Minecraft 1.7.2 Item IDs List

Minecraft 1.7.2 introduced new fish and a lot of other new items. Other features added in this update include new biomes, structures and commands!

All of the items in the below list are new items that were added in Minecraft 1.7.2.

Image Item Minecraft ID (1.13+) Numerical ID Legacy ID
Minecraft Coarse Dirt item Coarse Dirt minecraft:coarse_dirt 3:1 minecraft:dirt
Minecraft Podzol item Podzol minecraft:podzol 3:2 minecraft:dirt
Minecraft Acacia Planks item Acacia Planks minecraft:acacia_planks 5:4 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Dark Oak Planks item Dark Oak Planks minecraft:dark_oak_planks 5:5 minecraft:planks
Minecraft Acacia Sapling item Acacia Sapling minecraft:acacia_sapling 6:4 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Dark Oak Sapling item Dark Oak Sapling minecraft:dark_oak_sapling 6:5 minecraft:sapling
Minecraft Red Sand item Red Sand minecraft:red_sand 12:1 minecraft:sand
Minecraft Blue Orchid item Blue Orchid minecraft:blue_orchid 38:1 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Allium item Allium minecraft:allium 38:2 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Azure Bluet item Azure Bluet minecraft:azure_bluet 38:3 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Red Tulip item Red Tulip minecraft:red_tulip 38:4 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Orange Tulip item Orange Tulip minecraft:orange_tulip 38:5 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft White Tulip item White Tulip minecraft:white_tulip 38:6 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Pink Tulip item Pink Tulip minecraft:pink_tulip 38:7 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft Oxeye Daisy item Oxeye Daisy minecraft:oxeye_daisy 38:8 minecraft:red_flower
Minecraft White Stained Glass item White Stained Glass minecraft:white_stained_glass 95 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Orange Stained Glass item Orange Stained Glass minecraft:orange_stained_glass 95:1 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Magenta Stained Glass item Magenta Stained Glass minecraft:magenta_stained_glass 95:2 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Light Blue Stained Glass item Light Blue Stained Glass minecraft:light_blue_stained_glass 95:3 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Yellow Stained Glass item Yellow Stained Glass minecraft:yellow_stained_glass 95:4 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Lime Stained Glass item Lime Stained Glass minecraft:lime_stained_glass 95:5 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Pink Stained Glass item Pink Stained Glass minecraft:pink_stained_glass 95:6 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Gray Stained Glass item Gray Stained Glass minecraft:gray_stained_glass 95:7 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Light Gray Stained Glass item Light Gray Stained Glass minecraft:light_gray_stained_glass 95:8 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Cyan Stained Glass item Cyan Stained Glass minecraft:cyan_stained_glass 95:9 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Purple Stained Glass item Purple Stained Glass minecraft:purple_stained_glass 95:10 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Blue Stained Glass item Blue Stained Glass minecraft:blue_stained_glass 95:11 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Brown Stained Glass item Brown Stained Glass minecraft:brown_stained_glass 95:12 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Green Stained Glass item Green Stained Glass minecraft:green_stained_glass 95:13 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Red Stained Glass item Red Stained Glass minecraft:red_stained_glass 95:14 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Black Stained Glass item Black Stained Glass minecraft:black_stained_glass 95:15 minecraft:stained_glass
Minecraft Infested Mossy Stone Bricks item Infested Mossy Stone Bricks minecraft:infested_mossy_stone_bricks 97:3 minecraft:monster_egg
Minecraft Infested Cracked Stone Bricks item Infested Cracked Stone Bricks minecraft:infested_cracked_stone_bricks 97:4 minecraft:monster_egg
