Minecraft 1.8 Item IDs List

Minecraft 1.8 not only changed PVP, but lots of new items were added.

All of the items in the below list are new items that were added in Minecraft 1.8.

Image Item Minecraft ID (1.13+) Numerical ID Legacy ID
Minecraft Granite item Granite minecraft:granite 1:1 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Polished Granite item Polished Granite minecraft:polished_granite 1:2 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Diorite item Diorite minecraft:diorite 1:3 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Polished Diorite item Polished Diorite minecraft:polished_diorite 1:4 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Andesite item Andesite minecraft:andesite 1:5 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Polished Andesite item Polished Andesite minecraft:polished_andesite 1:6 minecraft:stone
Minecraft Wet Sponge item Wet Sponge minecraft:wet_sponge 19:1 minecraft:sponge
Minecraft Slime Block item Slime Block minecraft:slime_block 165 minecraft:slime
Minecraft Barrier Block item Barrier Block minecraft:barrier 166 minecraft:barrier
Minecraft Iron Trapdoor item Iron Trapdoor minecraft:iron_trapdoor 167 minecraft:iron_trapdoor
Minecraft Prismarine item Prismarine minecraft:prismarine 168 minecraft:prismarine
Minecraft Prismarine Bricks item Prismarine Bricks minecraft:prismarine_bricks 168:1 minecraft:prismarine
Minecraft Dark Prismarine item Dark Prismarine minecraft:dark_prismarine 168:2 minecraft:prismarine
Minecraft Sea Lantern item Sea Lantern minecraft:sea_lantern 169 minecraft:sea_lantern
Minecraft Free-standing Banner item Free-standing Banner minecraft:standing_banner 176 minecraft:standing_banner
Minecraft Wall-mounted Banner item Wall-mounted Banner minecraft:wall_banner 177 minecraft:standing_banner
Minecraft Red Sandstone item Red Sandstone minecraft:red_sandstone 179 minecraft:red_sandstone
Minecraft Chiseled Red Sandstone item Chiseled Red Sandstone minecraft:chiseled_red_sandstone 179:1 minecraft:red_sandstone
Minecraft Cut Red Sandstone item Cut Red Sandstone minecraft:cut_red_sandstone 179:2 minecraft:red_sandstone
Minecraft Red Sandstone Stairs item Red Sandstone Stairs minecraft:red_sandstone_stairs 180 minecraft:red_sandstone_stairs
Minecraft Double Red Sandstone Slab item Double Red Sandstone Slab minecraft:double_stone_slab2 181 minecraft:double_stone_slab2
Minecraft Red Sandstone Slab item Red Sandstone Slab minecraft:red_sandstone_slab 182 minecraft:stone_slab2
Minecraft Spruce Fence Gate item Spruce Fence Gate minecraft:spruce_fence_gate 183 minecraft:spruce_fence_gate
Minecraft Birch Fence Gate item Birch Fence Gate minecraft:birch_fence_gate 184 minecraft:birch_fence_gate
Minecraft Jungle Fence Gate item Jungle Fence Gate minecraft:jungle_fence_gate 185 minecraft:jungle_fence_gate
Minecraft Dark Oak Fence Gate item Dark Oak Fence Gate minecraft:dark_oak_fence_gate 186 minecraft:dark_oak_fence_gate
Minecraft Acacia Fence Gate item Acacia Fence Gate minecraft:acacia_fence_gate 187 minecraft:acacia_fence_gate
Minecraft Spruce Fence item Spruce Fence minecraft:spruce_fence 188 minecraft:spruce_fence
Minecraft Birch Fence item Birch Fence minecraft:birch_fence 189 minecraft:birch_fence
Minecraft Jungle Fence item Jungle Fence minecraft:jungle_fence 190 minecraft:jungle_fence
Minecraft Dark Oak Fence item Dark Oak Fence minecraft:dark_oak_fence 191 minecraft:dark_oak_fence
Minecraft Acacia Fence item Acacia Fence minecraft:acacia_fence 192 minecraft:acacia_fence
Minecraft Spruce Door Block item Spruce Door Block minecraft:spruce_door 193 minecraft:spruce_door
Minecraft Birch Door Block item Birch Door Block minecraft:birch_door 194 minecraft:birch_door
Minecraft Jungle Door Block item Jungle Door Block minecraft:jungle_door 195 minecraft:jungle_door
