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Unturned Hub

Unturned Hub is a sister website of Minecraft Item IDs centered around the free-to-play zombie game Unturned, which launched on Steam on the 8th of July 2017.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the Unturned website, is its list of Unturned skins, with accurate up-to-date data sourced directly from the Steam community market.

For the technical players, and server admins, Unturned Hub has the most-complete, descriptive and accurate Unturned command list, with lots of information including a simple command generator for every Unturned command. Some commands in the command list are restricted to the commands.dat file, for more information see the commands.dat help article on Unturned Hub's website.

To use commands in Unturned, cheats must be enabled. Unturned Hub also has an article on how to enable cheats, you can find that here.

Unturned ID Lists

A popular part of the Unturned Hub website is its list of Unturned item IDs: a collection of pages dedicated to providing users with up-to-date, easily accessible item ID lists. There are over 35 ID types that you can filter through, for example gun IDs and backpack IDs.

Unturned Hub also has a list of vehicle IDs, with vehicle stat pages that provide information such as the vehicle's max speed and fuel tank size. These ID lists are also sortable, allowing to you filter through 5 vehicle types including helicopter IDs and plane IDs.

Goat CS:GO

GOAT CS:GO is a guides website for the popular video game Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. If you're trying to find out how to give money in CSGO or need information regarding any other CS:GO matter, GOAT CS:GO is the place to look.

Ark IDs

Ark IDs is an Ark: Survival Evolved ID and coordinate database.

Their Ark item id list provides all Ark numerical item id numbers, along with all GFI codes and admin commands to spawn items into the game with ease.

The site also features a list of creature and entity IDs that provides not only entity IDs, but spawn commands, blue prints and advanced filters that can, for example, allow you to see all Ark dino ids in one simple, searchable interface.

Along with the two ID lists, the site also has an Ark location map to help you find dossiers, explorer's notes and awe-inducing locations in the Ark game.

Ark IDs are continually updating their website with the latest IDs and coordinates, and are always looking to introduce features. If you have any suggestions for the team, you can find their contact information here.