Minecraft 1.13 Item IDs List

Minecraft 1.13 featured a huge ID system overhaul: numerical IDs are no longer supported, and each block has its own unique ID (as opposed to data values).

All of the items in the below list are new items that were added in Minecraft 1.13.

Image Item Minecraft ID (1.13+) Numerical ID Legacy ID
Minecraft Void Air item Void Air minecraft:void_air
Minecraft Cave Air item Cave Air minecraft:cave_air
Minecraft Oak Bark item Oak Bark minecraft:oak_wood
Minecraft Spruce Bark item Spruce Bark minecraft:spruce_wood
Minecraft Birch Bark item Birch Bark minecraft:birch_wood
Minecraft Jungle Bark item Jungle Bark minecraft:jungle_wood
Minecraft Acacia Bark item Acacia Bark minecraft:acacia_wood
Minecraft Dark Oak Bark item Dark Oak Bark minecraft:dark_oak_wood
Minecraft Stripped Oak Bark item Stripped Oak Bark minecraft:stripped_oak_wood
Minecraft Stripped Spruce Bark item Stripped Spruce Bark minecraft:stripped_spruce_wood
Minecraft Stripped Birch Bark item Stripped Birch Bark minecraft:stripped_birch_wood
Minecraft Stripped Jungle Bark item Stripped Jungle Bark minecraft:stripped_jungle_wood
Minecraft Stripped Acacia Bark item Stripped Acacia Bark minecraft:stripped_acacia_wood
Minecraft Stripped Dark Oak Bark item Stripped Dark Oak Bark minecraft:stripped_dark_oak_wood
Minecraft Smooth Sandstone item Smooth Sandstone minecraft:smooth_sandstone
Minecraft Smooth Red Sandstone item Smooth Red Sandstone minecraft:smooth_red_sandstone
Minecraft Piston Extension item Piston Extension minecraft:moving_piston
Minecraft Tall Seagrass item Tall Seagrass minecraft:tall_seagrass
Minecraft Seagrass item Seagrass minecraft:seagrass
Minecraft Tube Coral item Tube Coral minecraft:tube_coral
Minecraft Brain Coral item Brain Coral minecraft:brain_coral
Minecraft Bubble Coral item Bubble Coral minecraft:bubble_coral
Minecraft Fire Coral item Fire Coral minecraft:fire_coral
Minecraft Horn Coral item Horn Coral minecraft:horn_coral
Minecraft Tube Coral Fan item Tube Coral Fan minecraft:tube_coral_fan
Minecraft Brain Coral Fan item Brain Coral Fan minecraft:brain_coral_fan
Minecraft Bubble Coral Fan item Bubble Coral Fan minecraft:bubble_coral_fan
Minecraft Fire Coral Fan item Fire Coral Fan minecraft:fire_coral_fan
Minecraft Horn Coral Fan item Horn Coral Fan minecraft:horn_coral_fan
Minecraft Kelp Plant item Kelp Plant minecraft:kelp_plant
Minecraft Kelp item Kelp minecraft:kelp
Minecraft Dried Kelp item Dried Kelp minecraft:dried_kelp
Minecraft Dried Kelp Block item Dried Kelp Block minecraft:dried_kelp_block
Minecraft Wall Torch item Wall Torch minecraft:wall_torch
Minecraft Spruce Pressure Plate item Spruce Pressure Plate minecraft:spruce_pressure_plate
Minecraft Birch Pressure Plate item Birch Pressure Plate minecraft:birch_pressure_plate
Minecraft Jungle Pressure Plate item Jungle Pressure Plate minecraft:jungle_pressure_plate
Minecraft Acacia Pressure Plate item Acacia Pressure Plate minecraft:acacia_pressure_plate
Minecraft Dark Oak Pressure Plate item Dark Oak Pressure Plate minecraft:dark_oak_pressure_plate
Minecraft Carved Pumpkin item Carved Pumpkin minecraft:carved_pumpkin
Minecraft Spruce Trapdoor item Spruce Trapdoor minecraft:spruce_trapdoor
Minecraft Birch Trapdoor item Birch Trapdoor minecraft:birch_trapdoor
Minecraft Jungle Trapdoor item Jungle Trapdoor minecraft:jungle_trapdoor
Minecraft Acacia Trapdoor item Acacia Trapdoor minecraft:acacia_trapdoor
Minecraft Dark Oak Trapdoor item Dark Oak Trapdoor minecraft:dark_oak_trapdoor
Minecraft Attached Pumpkin Stem item Attached Pumpkin Stem minecraft:attached_pumpkin_stem
Minecraft Attached Melon Stem item Attached Melon Stem minecraft:attached_melon_stem
Minecraft Bubble Column item Bubble Column minecraft:bubble_column