Minecraft Acacia Door Block item Acacia Door Block minecraft:acacia_door 196 minecraft:acacia_door
Minecraft Dark Oak Door Block item Dark Oak Door Block minecraft:dark_oak_door 197 minecraft:dark_oak_door
Minecraft Prismarine Shard item Prismarine Shard minecraft:prismarine_shard 409 minecraft:prismarine_shard
Minecraft Prismarine Crystals item Prismarine Crystals minecraft:prismarine_crystals 410 minecraft:prismarine_crystals
Minecraft Raw Rabbit item Raw Rabbit minecraft:rabbit 411 minecraft:rabbit
Minecraft Cooked Rabbit item Cooked Rabbit minecraft:cooked_rabbit 412 minecraft:cooked_rabbit
Minecraft Rabbit Stew item Rabbit Stew minecraft:rabbit_stew 413 minecraft:rabbit_stew
Minecraft Rabbit's Foot item Rabbit's Foot minecraft:rabbit_foot 414 minecraft:rabbit_foot
Minecraft Rabbit Hide item Rabbit Hide minecraft:rabbit_hide 415 minecraft:rabbit_hide
Minecraft Armor Stand item Armor Stand minecraft:armor_stand 416 minecraft:armor_stand
Minecraft Iron Horse Armor item Iron Horse Armor minecraft:iron_horse_armor 417 minecraft:iron_horse_armor
Minecraft Golden Horse Armor item Golden Horse Armor minecraft:golden_horse_armor 418 minecraft:golden_horse_armor
Minecraft Diamond Horse Armor item Diamond Horse Armor minecraft:diamond_horse_armor 419 minecraft:diamond_horse_armor
Minecraft Lead item Lead minecraft:lead 420 minecraft:lead
Minecraft Name Tag item Name Tag minecraft:name_tag 421 minecraft:name_tag
Minecraft Raw Mutton item Raw Mutton minecraft:mutton 423 minecraft:mutton
Minecraft Cooked Mutton item Cooked Mutton minecraft:cooked_mutton 424 minecraft:cooked_mutton
Minecraft Black Banner item Black Banner minecraft:black_banner 425 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Red Banner item Red Banner minecraft:red_banner 425:1 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Green Banner item Green Banner minecraft:green_banner 425:2 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Brown Banner item Brown Banner minecraft:brown_banner 425:3 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Blue Banner item Blue Banner minecraft:blue_banner 425:4 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Purple Banner item Purple Banner minecraft:purple_banner 425:5 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Cyan Banner item Cyan Banner minecraft:cyan_banner 425:6 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Light Gray Banner item Light Gray Banner minecraft:light_gray_banner 425:7 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Gray Banner item Gray Banner minecraft:gray_banner 425:8 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Pink Banner item Pink Banner minecraft:pink_banner 425:9 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Lime Banner item Lime Banner minecraft:lime_banner 425:10 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Yellow Banner item Yellow Banner minecraft:yellow_banner 425:11 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Light Blue Banner item Light Blue Banner minecraft:light_blue_banner 425:12 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Magenta Banner item Magenta Banner minecraft:magenta_banner 425:13 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Orange Banner item Orange Banner minecraft:orange_banner 425:14 minecraft:banner
Minecraft White Banner item White Banner minecraft:white_banner 425:15 minecraft:banner
Minecraft Spruce Door item Spruce Door minecraft:spruce_door 427 minecraft:spruce_door
Minecraft Birch Door item Birch Door minecraft:birch_door 428 minecraft:birch_door
Minecraft Jungle Door item Jungle Door minecraft:spruce_door 429 minecraft:spruce_door
Minecraft Acacia Door item Acacia Door minecraft:spruce_door 430 minecraft:spruce_door
Minecraft Dark Oak Door item Dark Oak Door minecraft:spruce_door 431 minecraft:spruce_door