Minecraft 1.5 Item IDs List

Minecraft 1.5 was named the Redstone Update.. Lots of redstone items were added!

All of the items in the below list are new items that were added in Minecraft 1.5.

Image Item Minecraft ID (1.13+) Numerical ID Legacy ID
Minecraft Smooth Quartz item Smooth Quartz minecraft:smooth_quartz 43:7 minecraft:double_stone_slab
Minecraft Quartz Slab item Quartz Slab minecraft:quartz_slab 44:7 minecraft:stone_slab
Minecraft Redstone Block item Redstone Block minecraft:redstone_block 152 minecraft:redstone_block
Minecraft Nether Quartz Ore item Nether Quartz Ore minecraft:nether_quartz_ore 153 minecraft:quartz_ore
Minecraft Hopper item Hopper minecraft:hopper 154 minecraft:hopper
Minecraft Quartz Block item Quartz Block minecraft:quartz_block 155 minecraft:quartz
Minecraft Chiseled Quartz Block item Chiseled Quartz Block minecraft:chiseled_quartz_block 155:1 minecraft:quartz
Minecraft Quartz Pillar item Quartz Pillar minecraft:quartz_pillar 155:2 minecraft:quartz
Minecraft Quartz Stairs item Quartz Stairs minecraft:quartz_stairs 156 minecraft:quartz_stairs
Minecraft Activator Rail item Activator Rail minecraft:activator_rail 157 minecraft:activator_rail
Minecraft Dropper item Dropper minecraft:dropper 158 minecraft:dropper
Minecraft Inverted Daylight Sensor item Inverted Daylight Sensor minecraft:daylight_detector 178 minecraft:daylight_detector_inverted
Minecraft Redstone Comparator item Redstone Comparator minecraft:comparator 404 minecraft:redstone_comparator
Minecraft Nether Brick Item item Nether Brick Item minecraft:nether_brick 405 minecraft:netherbrick
Minecraft Nether Quartz item Nether Quartz minecraft:quartz 406 minecraft:quartz
Minecraft Minecart with TNT item Minecart with TNT minecraft:tnt_minecart 407 minecraft:tnt_minecart
Minecraft Minecart with Hopper item Minecart with Hopper minecraft:hopper_minecart 408 minecraft:hopper_minecart
Minecraft Minecart with Command Block item Minecart with Command Block minecraft:command_block_minecart 422 minecraft:command_block_minecart