elytra 443 minecraft:elytra