Minecraft Item ID List - Page 2

Minecraft Item IDs is an easy-to-navigate, intuitive and fast Minecraft item and block ID list. Our database for MC PC and Mac currently contains 978 unique item ids up to Minecraft version 1.13 (Update Aquatic)! Find copyable spawn commands on each item's page, an example is the command block.

Image Item 1.13 ID Item ID Minecraft ID
Minecraft Stripped Birch Bark item Stripped Birch Bark minecraft:stripped_birch_wood
Minecraft Stripped Jungle Bark item Stripped Jungle Bark minecraft:stripped_jungle_wood
Minecraft Stripped Acacia Bark item Stripped Acacia Bark minecraft:stripped_acacia_wood
Minecraft Stripped Dark Oak Bark item Stripped Dark Oak Bark minecraft:stripped_dark_oak_wood
Minecraft Oak Leaves item Oak Leaves minecraft:oak_leaves 18 minecraft:leaves
Minecraft Spruce Leaves item Spruce Leaves minecraft:spruce_leaves 18:1 minecraft:leaves
Minecraft Birch Leaves item Birch Leaves minecraft:birch_leaves 18:2 minecraft:leaves
Minecraft Jungle Leaves item Jungle Leaves minecraft:jungle_leaves 18:3 minecraft:leaves
Minecraft Sponge item Sponge minecraft:sponge 19 minecraft:sponge
Minecraft Wet Sponge item Wet Sponge minecraft:wet_sponge 19:1 minecraft:sponge
Minecraft Glass item Glass minecraft:glass 20 minecraft:glass
Minecraft Lapis Lazuli Ore item Lapis Lazuli Ore minecraft:lapis_ore 21 minecraft:lapis_ore
Minecraft Lapis Lazuli Block item Lapis Lazuli Block minecraft:lapis_block 22 minecraft:lapis_block
Minecraft Dispenser item Dispenser minecraft:dispenser 23 minecraft:dispenser
Minecraft Sandstone item Sandstone minecraft:sandstone 24 minecraft:sandstone
Minecraft Chiseled Sandstone item Chiseled Sandstone minecraft:chiseled_sandstone 24:1 minecraft:sandstone
Minecraft Cut Sandstone item Cut Sandstone minecraft:cut_sandstone 24:2 minecraft:sandstone
Minecraft Smooth Sandstone item Smooth Sandstone minecraft:smooth_sandstone
Minecraft Smooth Red Sandstone item Smooth Red Sandstone minecraft:smooth_red_sandstone
Minecraft Note Block item Note Block minecraft:note_block 25 minecraft:noteblock
Minecraft Bed item Bed minecraft:bed 26 minecraft:bed
Minecraft Powered Rail item Powered Rail minecraft:powered_rail 27 minecraft:golden_rail
Minecraft Detector Rail item Detector Rail minecraft:detector_rail 28 minecraft:detector_rail
Minecraft Sticky Piston item Sticky Piston minecraft:sticky_piston 29 minecraft:sticky_piston
Minecraft Piston Extension item Piston Extension minecraft:moving_piston
Minecraft Cobweb item Cobweb minecraft:cobweb 30 minecraft:cobweb
Minecraft Tall Seagrass item Tall Seagrass minecraft:tall_seagrass
Minecraft Seagrass item Seagrass minecraft:seagrass
Minecraft Grass item Grass minecraft:tallgrass 31 minecraft:grass
Minecraft Tall Grass item Tall Grass minecraft:tallgrass 31:1 minecraft:tallgrass
Minecraft Fern item Fern minecraft:fern 31:2 minecraft:tallgrass
Minecraft Dead Bush item Dead Bush minecraft:dead_bush 32 minecraft:deadbush
Minecraft Tube Coral item Tube Coral minecraft:tube_coral
Minecraft Brain Coral item Brain Coral minecraft:brain_coral
Minecraft Bubble Coral item Bubble Coral minecraft:bubble_coral
Minecraft Fire Coral item Fire Coral minecraft:fire_coral
Minecraft Horn Coral item Horn Coral minecraft:horn_coral
Minecraft Tube Coral Fan item Tube Coral Fan minecraft:tube_coral_fan
Minecraft Brain Coral Fan item Brain Coral Fan minecraft:brain_coral_fan
Minecraft Bubble Coral Fan item Bubble Coral Fan minecraft:bubble_coral_fan
Minecraft Fire Coral Fan item Fire Coral Fan minecraft:fire_coral_fan
Minecraft Horn Coral Fan item Horn Coral Fan minecraft:horn_coral_fan
Minecraft Kelp Plant item Kelp Plant minecraft:kelp_plant
Minecraft Kelp item Kelp minecraft:kelp
Minecraft Dried Kelp item Dried Kelp minecraft:dried_kelp
Minecraft Dried Kelp Block item Dried Kelp Block minecraft:dried_kelp_block
Minecraft Piston item Piston minecraft:piston 33 minecraft:piston
Minecraft Piston Head item Piston Head minecraft:piston_head 34 minecraft:piston_head
Minecraft White Wool item White Wool minecraft:white_wool 35 minecraft:wool
Minecraft Orange Wool item Orange Wool minecraft:orange_wool 35:1 minecraft:wool