Minecraft 1.6.1 ID List

Below is a searchable list of all item and block IDs from Minecraft version 1.6.1. Minecraft 1.6.1 was named the Horse Update. It not only introduced horses, but items like leads and carpets!

This list only includes items that were a part of version 1.6.1, to search all items from the latest version of Minecraft, see our Minecraft ID list.

Type an item's name, or an item's item ID, into the search box below to instantly search our database of 576 items from version 1.6.1.

Image Name Item ID Numerical ID
Air minecraft:air
Stone Stone minecraft:stone 1
Grass Block Grass Block minecraft:grass 2
Dirt Dirt minecraft:dirt 3
Cobblestone Cobblestone minecraft:cobblestone 4
Oak Planks Oak Planks minecraft:planks 5
Spruce Planks Spruce Planks minecraft:planks 5:1
Birch Planks Birch Planks minecraft:planks 5:2
Jungle Planks Jungle Planks minecraft:planks 5:3
Oak Sapling Oak Sapling minecraft:sapling 6
Spruce Sapling Spruce Sapling minecraft:sapling 6:1
Birch Sapling Birch Sapling minecraft:sapling 6:2
Jungle Sapling Jungle Sapling minecraft:sapling 6:3
Bedrock Bedrock minecraft:bedrock 7
Sand Sand minecraft:sand 12
Gravel Gravel minecraft:gravel 13
Gold Ore Gold Ore minecraft:gold_ore 14
Iron Ore Iron Ore minecraft:iron_ore 15
Coal Ore Coal Ore minecraft:coal_ore 16
Oak Log Oak Log minecraft:log 17
Spruce Log Spruce Log minecraft:log 17:1
Birch Log Birch Log minecraft:log 17:2
Jungle Log Jungle Log minecraft:log 17:3
Oak Leaves Oak Leaves minecraft:leaves 18
Spruce Leaves Spruce Leaves minecraft:leaves 18:1
Birch Leaves Birch Leaves minecraft:leaves 18:2
Jungle Leaves Jungle Leaves minecraft:leaves 18:3
Sponge Sponge minecraft:sponge 19
Glass Glass minecraft:glass 20
Lapis Lazuli Ore Lapis Lazuli Ore minecraft:lapis_ore 21
Lapis Lazuli Block Lapis Lazuli Block minecraft:lapis_block 22
Dispenser Dispenser minecraft:dispenser 23
Sandstone Sandstone minecraft:sandstone 24
Chiseled Sandstone Chiseled Sandstone minecraft:sandstone 24:1
Cut Sandstone Cut Sandstone minecraft:sandstone 24:2
Note Block Note Block minecraft:noteblock 25
Powered Rail Powered Rail minecraft:golden_rail 27
Detector Rail Detector Rail minecraft:detector_rail 28
Sticky Piston Sticky Piston minecraft:sticky_piston 29
Cobweb Cobweb minecraft:cobweb 30
Grass Grass minecraft:grass
Fern Fern minecraft:tallgrass 31:2
Dead Bush Dead Bush minecraft:deadbush 32
Piston Piston minecraft:piston 33
White Wool White Wool minecraft:wool 35
Orange Wool Orange Wool minecraft:wool 35:1
Magenta Wool Magenta Wool minecraft:wool 35:2
Light Blue Wool Light Blue Wool minecraft:wool 35:3
Yellow Wool Yellow Wool minecraft:wool 35:4
Lime Wool Lime Wool minecraft:wool 35:5
Pink Wool Pink Wool minecraft:wool 35:6
Gray Wool Gray Wool minecraft:wool 35:7
Light Gray Wool Light Gray Wool minecraft:wool 35:8
Cyan Wool Cyan Wool minecraft:wool 35:9
Purple Wool Purple Wool minecraft:wool 35:10
Blue Wool Blue Wool minecraft:wool 35:11
Brown Wool Brown Wool minecraft:wool 35:12
Green Wool Green Wool minecraft:wool 35:13
Red Wool Red Wool minecraft:wool 35:14
Black Wool Black Wool minecraft:wool 35:15
Dandelion Dandelion minecraft:yellow_flower 37
Poppy Poppy minecraft:red_flower 38
Brown Mushroom Brown Mushroom minecraft:brown_mushroom 39
Red Mushroom Red Mushroom minecraft:red_mushroom 40
Block of Gold Block of Gold minecraft:gold_block 41
Block of Iron Block of Iron minecraft:iron_block 42
Oak Slab Oak Slab minecraft:wooden_slab 126
Spruce Slab Spruce Slab minecraft:wooden_slab 126:1
Birch Slab Birch Slab minecraft:wooden_slab 126:2
Jungle Slab Jungle Slab minecraft:wooden_slab 126:3
Stone Slab Stone Slab minecraft:stone_slab 44:2
Sandstone Slab Sandstone Slab minecraft:stone_slab 44:1
Cobblestone Slab Cobblestone Slab minecraft:stone_slab 44:3
Brick Slab Brick Slab minecraft:stone_slab 44:4
Stone Brick Slab Stone Brick Slab minecraft:stone_slab 44:5
Nether Brick Slab Nether Brick Slab minecraft:stone_slab 44:6
Quartz Slab Quartz Slab minecraft:stone_slab 44:7
Smooth Quartz Smooth Quartz minecraft:double_stone_slab 43:7
Smooth Stone Smooth Stone minecraft:double_stone_slab 43:8
Bricks Bricks minecraft:brick_block 45
TNT TNT minecraft:tnt 46
Bookshelf Bookshelf minecraft:bookshelf 47
Mossy Cobblestone Mossy Cobblestone minecraft:mossy_cobblestone 48
Obsidian Obsidian minecraft:obsidian 49
Torch Torch minecraft:torch 50
Spawner Spawner minecraft:mob_spawner 52
Oak Stairs Oak Stairs minecraft:oak_stairs 53
Chest Chest minecraft:chest 54
Diamond Ore Diamond Ore minecraft:diamond_ore 56
Block of Diamond Block of Diamond minecraft:diamond_block 57
Crafting Table Crafting Table minecraft:crafting_table 58
Farmland Farmland minecraft:wheat 60
Furnace Furnace minecraft:furnace 61
Ladder Ladder minecraft:ladder 65
Rail Rail minecraft:rail 66
Cobblestone Stairs Cobblestone Stairs minecraft:stone_stairs 67
Lever Lever minecraft:lever 69
Stone Pressure Plate Stone Pressure Plate minecraft:stone_pressure_plate 70
Oak Pressure Plate Oak Pressure Plate minecraft:wooden_pressure_plate 72