Minecraft 1.4.2 Item IDs List

Minecraft 1.4.2 was dubbed the Pretty Scary Update.. In case it was not implied by the name, lots of spooky items were added.

All of the items in the below list are new items that were added in Minecraft 1.4.2.

Image Item Minecraft ID (1.13+) Numerical ID Legacy ID
Minecraft Command Block item Command Block minecraft:command_block 137 minecraft:command_block
Minecraft Beacon item Beacon minecraft:beacon 138 minecraft:beacon
Minecraft Cobblestone Wall item Cobblestone Wall minecraft:cobblestone_wall 139 minecraft:cobblestone_wall
Minecraft Mossy Cobblestone Wall item Mossy Cobblestone Wall minecraft:mossy_cobblestone_wall 139:1 minecraft:cobblestone_wall
Minecraft Flower Pot item Flower Pot minecraft:flower_pot 140 minecraft:flower_pot
Minecraft Potted Poppy item Potted Poppy minecraft:potted_poppy
Minecraft Potted Dandelion item Potted Dandelion minecraft:potted_dandelion
Minecraft Potted Oak Sapling item Potted Oak Sapling minecraft:potted_oak_sapling
Minecraft Potted Spruce Sapling item Potted Spruce Sapling minecraft:potted_spruce_sapling
Minecraft Potted Birch Sapling item Potted Birch Sapling minecraft:potted_birch_sapling
Minecraft Potted Jungle Sapling item Potted Jungle Sapling minecraft:potted_jungle_sapling
Minecraft Potted Acacia Sapling item Potted Acacia Sapling minecraft:potted_acacia_sapling
Minecraft Potted Dark Oak Sapling item Potted Dark Oak Sapling minecraft:potted_dark_oak_sapling
Minecraft Potted Red Mushroom item Potted Red Mushroom minecraft:potted_red_mushroom
Minecraft Potted Brown Mushroom item Potted Brown Mushroom minecraft:potted_brown_mushroom
Minecraft Potted Cactus item Potted Cactus minecraft:potted_cactus
Minecraft Potted Dead Bush item Potted Dead Bush minecraft:potted_dead_bush
Minecraft Potted Fern item Potted Fern minecraft:potted_fern
Minecraft Potted Blue Orchid item Potted Blue Orchid minecraft:potted_blue_orchid
Minecraft Potted Allium item Potted Allium minecraft:potted_allium
Minecraft Potted Azure Bluet item Potted Azure Bluet minecraft:potted_azure_bluet
Minecraft Potted Red Tulip item Potted Red Tulip minecraft:potted_red_tulip
Minecraft Potted Orange Tulip item Potted Orange Tulip minecraft:potted_orange_tulip
Minecraft Potted White Tulip item Potted White Tulip minecraft:potted_white_tulip
Minecraft Potted Pink Tulip item Potted Pink Tulip minecraft:potted_pink_tulip
Minecraft Potted Oxeye Daisy item Potted Oxeye Daisy minecraft:potted_oxeye_daisy
Minecraft Carrots Block item Carrots Block minecraft:carrots 141 minecraft:carrots
Minecraft Potatoes Block item Potatoes Block minecraft:potatoes 142 minecraft:potatoes
Minecraft Oak Button item Oak Button minecraft:oak_button 143 minecraft:wooden_button
Minecraft Mob Head (Skull) item Mob Head (Skull) minecraft:skull 144 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Anvil item Anvil minecraft:anvil 145 minecraft:anvil
Minecraft Chipped Anvil item Chipped Anvil minecraft:chipped_anvil 145:1 minecraft:anvil
Minecraft Damaged Anvil item Damaged Anvil minecraft:damaged_anvil 145:2 minecraft:anvil
Minecraft Trapped Chest item Trapped Chest minecraft:trapped_chest 146 minecraft:trapped_chest
Minecraft Weighted Pressure Plate (light) item Weighted Pressure Plate (light) minecraft:light_weighted_pressure_plate 147 minecraft:light_weighted_pressure_plate
Minecraft Weighted Pressure Plate (heavy) item Weighted Pressure Plate (heavy) minecraft:heavy_weighted_pressure_plate 148 minecraft:heavy_weighted_pressure_plate
Minecraft Redstone Comparator (off) item Redstone Comparator (off) minecraft:powered_comparator 149 minecraft:unpowered_comparator
Minecraft Redstone Comparator (on) item Redstone Comparator (on) minecraft:powered_comparator 150 minecraft:powered_comparator
Minecraft Daylight Sensor item Daylight Sensor minecraft:daylight_detector 151 minecraft:daylight_detector
Minecraft Item Frame item Item Frame minecraft:item_frame 389 minecraft:item_frame
Minecraft Flower Pot item Flower Pot minecraft:flower_pot 390 minecraft:flower_pot
Minecraft Carrot item Carrot minecraft:carrot 391 minecraft:carrot
Minecraft Potato item Potato minecraft:potato 392 minecraft:potato
Minecraft Baked Potato item Baked Potato minecraft:baked_potato 393 minecraft:baked_potato
Minecraft Poisonous Potato item Poisonous Potato minecraft:poisonous_potato 394 minecraft:poisonous_potato
Minecraft Golden Carrot item Golden Carrot minecraft:golden_carrot 396 minecraft:golden_carrot
Minecraft Skeleton Mob Head item Skeleton Mob Head minecraft:skeleton_skull 397 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Skeleton Wall Skull item Skeleton Wall Skull minecraft:skeleton_wall_skull
Minecraft Wither Mob Head item Wither Mob Head minecraft:wither_skeleton_skull 397:1 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Wither Wall Skull item Wither Wall Skull minecraft:wither_skeleton_wall_skull
Minecraft Zombie Mob Head item Zombie Mob Head minecraft:zombie_head 397:2 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Zombie Wall Head item Zombie Wall Head minecraft:zombie_wall_head
Minecraft Human Head item Human Head minecraft:player_head 397:3 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Human Wall Head item Human Wall Head minecraft:player_wall_head
Minecraft Creeper Mob Head item Creeper Mob Head minecraft:creeper_head 397:4 minecraft:skull
Minecraft Creeper Wall Head item Creeper Wall Head minecraft:creeper_wall_head
Minecraft Dragon Wall Head item Dragon Wall Head minecraft:dragon_wall_head
Minecraft Carrot on a Stick item Carrot on a Stick minecraft:carrot_on_a_stick 398 minecraft:carrot_on_a_stick
Minecraft Nether Star item Nether Star minecraft:nether_star 399 minecraft:nether_star
Minecraft Pumpkin Pie item Pumpkin Pie minecraft:pumpkin_pie 400 minecraft:pumpkin_pie