Minecraft 1.11 Item IDs List

Minecraft 1.11 was named the Exploration Update.. It added lots of new items, including spawn eggs and the shulker shell.

All of the items in the below list are new items that were added in Minecraft 1.11.

Image Item Minecraft ID (1.13+) Numerical ID Legacy ID
Minecraft Observer item Observer minecraft:observer 218 minecraft:observer
Minecraft White Shulker Box item White Shulker Box minecraft:white_shulker_box 219 minecraft:white_shulker_box
Minecraft Orange Shulker Box item Orange Shulker Box minecraft:orange_shulker_box 220 minecraft:orange_shulker_box
Minecraft Magenta Shulker Box item Magenta Shulker Box minecraft:magenta_shulker_box 221 minecraft:magenta_shulker_box
Minecraft Light Blue Shulker Box item Light Blue Shulker Box minecraft:light_blue_shulker_box 222 minecraft:light_blue_shulker_box
Minecraft Yellow Shulker Box item Yellow Shulker Box minecraft:yellow_shulker_box 223 minecraft:yellow_shulker_box
Minecraft Lime Shulker Box item Lime Shulker Box minecraft:lime_shulker_box 224 minecraft:lime_shulker_box
Minecraft Pink Shulker Box item Pink Shulker Box minecraft:pink_shulker_box 225 minecraft:pink_shulker_box
Minecraft Gray Shulker Box item Gray Shulker Box minecraft:gray_shulker_box 226 minecraft:gray_shulker_box
Minecraft Light Gray Shulker Box item Light Gray Shulker Box minecraft:light_gray_shulker_box 227 minecraft:light_gray_shulker_box
Minecraft Cyan Shulker Box item Cyan Shulker Box minecraft:cyan_shulker_box 228 minecraft:cyan_shulker_box
Minecraft Purple Shulker Box item Purple Shulker Box minecraft:purple_shulker_box 229 minecraft:purple_shulker_box
Minecraft Blue Shulker Box item Blue Shulker Box minecraft:blue_shulker_box 230 minecraft:blue_shulker_box
Minecraft Brown Shulker Box item Brown Shulker Box minecraft:brown_shulker_box 231 minecraft:brown_shulker_box
Minecraft Green Shulker Box item Green Shulker Box minecraft:green_shulker_box 232 minecraft:green_shulker_box
Minecraft Red Shulker Box item Red Shulker Box minecraft:red_shulker_box 233 minecraft:red_shulker_box
Minecraft Black Shulker Box item Black Shulker Box minecraft:black_shulker_box 234 minecraft:black_shulker_box
Minecraft White Glazed Terracotta item White Glazed Terracotta minecraft:white_glazed_terracotta 235 minecraft:white_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Orange Glazed Terracotta item Orange Glazed Terracotta minecraft:orange_glazed_terracotta 236 minecraft:orange_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Magenta Glazed Terracotta item Magenta Glazed Terracotta minecraft:magenta_glazed_terracotta 237 minecraft:magenta_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Light Blue Glazed Terracotta item Light Blue Glazed Terracotta minecraft:light_blue_glazed_terracotta 238 minecraft:light_blue_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Yellow Glazed Terracotta item Yellow Glazed Terracotta minecraft:yellow_glazed_terracotta 239 minecraft:yellow_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Lime Glazed Terracotta item Lime Glazed Terracotta minecraft:lime_glazed_terracotta 240 minecraft:lime_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Pink Glazed Terracotta item Pink Glazed Terracotta minecraft:pink_glazed_terracotta 241 minecraft:pink_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Gray Glazed Terracotta item Gray Glazed Terracotta minecraft:gray_glazed_terracotta 242 minecraft:gray_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Light Gray Glazed Terracotta item Light Gray Glazed Terracotta minecraft:light_gray_glazed_terracotta 243 minecraft:light_gray_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Cyan Glazed Terracotta item Cyan Glazed Terracotta minecraft:cyan_glazed_terracotta 244 minecraft:cyan_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Purple Glazed Terracotta item Purple Glazed Terracotta minecraft:purple_glazed_terracotta 245 minecraft:purple_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Blue Glazed Terracotta item Blue Glazed Terracotta minecraft:blue_glazed_terracotta 246 minecraft:blue_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Brown Glazed Terracotta item Brown Glazed Terracotta minecraft:brown_glazed_terracotta 247 minecraft:brown_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Green Glazed Terracotta item Green Glazed Terracotta minecraft:green_glazed_terracotta 248 minecraft:green_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Red Glazed Terracotta item Red Glazed Terracotta minecraft:red_glazed_terracotta 249 minecraft:red_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Black Glazed Terracotta item Black Glazed Terracotta minecraft:black_glazed_terracotta 250 minecraft:black_glazed_terracotta
Minecraft Totem of Undying item Totem of Undying minecraft:totem_of_undying 449 minecraft:totem_of_undying
Minecraft Shulker Shell item Shulker Shell minecraft:shulker_shell 450 minecraft:shulker_shell
Minecraft Iron Nugget item Iron Nugget minecraft:iron_nugget 452 minecraft:iron_nugget