Minecraft Infested Chiseled Stone Bricks item Infested Chiseled Stone Bricks minecraft:infested_chiseled_stone_bricks 97:5 minecraft:monster_egg
Minecraft Acacia Slab item Acacia Slab minecraft:acacia_slab 126:4 minecraft:wooden_slab
Minecraft Dark Oak Slab item Dark Oak Slab minecraft:dark_oak_slab 126:5 minecraft:wooden_slab
Minecraft White Stained Glass Pane item White Stained Glass Pane minecraft:white_stained_glass_pane 160 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Orange Stained Glass Pane item Orange Stained Glass Pane minecraft:orange_stained_glass_pane 160:1 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Magenta Stained Glass Pane item Magenta Stained Glass Pane minecraft:magenta_stained_glass_pane 160:2 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Light Blue Stained Glass Pane item Light Blue Stained Glass Pane minecraft:light_blue_stained_glass_pane 160:3 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Yellow Stained Glass Pane item Yellow Stained Glass Pane minecraft:yellow_stained_glass_pane 160:4 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Lime Stained Glass Pane item Lime Stained Glass Pane minecraft:lime_stained_glass_pane 160:5 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Pink Stained Glass Pane item Pink Stained Glass Pane minecraft:pink_stained_glass_pane 160:6 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Gray Stained Glass Pane item Gray Stained Glass Pane minecraft:gray_stained_glass_pane 160:7 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Light Gray Stained Glass Pane item Light Gray Stained Glass Pane minecraft:light_gray_stained_glass_pane 160:8 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Cyan Stained Glass Pane item Cyan Stained Glass Pane minecraft:cyan_stained_glass_pane 160:9 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Purple Stained Glass Pane item Purple Stained Glass Pane minecraft:purple_stained_glass_pane 160:10 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Blue Stained Glass Pane item Blue Stained Glass Pane minecraft:blue_stained_glass_pane 160:11 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Brown Stained Glass Pane item Brown Stained Glass Pane minecraft:brown_stained_glass_pane 160:12 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Green Stained Glass Pane item Green Stained Glass Pane minecraft:green_stained_glass_pane 160:13 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Red Stained Glass Pane item Red Stained Glass Pane minecraft:red_stained_glass_pane 160:14 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Black Stained Glass Pane item Black Stained Glass Pane minecraft:black_stained_glass_pane 160:15 minecraft:stained_glass_pane
Minecraft Acacia Leaves item Acacia Leaves minecraft:acacia_leaves 161 minecraft:leaves2
Minecraft Dark Oak Leaves item Dark Oak Leaves minecraft:dark_oak_leaves 161:1 minecraft:leaves2
Minecraft Acacia Log item Acacia Log minecraft:acacia_log 162 minecraft:log2
Minecraft Dark Oak Log item Dark Oak Log minecraft:dark_oak_log 162:1 minecraft:log2
Minecraft Acacia Wood Stairs item Acacia Wood Stairs minecraft:acacia_stairs 163 minecraft:acacia_stairs
Minecraft Dark Oak Wood Stairs item Dark Oak Wood Stairs minecraft:dark_oak_stairs 164 minecraft:dark_oak_stairs
Minecraft Packed Ice item Packed Ice minecraft:packed_ice 174 minecraft:packed_ice
Minecraft Sunflower item Sunflower minecraft:sunflower 175 minecraft:double_plant
Minecraft Lilac item Lilac minecraft:lilac 175:1 minecraft:double_plant
Minecraft Double Tall Grass item Double Tall Grass minecraft:tall_grass 175:2 minecraft:double_plant
Minecraft Double Large Fern item Double Large Fern minecraft:large_fern 175:3 minecraft:double_plant
Minecraft Rose Bush item Rose Bush minecraft:rose_bush 175:4 minecraft:double_plant
Minecraft Peony item Peony minecraft:peony 175:5 minecraft:double_plant
Minecraft Raw Salmon item Raw Salmon minecraft:salmon 349:1 minecraft:fish
Minecraft Clownfish item Clownfish minecraft:tropical_fish 349:2 minecraft:fish
Minecraft Pufferfish item Pufferfish minecraft:pufferfish 349:3 minecraft:fish
Minecraft Cooked Salmon item Cooked Salmon minecraft:cooked_salmon 350:1 minecraft:cooked_fish