Minecraft Dead Tube Coral Block item Dead Tube Coral Block minecraft:dead_tube_coral_block
Minecraft Dead Brain Coral Block item Dead Brain Coral Block minecraft:dead_brain_coral_block
Minecraft Dead Bubble Coral Block item Dead Bubble Coral Block minecraft:dead_bubble_coral_block
Minecraft Dead Fire Coral Block item Dead Fire Coral Block minecraft:dead_fire_coral_block
Minecraft Dead Horn Coral Block item Dead Horn Coral Block minecraft:dead_horn_coral_block
Minecraft Tube Coral Block item Tube Coral Block minecraft:tube_coral_block
Minecraft Brain Coral Block item Brain Coral Block minecraft:brain_coral_block
Minecraft Bubble Coral Block item Bubble Coral Block minecraft:bubble_coral_block
Minecraft Fire Coral Block item Fire Coral Block minecraft:fire_coral_block
Minecraft Horn Coral Block item Horn Coral Block minecraft:horn_coral_block
Minecraft Trident item Trident minecraft:trident
Minecraft Scute item Scute minecraft:scute
Minecraft Turtle Shell item Turtle Shell minecraft:turtle_helmet
Minecraft Phantom Membrane item Phantom Membrane minecraft:phantom_membrane
Minecraft Nautilus Shell item Nautilus Shell minecraft:nautilus_shell
Minecraft Heart of the Sea item Heart of the Sea minecraft:heart_of_the_sea
Minecraft Conduit item Conduit minecraft:conduit
Minecraft Knowledge Book item Knowledge Book minecraft:knowledge_book
Minecraft Debug Stick item Debug Stick minecraft:debug_stick
Minecraft Spruce Button item Spruce Button minecraft:spruce_button
Minecraft Birch Button item Birch Button minecraft:birch_button
Minecraft Jungle Button item Jungle Button minecraft:jungle_button
Minecraft Acacia Button item Acacia Button minecraft:acacia_button
Minecraft Dark Oak Button item Dark Oak Button minecraft:dark_oak_button
Minecraft Petrified Oak Slab item Petrified Oak Slab minecraft:petrified_oak_slab
Minecraft Dark Prismarine Slab item Dark Prismarine Slab minecraft:dark_prismarine_slab
Minecraft Prismarine Slab item Prismarine Slab minecraft:prismarine_slab
Minecraft Prismarine Brick Slab item Prismarine Brick Slab minecraft:prismarine_brick_slab
Minecraft Dark Prismarine Stairs item Dark Prismarine Stairs minecraft:dark_prismarine_stairs
Minecraft Prismarine Stairs item Prismarine Stairs minecraft:prismarine_stairs
Minecraft Prismarine Brick Stairs item Prismarine Brick Stairs minecraft:prismarine_brick_stairs
Minecraft Blue Ice item Blue Ice minecraft:blue_ice
Minecraft Shulker Box item Shulker Box minecraft:shulker_box
Minecraft Turtle Egg item Turtle Egg minecraft:turtle_egg
Minecraft Two Turtle Eggs item Two Turtle Eggs minecraft:two_turtle_eggs
Minecraft Three Turtle Eggs item Three Turtle Eggs minecraft:three_turtle_eggs
Minecraft Four Turtle Eggs item Four Turtle Eggs minecraft:four_turtle_eggs
Minecraft Pufferfish Bucket item Pufferfish Bucket minecraft:pufferfish_bucket
Minecraft Salmon Bucket item Salmon Bucket minecraft:salmon_bucket
Minecraft Cod Bucket item Cod Bucket minecraft:cod_bucket
Minecraft Tropical Fish Bucket item Tropical Fish Bucket minecraft:tropical_fish_bucket
Minecraft End Crystal item End Crystal minecraft:end_crystal
Minecraft Cod Spawn Egg item Cod Spawn Egg minecraft:cod_spawn_egg
Minecraft Dolphin Spawn Egg item Dolphin Spawn Egg minecraft:dolphin_spawn_egg
Minecraft Drowned Spawn Egg item Drowned Spawn Egg minecraft:drowned_spawn_egg
Minecraft Phantom Spawn Egg item Phantom Spawn Egg minecraft:phantom_spawn_egg
Minecraft Pufferfish Spawn Egg item Pufferfish Spawn Egg minecraft:pufferfish_spawn_egg
Minecraft Salmon Spawn Egg item Salmon Spawn Egg minecraft:salmon_spawn_egg
Minecraft Tropical Fish Spawn Egg item Tropical Fish Spawn Egg minecraft:tropical_fish_spawn_egg
Minecraft Turtle Spawn Egg item Turtle Spawn Egg minecraft:turtle_spawn_egg
Minecraft Sea Pickle item Sea Pickle minecraft:sea_pickle