Minecraft 1.12 Item IDs List

The knowledge book was introduced in Minecraft 1.12, along with parrot spawn eggs.

All of the items in the below list are new items that were added in Minecraft 1.12.

Image Item Minecraft ID (1.13+) Numerical ID Legacy ID
Minecraft White Concrete item White Concrete minecraft:white_concrete 251 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Orange Concrete item Orange Concrete minecraft:orange_concrete 251:1 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Magenta Concrete item Magenta Concrete minecraft:magenta_concrete 251:2 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Light Blue Concrete item Light Blue Concrete minecraft:light_blue_concrete 251:3 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Yellow Concrete item Yellow Concrete minecraft:yellow_concrete 251:4 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Lime Concrete item Lime Concrete minecraft:lime_concrete 251:5 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Pink Concrete item Pink Concrete minecraft:pink_concrete 251:6 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Gray Concrete item Gray Concrete minecraft:gray_concrete 251:7 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Light Gray Concrete item Light Gray Concrete minecraft:light_gray_concrete 251:8 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Cyan Concrete item Cyan Concrete minecraft:cyan_concrete 251:9 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Purple Concrete item Purple Concrete minecraft:purple_concrete 251:10 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Blue Concrete item Blue Concrete minecraft:blue_concrete 251:11 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Brown Concrete item Brown Concrete minecraft:brown_concrete 251:12 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Green Concrete item Green Concrete minecraft:green_concrete 251:13 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Red Concrete item Red Concrete minecraft:red_concrete 251:14 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft Black Concrete item Black Concrete minecraft:black_concrete 251:15 minecraft:concrete
Minecraft White Concrete Powder item White Concrete Powder minecraft:white_concrete_powder 252 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Orange Concrete Powder item Orange Concrete Powder minecraft:orange_concrete_powder 252:1 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Magenta Concrete Powder item Magenta Concrete Powder minecraft:magenta_concrete_powder 252:2 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Light Blue Concrete Powder item Light Blue Concrete Powder minecraft:light_blue_concrete_powder 252:3 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Yellow Concrete Powder item Yellow Concrete Powder minecraft:yellow_concrete_powder 252:4 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Lime Concrete Powder item Lime Concrete Powder minecraft:lime_concrete_powder 252:5 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Pink Concrete Powder item Pink Concrete Powder minecraft:pink_concrete_powder 252:6 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Gray Concrete Powder item Gray Concrete Powder minecraft:gray_concrete_powder 252:7 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Light Gray Concrete Powder item Light Gray Concrete Powder minecraft:light_gray_concrete_powder 252:8 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Cyan Concrete Powder item Cyan Concrete Powder minecraft:cyan_concrete_powder 252:9 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Purple Concrete Powder item Purple Concrete Powder minecraft:purple_concrete_powder 252:10 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Blue Concrete Powder item Blue Concrete Powder minecraft:blue_concrete_powder 252:11 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Brown Concrete Powder item Brown Concrete Powder minecraft:brown_concrete_powder 252:12 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Green Concrete Powder item Green Concrete Powder minecraft:green_concrete_powder 252:13 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Red Concrete Powder item Red Concrete Powder minecraft:red_concrete_powder 252:14 minecraft:concrete_powder
Minecraft Black Concrete Powder item Black Concrete Powder minecraft:black_concrete_powder 252:15 minecraft:concrete_powder