Minecraft 1.6.1 Item IDs List

Minecraft 1.6.1 was named the Horse Update. It not only introduced horses, but items like leads and carpets!

All of the items in the below list are new items that were added in Minecraft 1.6.1.

Image Item Minecraft ID (1.13+) Numerical ID Legacy ID
Minecraft White Terracotta item White Terracotta minecraft:white_terracotta 159 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Orange Terracotta item Orange Terracotta minecraft:orange_terracotta 159:1 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Magenta Terracotta item Magenta Terracotta minecraft:magenta_terracotta 159:2 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Light Blue Terracotta item Light Blue Terracotta minecraft:light_blue_terracotta 159:3 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Yellow Terracotta item Yellow Terracotta minecraft:yellow_terracotta 159:4 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Lime Terracotta item Lime Terracotta minecraft:lime_terracotta 159:5 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Pink Terracotta item Pink Terracotta minecraft:pink_terracotta 159:6 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Gray Terracotta item Gray Terracotta minecraft:gray_terracotta 159:7 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Light Gray Terracotta item Light Gray Terracotta minecraft:light_gray_terracotta 159:8 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Cyan Terracotta item Cyan Terracotta minecraft:cyan_terracotta 159:9 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Purple Terracotta item Purple Terracotta minecraft:purple_terracotta 159:10 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Blue Terracotta item Blue Terracotta minecraft:blue_terracotta 159:11 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Brown Terracotta item Brown Terracotta minecraft:brown_terracotta 159:12 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Green Terracotta item Green Terracotta minecraft:green_terracotta 159:13 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Red Terracotta item Red Terracotta minecraft:red_terracotta 159:14 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Black Terracotta item Black Terracotta minecraft:black_terracotta 159:15 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
Minecraft Hay Bale item Hay Bale minecraft:hay_block 170 minecraft:hay_bale
Minecraft White Carpet item White Carpet minecraft:white_carpet 171 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Orange Carpet item Orange Carpet minecraft:orange_carpet 171:1 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Magenta Carpet item Magenta Carpet minecraft:magenta_carpet 171:2 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Light Blue Carpet item Light Blue Carpet minecraft:light_blue_carpet 171:3 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Yellow Carpet item Yellow Carpet minecraft:yellow_carpet 171:4 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Lime Carpet item Lime Carpet minecraft:lime_carpet 171:5 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Pink Carpet item Pink Carpet minecraft:pink_carpet 171:6 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Gray Carpet item Gray Carpet minecraft:gray_carpet 171:7 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Light Gray Carpet item Light Gray Carpet minecraft:light_gray_carpet 171:8 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Cyan Carpet item Cyan Carpet minecraft:cyan_carpet 171:9 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Purple Carpet item Purple Carpet minecraft:purple_carpet 171:10 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Blue Carpet item Blue Carpet minecraft:blue_carpet 171:11 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Brown Carpet item Brown Carpet minecraft:brown_carpet 171:12 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Green Carpet item Green Carpet minecraft:green_carpet 171:13 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Red Carpet item Red Carpet minecraft:red_carpet 171:14 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Black Carpet item Black Carpet minecraft:black_carpet 171:15 minecraft:carpet
Minecraft Terracotta item Terracotta minecraft:terracotta 172 minecraft:hardened_clay
Minecraft Coal Block item Coal Block minecraft:coal_block 173 minecraft:coal_block