Minecraft 1.9 Item IDs List

Minecraft 1.9 graced us with many new items including beetroot. It also introduced the controversial new combat system.

All of the items in the below list are new items that were added in Minecraft 1.9.

Image Item Minecraft ID (1.13+) Numerical ID Legacy ID
Minecraft End Rod item End Rod minecraft:end_rod 198 minecraft:end_rod
Minecraft Chorus Plant item Chorus Plant minecraft:chorus_plant 199 minecraft:chorus_plant
Minecraft Chorus Flower item Chorus Flower minecraft:chorus_flower 200 minecraft:chorus_flower
Minecraft Purpur Block item Purpur Block minecraft:purpur_block 201 minecraft:purpur_block
Minecraft Purpur Pillar item Purpur Pillar minecraft:purpur_pillar 202 minecraft:purpur_pillar
Minecraft Purpur Stairs item Purpur Stairs minecraft:purpur_stairs 203 minecraft:purpur_stairs
Minecraft Purpur Double Slab item Purpur Double Slab minecraft:purpur_double_slab 204 minecraft:purpur_double_slab
Minecraft Purpur Slab item Purpur Slab minecraft:purpur_slab 205 minecraft:purpur_slab
Minecraft End Stone Bricks item End Stone Bricks minecraft:end_stone_bricks 206 minecraft:end_bricks
Minecraft Beetroot Block item Beetroot Block minecraft:beetroots 207 minecraft:beetroots
Minecraft Grass Path item Grass Path minecraft:grass_path 208 minecraft:grass_path
Minecraft End Gateway (Block) item End Gateway (Block) minecraft:end_gateway 209 minecraft:end_gateway
Minecraft Repeating Command Block item Repeating Command Block minecraft:repeating_command_block 210 minecraft:repeating_command_block
Minecraft Chain Command Block item Chain Command Block minecraft:chain_command_block 211 minecraft:chain_command_block
Minecraft Frosted Ice item Frosted Ice minecraft:frosted_ice 212 minecraft:frosted_ice
Minecraft Magma Block item Magma Block minecraft:magma_block 213 minecraft:magma
Minecraft Structure Void item Structure Void minecraft:structure_void 217 minecraft:structure_void
Minecraft Structure Block item Structure Block minecraft:structure_block 255 minecraft:structure_block
Minecraft Dragon Mob Head item Dragon Mob Head minecraft:dragon_head 397:5 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Chorus Fruit item Chorus Fruit minecraft:chorus_fruit 432 minecraft:chorus_fruit
Minecraft Popped Chorus Fruit item Popped Chorus Fruit minecraft:popped_chorus_fruit 433 minecraft:chorus_fruit_popped
Minecraft Beetroot item Beetroot minecraft:beetroot 434 minecraft:beetroot
Minecraft Beetroot Seeds item Beetroot Seeds minecraft:beetroot_seeds 435 minecraft:beetroot_seeds
Minecraft Beetroot Soup item Beetroot Soup minecraft:beetroot_soup 436 minecraft:beetroot_soup
Minecraft Dragon's Breath item Dragon's Breath minecraft:dragon_breath 437 minecraft:dragon_breath
Minecraft Spectral Arrow item Spectral Arrow minecraft:spectral_arrow 439 minecraft:spectral_arrow
Minecraft Tipped Arrow item Tipped Arrow minecraft:tipped_arrow 440 minecraft:tipped_arrow
Minecraft Lingering Potion item Lingering Potion minecraft:lingering_potion 441 minecraft:lingering_potion
Minecraft Shield item Shield minecraft:shield 442 minecraft:shield
Minecraft Elytra item Elytra minecraft:elytra 443 minecraft:elytra
Minecraft Spruce Boat item Spruce Boat minecraft:spruce_boat 444 minecraft:spruce_boat
Minecraft Birch Boat item Birch Boat minecraft:birch_boat 445 minecraft:birch_boat
Minecraft Spruce Boat item Spruce Boat minecraft:jungle_boat 446 minecraft:jungle_boat
Minecraft Acacia Boat item Acacia Boat minecraft:acacia_boat 447 minecraft:acacia_boat
Minecraft Dark Oak Boat item Dark Oak Boat minecraft:dark_oak_boat 448 minecraft:dark_oak_boat